Friday, November 04, 2005

Boys Are Stupid, Just Ask Cupid (Or Anyone Else, Really)

What is wrong with Saudi males!? They seem to think that they're the shit. Let me tell you, they are not.
There is something I have been dying to mention; Saudi boys enjoy very strange things. They like racing thier $150,000 cars in public streets, being rude to Saudi girls in particular (I think this stems from insecurity. They are niether charming, nor good looking, so they have no way of impressing girls, therefore they act like complete jackasses), and throwing little pieces of paper with thier phone numbers written on at female passer-by.
As I mentioned, they like racing cars and preforming dangerous stunts. And as you may have guessed, this causes hundreds of car crashes. Daily.
There is a street called 'Al-Tahlia' in Riyadh that Saudi kids, (mostly teenagers) like to go to. If you ever pass by it, you may notice that there are no females sitting in any of the restaurants or coffee shops. This is the result of the grudge the government has against women. You see, women are not allowed in any of the restaurants or coffee shops. I would know, because I once tried to get in, and was reduced to standing outside the restaurant and ordering my food to go.
I once heard a story a girl at school was telling. She and some friends were driving (not literally ofcourse. They, like most Saudi families, have hired male drivers) through Al-Tahlia, and they were being chased by a boy in a B.M.W. Ofcourse, he was not looking at the road, so he crashed into a wall or a pole or something, and died.
Ofcourse, not all Saudi boys are careless drivers. There are boys who genuinley accidentally crash. But I believe that only a few do, and most boys involved in crashes caused them, and out of sheer stupidity.
You can ask any Saudi family, and they'll tell you they knew a young man who died in a car accident.
So, to any parents who happen to be reading this: please stop giving your children cars to crash! If you want to kill your kid, go ahead. Just don't let them put us all in danger.
Stay safe, (and don't forget your seatbelts!).
Oh! And Happy Mushroom Day! (LOL I'm sorry, that text message CRACKED ME UP!)
Kol 3amm o into b5eer!


Anonymous said...

Not all Saudi guys drive $150,000 cars,. The day Saudi kids stop throwing numbers is the day Saudi girls actually stop calling them back.

I really don't see the point in this post; you're annoyed by the antics of your fellow male citizens, yet you're complaining on how can't sit outside or at some of the cafes or resturaunts that most of the guys you were previously complaining of hang out.

I know you're pissed at something, but I don't think even you know what's pissing you off about Saudi, you're just all over the place.


$uper MO said...

ur right, we have alot of car accidents but accidents happen all around the world...
hope u didn't loose a beloved person in an accident coz sure it's painful, but what can we do!!!

ubergirl87 said...

A.S.G: Alright, I understand that you're trying to defend Saudi boys, but let me tell you this; I have had ATLEAST 50 boys drive around my car and follow me home and try to scare me with the 'oh, I'm gonna hit you! Haha' routine that they love so much. I have never EVER called any Saudi guy. I do not EVER give them a reason to follow me around with their lame-ass signs.
And I have sat in restaurants and cafes all around the world, and I can tell you I have never been harrassed there. Don't you DARE try to tell me that there is no reason for me to want to go out . And don't you DARE say there's ANYTHING wrong with girls wanting to go out and have fun.
And there is something Saudis MUST understand; if a girl wants to take your number she WILL as soon as you give it to her. There is no need for you to follow her around for 2 hours staraigh. I assure you, you aren't gonna convince anyone to call you like that.
My point is: 5aleekom THIGIL. Leave us the hell alone.

ubergirl87 said...

Super mo: Accidents DO happen all over the world, but did you know that Saudi Arabia has the highest rate in fatal car crashes in the world?

LeoMastiC said...

At first, I thought it was a random posting, but when three posts talk about the same thing, well that’s when I got the idea ur a feminist, I wont be like you and shout out how I despise your kind, nor will I shout that your kind doesn’t even stall to think for a second whom to blame, cos we are the faults of everything, including earthquakes. I wont be surprised at all if you’d argue god is a woman.

Just know that blaming is no way of solving even the simplest of problems, if ur too burnt up of all this crapp Saudi is putting you through, well go and get your self a bikini to walk through the streets of tahlia, or any part of the world for the matter. Though you’ll find a whole lot trying to get a touch of your skin if not with hands, with their eyes at least, you’d also find some fighting for your freedom away from stalkers, or rapists, or those 200 cars that shadow you around. And this isn’t just in Saudi, all over the world men can be hooligans, so as they can be gentlemen. And its all your fault. Sadly, you one day will grow up to be a mother, so raise your child to respect others not become a sexists, no matter who or where they live.

As an advice, respect all god’s creations as long as they respect them selves, try and be more like Rosa Park, instead of grumbling how much you hate, speak of what you’d like to see, come up with a solution, not just blame!
I know there is no use showing the light to some thoughts engraved with darkness to the inside of your scull. But I just thought I’d take a shot in the dark ;)

Ps: why is it NOT okay for men to throw “contact me” papers at women, when women are OKAY to post their AOL’s and shout the need for cute guys to talk with?!.. – just a thought

Anonymous said...

I didn't tell you not to go sit at the cafes, I just found it a bit funny on how you complain about being harrassed by Saudi guys, yet you still want to sit at the same cafes Saudi guys go to.

You can travel to every single country in the world, but you have to remember not one of those countries is Saudi. So there is no use comparing the two.

Point is, I really don't care about what's the latest things Saudies boys are doing, I just find it annoying when the two genders are constantly bashing each other.

ubergirl87 said...

leomastic: You might want to call me a feminist. If being a feminist means hating men that disrespect women, then by all means, I am a feminist.
You did convince me that boys are not 100% at fault, though.
And I don't walk around in a bikini because I CHOOSE not to. But when I am going to get a god-damned cup of coffe, and I get some horrid 'gentleman' commenting on the size of my chest, (I was wearing a hijab at the time, and was minding my own business. Infact, I was with my mother) it is the fault of these boys and how they were raised. They were raised not to respect women. I am, however convinced that some girls are as horrid.
Oh, and my posts ARE random, I just happen to be angry at the state of Saudi males these days. As a sollution, I would like to suggest some sort of workshop, maybe a youth group where Saudi teenagers could hang out (males and females seperately, ofcourse :p) without offending anyone.
And the comment on the girl asking for cute guys, I think you'll find (if you go back to that original comment) that I laughed at her stupidity.

A.S.G: My point was: I would like to be able to sit in a cafe, WITHOUT being harrassed. Like I do anywhere OTHER than Saudi Arabia. I KNOW girls are harrassed everywhere, but here we're all in Abayas, o we're all muslim. I think guys AND girls should respect that, and keep our streets clean.

Eight said...

I just don’t see how this could be a random posting. Cos random postings don’t start with “grass is greener on the other side”, then develop into "Woman are you blind?" And then evolve to BOYS ARE STUPID! Who knows how these posts will smell like when they mature.

Why would you want to go to tahliay?! It’s a boys playground, that’s where males show off there talents, cars, money, power and all that macho crap! When women have So many playgrounds, such as malls, funfairs, and even when the mall is for women, they have a special floor just for women. Like Hua?!! In malls male creatures are forbidden to enter unless accompanied with a female, even if he were 40 years old, he still needs a female to get him in. Don’t you think that’s kinda disrespectful? Don’t male creatures need to protest on such a rule?! So back to the point. You have a billion places to go in Riyadh, and you choose the boys hangout?! Why?!, don’t you think that’s just too damn stupid, or is it the need for attention?!

What a random posting really is, well, its when you only once talk about something, and the next time its about a totally deferent subject. Not the same subject but with new words of demolishing the male species!! Right?! don’t just point fingers, or speak about the same damn thing with a deferent prospective.

An example of a random posting!
An example of a random posting!
An example of a random posting!
An example of a random posting!
I liked the above one
An example of a random posting!
An example of a random posting!
An example of a random posting!

ubergirl87 said...

Eight: You can't get into a mall? Try not being able to buy a god-damned cell phone, or walk into a restaurant without a male 'guardian'. And Tahlia is not called 'Tahliya Al-rajul'. However, Mamlakat Al-mará is called Mamlakat Al-MARÁ. Tahlia is not a street full of gentlemen's clubs. It is a street where all of the best coffee shops and restaurants happen to be located. It is NOT for males exclusively, and you shouldn't pretend it is.
And by the way; the story i mentioned about the guy's comment took place NOT in Tahlia, but outside Mamlakat Al-mará.
Also, I think you'll find that I have about 10 or 11 posts, one of which is entitled 'Boys Are Stupid..' and if you read the other two you mentioned, they have little (if anything) to do with critisising males. Infact, 'Woman, are you BLIND?' critisises FEMALES. And to me, all three posts you mentioned talk about completely different things.

leomastic: I forgot to mention; God is niether male nor femal, God is greater than both. God is devine.

Abdull said...

loooooooooooooool ur soo cool ..
i agree .. u r just telling me ..
when i am talking about my self as a driver they drive me nuts.

JaysonTheEgotist said...

ubergirl, this is Hilarious. Thank you for posting this. I learned something today.

Americans (atleast, the minority like me, who think.) aren't the most ignorant people in the world! It seems to me that Saudi Men are beating us to that.

I am shocked at this, but more shocked that people defend it. I guess I shouldn't be, they're the same ones who think that this sort of thing is normal. Guess what people, it isn't. Not once have I chased a woman, thrown a piece of paper with my number at her, or commented on her breast size (much less while her mother is there) where is the respect? I guess they just don't have any.

I might be American, I might not "understand" the culture as these ignorant people will argue... but they're wrong and I am right. Nothing changes that. Nothing.

So keep driving around throwing shit at women, keep it up, it will work eventually... What are the chances? One in a million? So you got a chance! Ignorance is annoying.

canadian_muslim_girl said...

Hey whatzup this is Belle and I am French-Canadian/Saudi and Ubergirl I juz gotta tell u that i luved your post! Uffff FINALLY i am hearing this stuff from someone else! Whenever i tell my girls that Saudi guys are not cool they always be like "why?" but now i got someone else to back me up not saying ALL saudi guys are wanna-be players but even one of my brothers and all of my cousins (who were born and raised in KSA) have sum issues ie. thinking they all that and that every girl wants them...i could go on and on lol...ya so anywayz keep talkin' cuz i'm cheering for ya! Ma3salaama!!! ttyl byeeee

Christoph said...

Saudi men? Nothing much to say really - idiots with nothing to do(too good to do anything but a management position - and I might add, with NO background training at uni but for 'religious studies'). They WANT to mirror western culture - but their gov't is too busy putting dumb, out-of-work religious police on the streets to terrorise the western mimicking youth! Then to top that, rich Saudis get away from it all to out-of-country destinations - 5 minutes after the plane takes off the traditional dress is replaced with flashy western garb and the alcohol forbidden in KSA comes out and starts to flow. What a bloody warped society! Does anyone wonder now why such trouble comes from such a place as this? Duh!

victim said...

ubergirl87, I'm a saudi 23 yo male, and i agree with you 100%.

Just to give you some b/g info I was raised in the US and when i graduated from high school, my dear parents thought it would be best if I studied college here, little did I know what to expect. Life here is unbearable, saudis make me sick. Saudi arabia should not be labeled a third-world country, that's a disgrace to other countries. Hopefully this is my last year in college and not only that my last year in this mental institute with no doctors kingdom.