Sunday, November 20, 2005


I went back to school yesterday.
For the first time since last June, I believe.
I did not expect to get choked up while driving through the front gates. But, (thank God,) as soon as I walked down that hall and saw Q, I wen back to loathing Highschool.
I remember sitting in class, staring at the college girls who came to visit, and envying them. I wanted to get out of there so badly.. And now I am out.
I get to walk around in the hallways while people are in class, and no one can tell me "Get back in that class or I will call your mother, young lady!".
I get to bring my cell phone to school! I never thought I'd see the day!
But somehow, I did get that feeling of ''I'm home again!'' while walking down those hallways. I did want to hug everyone I came across. It feels like just yesterday we were all posing next to (what we call) our school's landmarks, taking the last pictures we would take of ourselves as highschool students, and shouting ''We will never again have to walk in here wearing these God damned uniforms!!''
My little trip down memory lane was not as spiritual as I thought it'd be.
Don't laugh at me, but I though I was special. Or atleast I thought our Class Of 2005 was special. I thought that after I left, they would shut down the school citing; ''It just isn't the way it used to be.'' (Very 3rd gradeish of me, I know)
They didn't. I guess I'm not as special as I led myself to believe.

The (shockingly) unspecial;


Thamer said...

I'd like to pay a visit to my high school after reading this, but its been a long time and all the teachers have changed :( Although I still see some high school friends...

Trevelyana said...

I remember when the girls come back from college to visit I'd think whaaat is wrong with them?! I'd neever visit..

and I never did..

Not because I hated it so much.. (although I did at times) .. but because good memories are just better left as such..

b-dreamer said...

memory lane exist only in our dreams i
guess, take care,

Abdull said...

I'll not laugh I belive I'll cry :(

Jo said...

I visited my school a few times and it was so sad. I kinda wish I hadn't. Leeno you're one wise woman!

ubergirl87 said...

I wouldn't have gone, but they formed a 'Graduate Club' for us. I just couldn't say no.
ubergirl/The Rebel

feras said...

I remember the last day of the final exams 12th grade, that was about 4 and so years ago. I went out the school gates then I tried to go back into the school. The school guard told me that student aren't allowed to go back inside after their test, so I replyed:"So, I'm a visitor not a student". I know it might seem abit corny to some of you, but It was something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Roba said...

Where did you go to highschool? I hate the fact that I went to highschool in Riyadh...