Friday, May 12, 2006

Jammaz Ya Jammaz

Doesn't Jammaz AlS7aimy (I hope I got his name right) look like a nice guy?
I feel so bad for him! He has to go through all kinds of shit.
People are hiring hit-men, for God's sake.
He was just in the wrong position at the wrong time.
He's awesome!
I'm kinda a fan of his in the same way that I'm a fan of William Hung.
You know, pity fandom.
I hope people start liking him soon.
It's bad enough people are saying mean things about him, they should leave his family out of it. I'm not linking to anything because I don't approve of any of it.



ahmed said...

jammaz als7aimy is just a scapegoat .. the true criminals are out there..they should be punished, not him! but again, if he can't handle it..he should the end he is man on charg (or at least he seems to be!)

Ahmed said...

Jammaz was sacked a few minutes ago.

ahmed said...

yep I just heared..and the market is UP!! I hope it remains like that!

Hani said...

at the end, someone gotta do something about it... I think he will receive a "make-up" for being dismissed this way...

p.s. I tried to like him, but I just couldn't!

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

هذا اللي اهلنا كانوا يسبونه على الغدا؟

Fedo said...

I'm kind of confused. Are you talking about Jammaz Al-Sehaimy the Deputy Governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Institution? What exactly did he do? And why are people cussing him?

Black Orchid said...

I have no idea who that person is?!:S (plz don't call me stupid)

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

هذا يا قلب امك واحد يقولون هو المسؤول عن انهيار أسواق الأسهم او شي كذا عرفتي؟
العالم مبسوطه عشانه انفصل بس احس التويجري هذا الجديد من طقة ال أ أ أ
hnew 3arfa ga9di ;)

Black Orchid said...

ahaaaaa....yup fahamt!

Anonymous said...

That's an easy one they sat around getting it on.

Nourah said...

me n dad were talking about him this morning ,,
u know that jammaz gave a list to king abdullah with the names of those illy ytla3aboon bil soog ofcourse most of the names were members 4m the fu*kin royal family
so poor jammaz was threatened by them so he was sacked

mskeen wallah =(
but this is how things go in our beautiful country

LuLu said...

i really feel sorry for the dude too i think he was just there at the wrong time...n ppl if u cant take the risk of putting ur money in stocks then dont do it from the beginning then start blaming ppl