Sunday, November 27, 2005

Do They LOVE Censorship or what!?

This is the second time, I believe, that ISU blocked blogspot. I used to blog on Livejournal, but that's long gone.
Why do they love censorship? Why don't they let us say what we want? It's not like blogspot is breeding mini terrorists, or anything!
As I recall, for a very long time (I'm not sure it was titties.. Could have been boobies..) was open for the masses to enjoy!
Imbeciles. I am not amused by the pranks they pull. They shall pay dearly.


Anonymous said...

It's your leaders that want you to be censored, not the people that work for them.


ubergirl87 said...

Our leaders aren't asking anyone to block blogs.

Jo said...

A.S.G: As much as als3ood disgust me lets face it mate: if things were really 3ala kaifhom this country would be A HELL OF ALOT BETTER!!!
Anywayz, it aint the gov fillin in those blocking forms, it's the PEOPLE damnit!!!

Anonymous said...

What's the idea behind censorship Jo? So there wouldn't be turmoil within the country, and trust me ubergirl your leaders look for anyway to limit free speech, it scares them.

Most things are up to Al S3ood, I'm sure they would love to see some change, but they don't care enough to apply the needed effort. Recent experinces with them filled me with disgust, so I really don't think this country would be better if they implented what there dark hearts desire.

Jo who wants the bearded idiots to be blocking sites? No one other than the most "lovable" family in K.S.A.


Anonymous said...

"Furthermore, the royal family has the power to dismiss journalists and appoint news media executives and editors. ***Free expression does not exist in Saudi Arabia, whether in the press or on the Internet.***"

I copy and pasted from Rasheed's World.

The sentence between astericks is the one I wanted you to focus on.


Jo said...

A.S.G: I'm no fan of the royals, but ya5i COME ON put urself in their shoes. Everytime they want to make changes the PEOPLE start PROTESTING like MAD so why on earth would they risk their POWER AND WEALTH to do somethin for the people which the PEOPLE THEMSELVES don't want?!
Look at what happened to the ONLY king we've had who actually tried to do what's right, HE GOT KILLED DAMNIT!
I am not DISPUTING the fact that the royals are for censorship, but things just wouldn't be as TIGHT as they are if the royals were really given free reign.

Anonymous said...

"...I am not amused by the pranks they pull. They shall pay dearly."

Okay, I have to ask: Have you ever seen a TV Cartoon series called "Invader Zim" by any chance? I ask because as I read your final line I far too easily picture that line being delivered in the voice of Gaz, the perpetually annoyed sister of Dib. As a matter of fact, I believe that to be a direct quote from an episode. Don't believe me? Do some Internet searches for some .wav files of Gaz's quotes from Invader Zim. Because of this, Ubergirl, I now picture you with your hair dyed purple, wearing a black t-shirt with a skull on it and a GameSlave video game console perpetually at the ready. Am I far off the mark?

For more Invader Zim Info, refer to:
and for a picture of Gaz:
and scroll down.

Anonymous said...

Oops: I could have gone further with that last link. Bigger reference picture, too.
Perhaps you can use it as your Blogspot avatar?

Troy Z

Anonymous said...

Well you've got jackasses as citizens, and in the family. All I'm saying the issue preventing us from free speech is totally supported by the family.


ubergirl87 said...

A.S.G: I don't think the AlSauds are worried about blogs. I think it's the people here who are asking for censorship, as Jo said.
It's bacause of the whole Hi5 posting of Saudi girl's pictures without their consent. Now everyone's worried names and pictures are gonna be all over the internet. And you know how we Saudis feel about that "Killish wala ILFA6'EE7A!!"
It very much is THE PEOPLE who are asking for the blocking of the blogs.
Again, I ASSURE you, the AlSauds couldn't care less about blogs.

Troy Z: I actually have seen one episode of Invader Zim, and needless to say; I LOVED IT!
I haven't had the plesure of meeting Gaz, though. I'll look out for her in future episodes.
I do own quite a few t-shirts with skulls on them, and I'm gonna get some blue streaks in my hair pretty soon, so I guess you're not too far off mark, lol.
Thanks for the links, and don't you have a blog? You should!

reincarnated said...

The only reason censorship is heavily applied in Saudi is create some sort of a tight community, they do not want awareness both for the community of our people and around the world.

Why are people of the likes of Almasa'ri based in the UK? because Alsaud wouldnt give a damn about him being placed in saudi? Think about it, most blogs here are one way or another of political nature.

One govt. strategy they did back in the day was shut up military based workers with money, fearing some sort of 'inqilab' completly discarding those of literacy nature (writers, journalists etc.) not realising that a "pen" is stronger than any other physical weapon.

As to who is behind this blocking business, well only God knows, how would such a system be visible to anyone if its corrupt within itself?

Just a thought.

Mochness said...

I'm utterly over the ISU topic, since I've talked my head-off about it in the past (with friends)..In other words, 6afasht!

Anyway, nice blog ;)

Farooha said...

"but things just wouldn't be as TIGHT as they are if the royals were really given free reign."

Jo, as much as I hate disagreeing with you, here I go!

They were given free reign, the result is the monstrosity of a reality we live today. The mainstream mentality is only a result of the correlation their ancestors weaved. Whether we like it or not, and whether susu and boody like it or not,,, the people were TOTALLY fine before a nice man came along and decided to save the world (and then mated with "thousands and thousands of Arabia's most prominent families' virgins" as quoted by one of his advisors, btw) only to spawn 6000 more of what is now plauging the nation. (Not too wise a political move, ay?)
As much as I hate playing the blame game, allow me to blame NO ONE but them for creating and nourishing this mentality, for after all, this mentality is their constitution, it's where they derive their power. If they wanted fundamental changes (socially and religiously) they have alot of damage to reverse and one would think they'd have tried to begin.

"Allah, thum al rasool, thumma al WALEE, ALWALEE AL WALLEEE.."

Bravo, Bravo, what do you know, we got us our own 21st century feudal system w 7enna ma nadree

Former resident of the Magic Kingdon said...

Dear Ubergirl,

I am actually surprised to find such a wide network of Saudi blogs. When I lived in Riyahd in the late 80's, the entire internet was illegal, and only people who could afford a long distance call to Bahrain or the UK could log on.

Do the censors still magic marker all the newspapers and magazines?

Here is an interesting site - this guy has some thoughts about the constant censorship you might want to check out.

Anyhow, you go girl - your blog does indeed Rock! I taught English while I was there - I loved the young Saudi women I had the pleasure of working with. Whippersnapper smart. All of you.

ubergirl87 said...

Former resident of the magic kingdom:
Unfortunately, EVERYTHING here in Saudi Arabia is still censored. From magazines to movies, you name it, it's censored.
And I am very glad you like my blog :-D.