Friday, October 28, 2005

Brain Farts

For those of you who don't know, a brain fart is a completely random sentence. The act of brain farting is creating a string of completely random sentences, that might not make sense to most people. You should know, I am an avid brain farter.

Bearded men scare me. All men are perverts. I will never get a bikini wax. Ouch. Med. students think they know everything. Poking people is fun. Horses are shiny. Honey is gross. Leopard prints are takcy. Stoners aren't funny. Younger siblings need to stop being annoying. Text messags should be free. Dolphins are pretty. Whoever invented zippers is a genius. Smiling makes my face hurt. The sword on the Saudi flag seems to be representing violence and raging tempers. I wish black nail polish suited me. Anyone who plays guitar is automatically hot. Anyone who plays drums is automatically super cute. I want to be anywhere but here.

There you go. My first brain farting post. Comment with your own brain farts!
TTFN, ta ta for now!


Anonymous said...

My nose itches. Pink elephants are cute. I love the number 6. I dont know what Logic means. It's 9:33. I love my name. I want to drive a car. Mohemad Rasool Allah. Green Green Green Green Green Green ears. 102. Jhayyyyyyer bnt mi6lag aka Lahfat al5a6ir.

Anonymous said...

I hate my ears. And my hair too. Sheesh 7o7o's annoying. Smile. Saks Fifth Avenue. Haifa Wahbi. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X. Red carpets are itchy. dum de de dum. الو مرحبا مين معي. I hate the circus. The Game ((that's a rapper)) is MY future husband. <3 <3 Dumbo.


whencatrawman said...

This is getting too bad.Am i going to run away somewhere.gosh, isaw that lady today.TV was a big bore.Ithink she was beautiful.that cracker there just below my cycle.oh god today im going to have a long night.lets see if tomorrow will be bright.and my underwear, it is getting bad by the ..

Wow, that was fun.brain farting.nice trick to let out nonsense thats inside us.
BTW ubergirl87, there is a technique taught by the great mystic Osho. Its called Gibberish.Here's a link:
Its nice.

ubergirl87 said...

Hey whencatrawman, what up?
Yeah, brain farting is awesome for clearing your mind, just like weed! Lol.
I know that Gibberish is just noises that one makes that mean nothing.. I'll check out that link, though.
Thanks for reading, kiddies :D

LeoMastiC said...

i couldnt bare the smell, but its goatta fart every once in a while! ;)

Anonymous said...

I need a shower. the ring on my thumb is heavy.I wish i could scream without being told to shut-up. I want to be witty. I feel awkward when i'm complimented.I want people to compliment me for being witty. 582 is really 15 in disguise. this is very fun. squish squish. my fish is dead. I forgot to feed my cat. I am kidding. I do not have pets. green things are yummy. I do not know what '...ect.' means. ...ect. .I am not stupid. I am just speacial. mother says they are different things. mother said "If you don't get your ass up I swear I will throw you out the window" exept in arabic. which is funny. mother is mad and staring threateningly at me. my brother is making funny noises (he is imitating my mother) . my brother is halfway out the window.

I must log off. thank you for reading my pointless brain fart 'till the end. If you'll excuse me, my brother is in need of my assistance for he is dangling from the living room window shouting threats(I can't wait to point and laugh alongside my mother.)

ubergirl87 said...

Thank you for that. You out weirded Mona, and that, is no easy task :P. Congrats!