Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My Alter Ego And My Presentation

I believe you've noticed the link on the right that says 'My Alter Ego'.
You see, I've discovered that I can sometimes turn into Ms.Nasty who hates the world.
Therefore, I created a new blog for Ms.Nasty me (And Ms.Nasty me swears alot, so parental advisory and all that crap, lol).

Today I did a presentation on 'The Punk Culture'. It is very frustrating when you've put your heart and soul into explaining something to someone, and all they do is stare at you blankly while drooling over God knows what.
I had to endure 43 of those people today.
And after class, a bunch of girls came up to me and said: "Uhh.. We liked the pictures in your slide show!"
I felt like asking the question that pops into my head whenever I encounter infuriatingly ignorant people: Are you five?! Are you as amused by colorful pictures as a toddler?!
I worked very hard on the information I presented. I searched, drafted, wrote, and rewrote a million times! And all you can think of is to compliment me on the pictures I googled!?
I know I must sound big headed, everyone likes a compliment, right?
Wrong. Not when it's about something as trivial as pictures in (what I thought was) a truly interesting presentation!
You know what the problem is?! Our youth is so glued to the Rotana screen that they don't even think about acquiring an effing hobby!

I'm probably blabbering and not making sense.


Trevelyana said...

Cut them a break.. maybe they were just trying to find a way to talk to ya.. you know a conversation opener of some sort?.. no?

Then let me tell you.. I'm in my third year of college... pre-medical.. biology.. and until now everytime I work my ass off on a presentation I get the same "nice job" as the bastrad next to me making it up right before class..

In the end, satisfaction in the quality of your own work and mindfulness of personal progress is your only comfort

Thamer said...

Well I guess the topic just didn't interest them, and you should expect that, since you were presenting it to a Saudi crowd :) Cuz not everyone likes/understands/appreciates punk in this culture :)

ubergirl87 said...

leeno: Yeah, I guess you're right. You know what though? I can swear to you right now that my presentation was THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Wallah. So I don't care what anyone thinks.

tyt: No, I don't think the topic didn't interest them, my class in particular is just so.. un-engaging (is that even a word, lol?). In other words; ma yit7amasoon.

Anonymous said...

:D ooh u finished it, can u show it to me on wed.!!

P.S. I dont think they even know what "punk" is/means! :S


Jo said...

LOL y am I not surprised?!?

ubergirl87 said...

Mona: That was the whole point of my presentation: explaining what punk actually is. And I did, (very well, might I add :p).

Jo: You are not surprised because you probably encounter as many infuriatingly dull people as I do everyday. Or was that a rhetorical question, lol?

Anonymous said...

Ubergirl: I'd post to your Rebel87 blog but I am still slack in getting a blogspot account. Appy Polly Lodgies. My point anyway: congratultions on your aspirations to your own DIY musicianship. (Actually in Saudi Arabia, woundn't it HAVE to be DIY? Is there any of the corporate infrastructure in place to take a slice of the talent pool?) But why learn guitar? It seems there's an opportunity to get a distinctive edge with, say, a sittar or kamanchy or something, and using it for a more credible homegrown punk rock expression. Just take so-called "Eastern" modes of meter rather than so-called "Western" 4/4 or 3/4 and just jack it up to speedmetal tempo. There's a misguided preconception that constructs for antiauthoritarian music has to follow this set-piece expectation of electric guitar, bass, drums, and, well, it's all very nice, but is it authentic for the evolution of what music has offered you locally? Regionally? Doesn't matter, you certainly don't need mine or anyone else's permission, because it's all going to be in the lyrical content.
I'm always just curious as to what the misfits do in any culture. We can't wait to hear what you offer.
Troy Z

rebel87 said...

Troy Z: I just want to play things that I'd listen to. Personally, I don't listen to Eastern music, but adding some punk into that might be interesting. I think I'll try it.
I'd have to start with guitar, though, I've been wanting to learn for a very long time.
It's an awesome idea, as soon as I get some band members I'll start. Thanks alot for you advice. I will certainly make use of it.

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