Monday, October 31, 2005

The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side.

This summer I met some girls at a gig in London. (Yes, at a gig).
I told them that they did not know how lucky they were to be Londoners. They told me I didn't know how lucky I was to be able to get whatever I want.

The motto was just a lie
It says home is where your heart is
But what a shame
Cause everyone's heart
Doesn't beat the same

I'd give anything (not anyone), to be able to have thier freedom. At the end of the day; material possesions are just material possesions, whereas freedom is priceless.
I had arguably the best night of my life at that gig. They get to do that every weekend.
I'd love to walk out of my house dressed however the hell I feel like. I can't do that here in Riyadh, can I?
I find it sick that females are required to dress in head to toe black, and men in white. Go to a shopping mall, for instance, and take a look at how people are dressed. Isn't it messed up, to put it politely?
Also, I am sick of not being allowed to laugh out loud in public. It is not rude, people. Get over yourselves.
I am sick of not having a decent music store or bookstore that is a short drive away.
I am sick of males staring at my chest, and while we're on the subject; if you want to jerk off, get your self a TV and watch some LBC, damn it. It is seriously disturbing that anything in a Abaya gives you a boner. (Please excuse my French)
I am sick of having nothing to do all the time. This can't be healthy!
I am sick of having to be paranoid on the rare occasions that I do leave the house. I'm always on the lookout for Muttawas, or some drunk perverts who are planning on assauliting me, like in the Nahdha video. Those images have mentally scarred me. I'm not even exaggerating!
I'm absolutely sick of this Godforsaken town. We're stuck in the year 1804.

City of the dead
At the end of another lost highway
Signs misleading to nowhere
City of the damned
Lost children with dirty faces today
No one really seems to care

I have had it up to my eyeballs with this bull shit! I am starting a revolution. Who's with me?

And there's nothing wrong with me
This is how I'm supposed to be
In a land of make believe
That don't believe in me


*All lyrics taken from Jesus Of Suburbia, by Greenday.


Anonymous said...

I'M WITH U!! haha!!


$uper MO said...

UBERGIRL, I'm afraid their is nothin u can do :(
as for me I don't hate Abaya but I hate the way most of our Shabab make us uncomfortable ..The way most of them think..
Just give it some time gurl ;)

$uper MO said...


K.M.B said...

Hi there,

I read the first two posts and I was I should let you know about Jo's blog you might relate. However, going all the way down I noticed that you been there already.

adaydreamer said...

ive been living in the US most of my life, and im from Kuwait... lakin due to my dad's work, we lived here most of our lives... but to be honest with you? im soooooooooooooooooo grateful to be from Kuwait.. to be Arab... to be Muslim... and im sooooooooooo sick of western way of thinking... i dont claim to be religious or very traditonal... bss i still hold on to what is important to me and what makes me who i am... i dont like the 3abaya either, but i dont agree with wearing skimmy clothes that show more skin then cover it... for me personally, i think we should be gratful we are who we are... then again, that is just my personal opinion.....

A.S.G said...

Wherever you go guys will always stare at your chest, it's not just in saudi.

Who said you can't laugh in public? First I hear about this custom.

ruba duba said...

OMG ur soooo right!!
im sick of it 2!!!
i HATE 5aleejy men!

LeoMastiC said...

scary, ... brutal, ... and just damn cruel, ... the way society raised you to become the woman you are today.

No comment.

ubergirl87 said...

Super mo: I think there is something we can ALL do.. I just don't know what it is yet.

k.m.b.: Yeah, I love Jo's blog :)

adaydreamer: I am all for freedom of choice; if someone wants to wear a Abaya, they should go for it. But if one chooses to walk around in a bikini all day, they should have a right to. That's what I think, atleast.

a.s.g: Ofcourse guys stare at girls' chests across the globe, but it is disgusting that Saudi guys do it when girls are wearing Abayas. What is there to stare at!? And you are a boy. How would you know what I go through as a Saudi female? I DO get dirty looks when I laugh in public, I DO get angry people come up to me and ask me to stop.

leomastic: What do you mean?

Jo said...

belated reply sorry :( but no net for the past few days due 2 ma male guardina :|
woman wallah i could have written this post! the laughing thing PISSES me off :|

ubergirl87 said...

Jo, GOD this country needs a makeover!

Sopho said...

My Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

you can't go down more than this honestly your choice of words let alone your retarted mind and thoughts are,,,, pure 100% filth if you know a more expressing word consider it your name , you will not be accepted by the londeners or any god damn human with your junk of words or ideas.go please clean and scrub your mouth coz it stinks.

sara said...

gurl i have been in saudi once and let me just tell was an experience that shall scar me for life. i cant even start on how messed up your place is. i hate it when those ninja saudi are roaming around my city cuz there is a little voice in my head that says they wana bring their bullshit to my hometown. n i would start a global war before that happens. my heart and soul is for you whislt you're trapped in such a tragic place. i hope one day someone gets the nerve to gather all muttawins n throw them in a flaming pit. not only hitler deserve such fate.