Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Bit Of My Highschool Journal

I was going through my old high school stuff, when I came across my old journal.
I thought I'd give you a look at my old angst-ridden adolecent self:

The woman is a lunatic. The last time I tried to have an intelligent conversation with her, I wound up laughing my head off.
I hate people who get angry an shout alot. I find loud voices seriously disturbing.
That's why I did not attend Q's* class today. I just cannot handle her insisting on being unreasonable and uncivilized. She's a sweet old lady, but sometimes I do question her mental stability, like I do many others'.
I just wish I could leave here. I am tired of living in this bubble.

This life-like dream
Ain't for me

There is nothing to do here in this hell-hole. Maniacs randomly roam the streets, the heat is unbearable (as is the stench), everything is always dirty and dusty and it is quite normal to find twelve to forty year olds suffering from an unexplainable depression that just knaws at your heart.
The British Council is having a creative writing contest. Contestans are asked to write a story. The theme is 'I Belong', which makes me laugh, because that is the only topic I cannot wirte a single word on. Because I quite simply don't belong.

Aww! Wasn't I a precious-widdle angst-widden tween!?

*Q taught me Tawheed (I think), in high school.


Abu Sinan said...

Nice blog. It isnt so bad being the one on the outside. I was a punk rocker in high school here in America. I actually used to attend parties that Green Day went to.

I am now a convert to Islam married to a Saudi woman. How times change eh?

ubergirl87 said...

OH MY GOD. Sir, do you realize I am in LOVE with Greenday, and anything to do with punk!?
Mashallah, I guess times changed for the better in you case.
I'm glad you like my blog :)

ubergirl87 said...


Trevelyana said...

ya.. I'm a greenday fan too..
I like the more mellow stuff though

adaydreamer said...

why so much hate towards your country baby girl? try to look at the good things... there isnt a perfect country or a perfect society... bss we just have to mkae the best of our situations, whether they are bad or good :)

you know... im from kuwait lakin im madly inlove with a saudi guy and we plan to get married inshAllah... i hear stories about saudia and how horrible it is there... i cant judge, ive never been there... but as long as my love is with me, i dont care where i live... besides, like i said above, i feel that is up to us to make the place we live in a "happy" place... madreee... bss good luck 7abeebti... do you have to marry a saudi guy? you dont have to answer if you dont want....

by the way... i love GreenDay too.. actually i was the "geek" in high school that listend to them and had a poster of them in my room when they first came out lol bss now they are even better then before! I really would LOVE to go see them in concert! that would be fun!

take care baby girl... i better get back to work hehe :)

ubergirl87 said...

I don't completely HATE Saudi Arabia, at the end of the day it IS my home, and I have my family here, whom I love to pieces.
But I do hate it enough to know it's not where I belong. I don't realte to alot of people here. Frankly, I am just FAR too liberal for Saudi Arabia, lol.
And, I can marry whoever the hell I want, thank god.

Anonymous said...

Your high school journal sounds chock full of Gothicky Goodness. Please keep writing!
I want to ask if there's a cultural equivalent of so-called Goth subculture in Saudi Arabia, but it's kind of hard to tell when it's a legal requirement for women to wear black. Seems like cheating.

Troy Z

ubergirl87 said...

Lol, I guess my highschool journal is kinda sorta Gothic-y.
Oh, and to my knowlege, there is no cultural equivalent of so-called Goth subculture in Saudi Arabia. You see, in Saudi Arabia, there are only two subcultures; the Ghetto-Fab wanna bes, and the 'I'm trying to look cool, but am failing miserably' kids.
I will address this subject in a future post, so stick around :)