Friday, February 24, 2006

Riyadh Fashion

Have I ever mentioned how I mentally give makeovers to everyone?
Yeah, I kinda do that.
So I was staring at all these clowns in tons of makeup, and then I got to thinking.
Why does everyone look the same?
It's depressing.
Bimbos with blush on their forheads in patriotic Abayas.
And don't get me started on the guys.
They think it's hot to give threatening looks to girls.
Yeah. Don't ask.
And why is there always one trend that everyone adheres to!?
Right now it's pale faces, mettalic bags, and stripper stilletos for the girls, while the guys are being nuisances in disgusting long hair and "ghetto fab" get-ups.
Saudi Arabia is seriously lacking in originality.



Mochness said...

Here here!

Shy said...

Hi ubergirl, whats up? I have to say I enjoy reading your blog, but the big theme of it is how much u hate Saudi Arabia (at least it seems that way) and how much it gets on your nerves. How about listing some things you like about the place hehe it might cheer u up or is it all doom and gloom? There has to be something about the place that u like! PS I hope u dont see this as a personal attack on u :)

ABDULLA said...


I used to think it's only me who felt so but having read Shy's comment, I must say I have always felt the same about many (maybe most) of your posts.

I read "So I was staring at all these clowns in tons of makeup" and "And don't get me started on the guys" and I could almost tell it will end with a conclusion like
"Saudi Arabia is seriously lacking in originality", and there it was.

As Shy said, don't take this as a personal attack, I'm just sharing my impression.

ciao ciao

ubergirl87 said...

Yes, I don't approve of many Saudis, and YES, sometimes I hate this place, but I am not as angry as you would think.
But when I do get angry or annoyed, I write. And that is why it seems like I'm a tormented soul.
This blog may seem all doom and gloom, but I don't care.
I think that we can all agree that this is MY blog, and I can write whatever the hell I want.
Thanks for your suggestions, tho.
I'll take them into consideration.

Anonymous said...

As a westerner, I must say that I find your blog a facinating read. You put a very human touch on (what is to me) a far away place that I never thought I could relate to. It turns out I was wrong.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


coprolite said...

I think humans are social creatures. We form groups. Familiarity breeds comfort. It may be weak and lame, but 'doing your own thing' often means you get alienated from others. Either you don't appreciate what others do, or they don't relate to what you do. And the last thing I think many people want is to be alone - so we act like herd animals. I understand what you're saying, but I think to some degree what you describe occurs in most cultures. It certainly does in mine (US).

Anonymous said...

Love your blog..I know people that seem doom & gloom coz they use their blogs as an "outlet". For whatever reason, I for one love it! sis from the usa

ubergirl87 said...

Thank you SamHell and sis from the usa :)

coprolite: I know that this is common in all cultures, but here it's overwhelming. I mean 85-90% of our youth looks the same. I'm not asking for people to dye their hair blue and wear torn panty-hose, I'm just asking for a bit of creativity!

Cypren said...

ubergirl: image consultant for a new Saudi era. =)

Seriously, you could probably make a good business out of it.

Anonymous said...

"I think that we can all agree that this is MY blog, and I can write whatever the hell I want."

Based on that comment alone, I'd be very happy to see you immigrate to the USA. Too many of my own countrymen are paralyzed by the fear of saying what they think.

Shy said...

Yeah or course u can say whatever u want. First off I didnt say u were angry. I was asking if there is anything u like about Saudi

Sean from DocintheBox said...

I can't speak, my wife has pink hair and numerous tattoos, I'm so used to her that I didn't realize how much of a shock she can be to see until we went on vacation to Thailand last month and there were many near accidents. And what's up with the lack of Theaters? That would blow too!

ubergirl87 said...

cypren: I'm seriously considering becoming a stylist, lol.

Shy: There are things I do like, and I'll write about them in my next post :)

Sean: I have to say, that is one cool wife, lol.

Thank you for your comments everyone!

I H said...

Ubergirl87 said it clearly. It is HER blog. I believe that her blog is not a thesis or a research but rather an expression of what she feels. If you keep on criticizing something , it does not mean you don't like it but rather you care for it and therefore you look for it to improve. Ubergirl's sarcasm raises a smile on our face (me a a 65 year old friend [ i am much younger]) everyday...and we thank her for it... Keep up your witty writings..

Anonymous said...

Ubergirl, I love your blog. I found it through Zeyad in Iraq. Here in the West our media gives us the impression that Saudi (and the whole ME) is totally cut off from the modern world. So it's really refressing to find out that you guys like Green Day (so do I) and watch the same crappy TV shows that we do (I cringe sometimes when I see what American tv shows we export to other countries. We're not all sex-crazed idiots, I swear!). I've seen similar blogs from young people in Syria and Egypt. You could just as easily be in USA, Finland, or Singapore. There's a world-wide youth culture that could change everything if you could just get rid of the corrupt old bastards in power.

There's probably no hope for youth fashion sense, though. You should've seen the crap we wore back in the 80s.

Shy said...
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Shy said...

Ubergirl: Hope i didnt piss u off too much :)

ih: yeah its her blog so let her speak for herself

Anonymous said...

yeah what's up with Saudi shabab and the long hair? It's absolutely disgusting. I'm glad you've clarified that it's just a fad.. hopefully it'll pass very soon. There's nothing better than a short, well-groomed hairstyle on a guy in my humble opinion.
Saudi Woman Living Abroad