Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I Need A New Nose To Go With This Outfit...

Everyone's getting plastic surgery now.

If you've had a boob job, please do not wear those skimpy halter tops until the bruising and swelling goes down. I beg of you.
I need to get a shirt that says that.




hey ubergirl i actually know a place in new york that custom designs anyshirt you have in mind and has your name on the tag
so basically your the designer of the shirt
you should really check it out ill give you the link once i find it
x0x0x0x La BraZiLiaN BeLLa

Mochness said...

Your shirt could say, "I see weirdly shaped post-surgery boobies, COVER 'EM UP :|"

hehe, erm, okay, I confess...it's waaaaay past my bedtime :p

Sweet Anger said...

ok i only have one thing to say


Lilly said...

hehe you are right with what ya sayin girl