Thursday, November 17, 2005

Flight Plan

I saw the movie Flight Paln, and was very offended.
The movie takes place in an airplane, right?
"So who better," thought Hollywood, "to play the guy who looks like a villian, than an angry looking bearded Arab? Perfect!"
And highly original, Hollywood, really.
I am sick and tired of Hollywood portraying Arabs as ignorant, evil people. We are not. So stop pretending we are, and while you're at it, try to make movies that are not crap, please (I know this is very difficult for you).

Please, do not watch Flight Plan. Don't buy the DVD. I think we should boycott all movies that offend Arabs. I started.


Anonymous said...
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Bissa said...

I read this article the other day that all flight-attendants are boycotting the movie.
They were like 250,000 flight attendants who did, 'cause the movie really offended them.
Well, the movie was stupid anyways i didn't continue watching it.Now like every movie than has the subject of "terorrisim" in it has to have an arabic-bearded guy, i mean did you see the show 24? most of it's episodes when the "bad-terorrist-who-kills-all-these-poor-innocent-ppl" has to have a beard ,an arabian/english accent, and an arabic name like ahmad or mohammed ! & at the end the hot-blonde-guy-with-all-these-HUGE-fake-mucsles save em' & kill that damn arabian bastard !

rebel87 said...

LOL That is the sole reason why I have not seen one episode of 24.
ubergirl/The Rebel

Anonymous said...

It's the era of Arab Bashing, if you're keen on American cinema; you'll notice that during the red scare commies were usually protrayed as the villians, and Nazies during World War 2. So it's just a moment and it'll pass. But if you're really interested in fighting back, boycotting pirated dvds isn't going to work; we need to to invest in Mid-East cinema.

Moustapha Al-Akkad once said that he would have loved to make more Arab/Islamic movies, but funding for them was hell.


Jo said...

A.S.G you're so right! btw ya5i y don't u have a blog?! You should really get one :)

ubergirl87: I'll be takin yer advice babe :)

ubergirl87 said...

A.S.G.: I meant we should boycott the original DVDs. I don't buy anything pirated.. I believe it's stealth. I saw flight plan at a movie theatre.
And I agree about investing in Middle Eastern cinema. Although, I have not seen one Arabic movie that I've actually LOVED. Do you recommend any?

oRgAnIzEd ChAoS said...

I actually just put something up on my blog a few minutes ago about my thoughts on this subject (I, too, have just watched an "Arabs are terrorists" sort of movie). Check it out.


Did you watch the movie to the end? Did you see the part where the Arab turns out to be the pretty nice gentleman and the aircraft security guy is the real bad guy?

This is most definetly a play on the actual present events. You know the pretty widely spread "someone from airport security DEFINITELY had to help them" school of thought.


أحمد said...

The movie do suck big time. The turn of events is really disgusting. The guy was walking like a zombie in the end. I hate it when the script writer gets stuck with the problem in the plot. What should we do? Let this woman kicks this armed-trained-FBIagent's ass and run away with her girl.

Anonymous said...

are you guys idiots?

The point of putting the arabs on the plane was just to throw the audience off and have the passengers more confused on the plane.

The arab showed his hotel reciept proving he was innocent. She had just mistakenly recognized him.

Really, all the movie shows is the publics ignorance. The caucasian man who yelled out "A hotel reciept doesnt prove anything!" That was just ridiculously funny.

This movie doesn't offend me and my other arab friends at all.

Anonymous said...

ohyeah, and he wasnt an "armed-trained-FBIagent," he was just a con man dumbass.

Derek said...

Some movies will have arabs in them, but in reality 95% of all hollywood movie bad guys are white. I think it's not correct to say they are always arabs.

Anonymous said...

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