Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Media Are Being Idiots Again.

I was once looking at a magazine, and one of the headlines read: 'New Study Shows That Most Car Accidents In Saudi Arabia are Caused by Males.'
I do not blame the magazine for wasting precious paper on such an idiotic article, as much as I blame the poor, poor fool who's studying the matter. It must have taken him an eternity to figure that out.
It is disgusting how the media completely ignores the serious matters in this country! It just makes me want to shout: DON'T ACT LIKE WE LIVE IN A PERFECT COUNTRY, BACAUSE WE ARE FAR FROM BEING PERFECT.
I wanted to get that off my chest. I have.
I'll be posting today again, but at a decent hour.
Untill then, don't get into any female-induced car accidents! I hear they're becoming quite common here.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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ubergirl87 said...

LOL, those comments are absolutely idiotic.
I'm leaving them up because they are amusing. They could be something I look back on and laugh at when I'm feeling down.
*Sigh*... Humans can be so silly sometimes.

Trevelyana said...

Well .. you never know ;)

Somehow I manage to convince my uncle to let me drive everytime i go back to riyadh in the summer.. :D
and I don't mean around the block.. I mean from where IKEA to Sa7ara ..
It's absolutely wicked.. I love it! The look on a person in a nearby car when they see me ..

adaydreamer said...

OMG! looool that is hilirious! loool wallah sij sij ma95araaa! lol

ubergirl87 said...

Cool! My parents won't let me drive because I don't have a license. I was going to get one from Bahrain, but guess what!? It is now ILLEGAL for Saudi females to get their drivers license form Bahrain! How very convenient for Saudi Arabia.
UGH I hate this town.

Bissa said...

ILLEGAL for Saudi females to get their drivers license form Bahrain!<==NO. FUCKING. WAY. :-| !
what's their problem ? URGH !

ubergirl87 said...

Yup. ILLEGAL. As of, like, last year.

Anonymous said...

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