Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Thoughts On Denmark, And Darfur.

I am sick of people whining about Denmark.
We get it, you're offended. We all are.
And guess what?
Nobody cares. So get over it.

In the space of one month, I have only heard one person (briefly) talk about what's going on in Darfur.
In the space of two days you hear about those God damned cartoons five hundred times.
Not to mention the bumper stickers.
300,000 People have died in Darfur since 2003. Most of them starved to death.
One man in Afghanistan died while taking part in a protest demanding the government of Denmark publicly apologize for the cartoons.
Do they think the world needs more death?
How these people sleep at night is beyond me.

Let's all boycott Denmark because one man's doodle made us mad. YEAH!

Oh, and by the way, no one wants to boycott America for what's still happening in Abu Ghraib. There are tapes of people literally banging their heads on the wall, but we gotta handle them Denmarikians first, eh?

Also, I have noticed that we Saudis donate a lot of money to organizations that build Masjids in African countries.
I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I would much rather build a factory or a farm or whatever in Africa.
You don't need to build a Masjid! People can pray anywhere! Africans are starving to death. A Masjid is not going to feed them!



Anonymous said...

Clooney speaks on Darfur,,,,now apparently everyone seems crazy about the cause

Hani said...

That was a brilliant post… and truthfully true!‎

saad said...

Maybe people are more offended by the cartoons than by the genocide in Darfur because Muslims are taught to love the Prophet more than they love themselves. And thus, any insult to him is difficult to tolerate for many of us. However, genocide is a different matter. Muslims are not as offended by the deaths of fellow Muslims because we believe that death brings us closer to Allah. And as a result, it's hard to get all worked up over 300,000 Muslims who are probably dead and loving it.

ubergirl87 said...

Anonymous: George Clooney said something about Darfur?
That's actually wonderful. I'm glad someone's taking notice, and shedding light on the matter.

Thanks Hani.

Saad: Muslims are kiling each other, and you're telling me nobody cares?
I don't think that's the case. I think the cartoon isssue just got way more publcity.

Anonymous said...

"Muslims are not as offended by the deaths of fellow Muslims because we believe that death brings us closer to Allah."

You're joking right? Right? One would think we should seek to be closer to God by doing right by our fellow man, not allowing people to suffer!

FROR said...

Fantastic post ubergirl!

The Clooney story has been all over the news ... newspapers, tv and whatnot.

Here is a link to a story about people trying to bring attention to Darfur: 5 Lawmakers Arrested in Darfur Protest.

On Thursday, actor George Clooney, just back from Africa, said that Americans should not "turn our heads and look away" from genocide in Darfur. The Oscar winner told a packed room at the National Press Club in Washington that he wants to use his "credit card" as a Hollywood star to highlight the plight of two million desperate refugees.

On the CBS site, you can view a video of Clooney talking about Darfur.

Also read this in-depth story about what is really going on Darfur and this right-wing (pro-Bush) criticism of Clooney.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a great post. Ubergirl's got the perspective right.

Kay Merryweather said...
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صبي_من_السعودية said...


zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

صبي شفيك يا قلبي؟

sa5eef_e9bay said...

مافيني شي
بس الموضوع والله يخلي الواحد يبكي

curious george said...

Have you ever noticed there are no islamic comics? I think I'll start a school for them in the KSA.

Mike said...

It's not that no one cares about Muslims killing Muslims. It's that no one cares when it's BLACK Muslims being killed. The UN didn't care about Rwanda either. They refuse to call what's happening in Dafur "genocide." Except the Americans, but we probably can't get much done at the UN because the Chinese support Sudan (because of oil. Isn't that funny?)

A lot of Americans are speaking out about it. Protests at Sudanese embassies and everything. What is needed is foreign troops. Not UN African troops, all they do is rape little girls (true. Big scandal, though I don't have a link handy). NATO would be good. Kill the janjaweed. And if the Sudanese government objects, kill them too. I'm sick and tired of allowing murderous regimes to exist. Saddam was a Boy Scout compared to some of the others.

km said...

You know I can not find a free arabic into English translation. So you guys are very lucky with your secret codes, but I'll crack it. ;)

bored said...


Dima said...

Of course Muslims aren't paying attention to Darfur. The Muslim Sudanese governmnet is allowing the genocide of thousands of non-muslim Sudanese people. Muslims want to ignore that as much as possible.
The Danish cartoons however, serve as a great way for politisized Islamic clerics to get the general muslim world all hot and bothered. Apperently there can never be enough reasons to hate the west. Worked like a charm. Half the "danish cartoons" forwarded to me by "well-intentioned muslims" were never published in the Posten. Come to think of it, the Danish Muslim cleric who brought this whole issue up probably drew them himself.

Don Cox said...

"Muslims are taught to love the Prophet more than they love themselves."____Isn't that idolatry?

eva said...

Great post, ubergirl. You are remarkably mature in your worldview.

Ali Baba said...

Dima, it was about time somebody stated that! In other words: Arabs from the North are killing black Africans in the South. And we all know how much Arabs care about Africans...

S Grauslund said...

BTW, The Danish prime minister today promised US$50 million in aid for Dafur, and that Danish military forces would participate in an international UN action if that would be agreed upon (in the UN).

A Know Laugher said...

Good points. See this post from February on exactly the same issue: