Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Although I am a woman, (or am on my way to becoming one), there is one thing I do not understand about my fellow females. I know for a fact that we are not weak, so why do we (by being vunerable) fall prey to men? Why would a beautiful, smart, well-off young woman, allow a disgusting pig of a man she calls her husband/boyfriend to disrespect her?
I thought marriage (and all relationships) was about two people who share mutual understanding, trust, and most importantly; respect for eachother.
In my mind, that is the definition of love.
Apparently, many women settle for second best. Or even for absolutely horrible.
I, for the life of me, will never understand why. And I believe I'm better off not understanding.



Anonymous said...

I don't get your point..


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you've said I have seen women drop everything(including their educatioins,) for the sake of the men in their lives.
Some are even forced to, which truly is a shame.

ubergirl's point is very clear, Reema.

LeoMastiC said...

Why would a beautiful, smart, well-off young woman, allow a disgusting pig of a man she calls her husband/boyfriend to disrespect her?
That makes her, in my opinion, a stupid being. Or stupid enough to make the wrong decisions and keep up with them then start blaming “the man” or society.

babe, no one is perfect, the more you look for "perfectcallity” the more mess you’d find. i, for one, care more bout inner beauty. no matter how disturbing the outer appearance could get, i know well enough that the person i once loved and respected still lives underneath and i could help that charm continue to exist.

Always remember god takes with one hand and gives with the other. if youre not smart, ur beautiful, if youre not talented, youre kindhearted... the list just goes on!

draw your life well and plan it, dont settle for less then whats only rational. being forced into marriage has stopped more then five years ago, and if still it happens, well its somewhere far from the city where no education is important anyways!

ubergirl87 said...

leomastic, When I say beautiful, I mean inside and out.
And I agree, one is stupid when one allows people to take advantage of or disrespect them. But when we are living in a society that does NOT, whatsoever, care about a woman's opinion on anything (which we are), she is not to blame.
If a poor girl lives her whole life not knowing that she is entitled to an opinion or point of view, (and don't even TRY to tell me this doesn't exist here), what will suddenly make her think otherwise? When this girl's husband physically or verbally abuses her, she will NOT think what he's doing is wrong. She'll think he has a right to be doing what he's doing because he is a man and she is his slave.
Absolutely sickening.

Jo said...

I can understand why some women marry bastards by choice especially in SA. They're families lock them up, leaving them with a life not worth living. At least by getting married they can get some freedom even if the guy is a complete prick. I've seen many of my female relatives marry horrible men and I don't blame em one bit. I'd marry a bastard to get away from a horrid family.
But, I DON'T understand how women who come from wonderful families and have all the qualities you mentioned give up EVERYTHING for some guy. I've seen many of my shool friends get married and give up on their future and what's so sad about all this is that these girls have so much potential. They were the girls who back in school I thought would have successful careers bas now look at them. Sad wallah...

Trevelyana said...

Hey... nice blog

and I agree.. if you don't have respect, what could you possibly have in that relationship that would make it worthy?

I don't understand it either!.. it seems clear as daylight to me.. if he's an ass, Leave Him! if he abuses you mentally or physically..break his nose then Leave Him!

and Jo I agree.. nothing sadder than wasted potential ..

but then again.. allaho a3lam.. what a particular woman has at home may be a worse fate than any other she would ever have to endure..

adaydreamer said...

unfortunatly, some girls dont know what is good for them and when is some one is disrespecting them... they just get used to it or just ignore it and pretend it never happened... of course, that is NOT the majority, more women are NOT putting up with pigs and dogs (aka, their men), because they see that they are better off without them and they deserve much more respect then these men give them...

im with you girl! I just CANT stand weak women like that... it amazes me ib sara7a! I know damn well I would NEVER put up with it and if ANY man things he can disrespect me in any way, then hes out the door! If he wants respect, then he needs to give respect...thats the bottom line... no ifs, ands, or butts about it!

wallah i can go on and on about this subject and tell you stories and stories that i see with girls and women i know... bss im sure you dont want me to bore you :P

nice subject girl! Keep it up :)

take care..............*_*

ubergirl87 said...

Jo; yeah, some girls DO marry dick heads to get away from their families, and I get that.

Jo, Leeno and adaydreamer: I agree completely. (And I'm glad that my sister's not the only one that thinks my blog's worth reading, lol.)

Faisal said...

Well, I think we've heard what you think about the 'pigs' men can be. But can you please shed some light on what an ideal man is and you would be willing to do for him?