Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Aww! My first post!

Greetings! I am ubergirl, and this is my blog! I lead such a wonderful, crazy life, and I, (out of the goodness of my heart) have chosen to share it with YOU!
(Notice how I end all my sentences with exclamation marks! I'll stop! I promise!)
Okay, I stopped!
No, really I did.
I never really got into the whole blogging movement, but today I realized I should.
I have so much to say, and for some reason, I have always felt that the world needs to hear my point of view. It does.
I have something to say about absolutely EVERYTHING. Which is both a blessing and a curse. So try me. Ask me anythig, and I'll go on and on and on and on and... You get my drift.
My sister asked me to read someone called Jo's blog today (, it was quite strange to read about someone who thought alot like me, and who (strangely), also goes to a Luny Uni. Isn't it reassuring to find out that there are TWO Luny Unis in our beloved Kingdom?
I need to sign off.
I'll see y'all later!


Jo said...

Aww! Your first post! LOL I use exclamation marks alot too!
Welcome to the blogosphere my dear! Lookin forward to more of your posts inshAllah! :)

Farooha said...

Heeya.. welcome welcome..
I'll add you in a bit dear.. (that is if you wanted to be added)

ubergirl87 said...

You can add people on here? (Can you tell I'm new? lol)
I'd love for you to add me! Thanks for reading, girls :)

ubergirl87 said...

Wait a second... Did you mean you were gonna add me to the list of Saudi blogs? That'd be great!
Man, I feel dumb :P

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