Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm Being Stalked!

A few weeks ago I was at school, (KSU, to be exact), and had quite a strange experience. I was standing near an exit, minding my own buisiness, when a large female appraoched me, (and to my displeasure) actually shoved me.
I shall tell you what happened after that shortly, but I'd just like to ask; Who the hell does that!? What are we, five!?
And then she proceded to threaten me. I tell you, I have never seen this woman before in my life. She told me that I should never run away from her when she called me. What?
At that moment, I was pretty much scared out of my mind. I started to laugh, and then I told her, (in a very loud voice, I might add), that I was not who she thought I was, and that she had the wrong girl. But again to my displeasure, she kept on looking at me threateningly and walked away.
By then, people who had seen what had happened and passerby were looking at me curiously, like I was growing a second head. (Which I was not).
To this day, I am confused. Clearly she had mistaken me for someone else.... My god, I pity the girl who she had meant to threaten. She looked like she could take on a cow. With ease, I might add.
In conclusion, I urge you to take caution while going about your everyday life.
Take care.


$uper MO said...

LOOL poor girl... I wonder what happened 2 her by now :P

nice blog ;)

ubergirl87 said...

She's probably burried somewhere in the desert. The woman looked like she meant business.
And I'm glad you're enjoying my rant and rambles :D.

$uper MO said...

ur gr8 how come i don't!! ;)

LeoMastiC said...

Nice command of word, excellent picture drawing for the eyes of the readers mind.Good spell of suspense,

U know, I might just make this blog a regular reading for me! If you wont mind.

ubergirl87 said...

Wohoo! You could be my very first regular reader! Thanks, man!