Friday, May 05, 2006

Let's Just Randomly Stroke Eachother While We Pose For Pictures, Girls!

I hate how female celebrities try to be all provocative and sexy.
It's disgusting.
I don't appreciate being forced into thinking of the Olsen Twins as lovers.
And yes, I think this picture is suggestive.
Believe me, no sisters would ever hug like that in real life.

I know they're told to do these things to appeal to.. people. I'm not calling anyone a pervert (even though I think people who fantasize about twins are perverted. Seriously. Think about it.)

I understand that's what they need to do to get publicity, but some people, like the Olsen twins in this particular picture, just try too hard.
Angelina Jolie can pull off sexy.
Halle Berry can pull of sexy.
Lindsey Lohan cannot.

These girls need to understand that you just can't force sex appeal!

Another quick way to get famous is to casually and "innocently" use female genetalia in the name of your "band"/dancing troupe, a`la Pussy Cat Dolls.

Oh, I'm sorry.. They mean kitties?
Silly me!



Anonymous said...

Wasn't Angelina Jolie the one that kissed her brother? Ick! sis from the usa

FR33DOM said...

Get over it. Sex sells. Hot twins sells. Hot twins suggestivly pressing their bodies together sells. Its just a fact of life.

Anonymous said...

olsen twins look like the two lines of coke i snorted last night

ubergirl87 said...

Sis: I think she did.. But my point is when she's posing provocatively it's acually sexy. She doesn't try to be, it just happens. And it suits her.

fr33dom: It only sells because we allow it to. Its not okay and we shouldn't pretend it is, is what I'm saying.
I get revealing clothes.. Honestly, I do. But pretending that you're a lesbian or, allow me to quote a friend: "fondling your sister's breast", is going too far. It's not even sexy.

ubergirl87 said...

I get=I understand*

Bissa said...

The olsen twins DON'T like each other & they have admitted it by seperating last year; they no longer live with each other.

taqo said...

They used to look like "treasure trolls" when they were kids. hehe.
Was such a big fan of when I was younger, I even joined their fan club. a55555.
You are sisters should be all over each other like that. Its semi-incest!lol.

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...
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zahrat ilma6ba5 said...


Black Orchid said...

Mons, you are my perfect example that shows that The Olsen Twins are so fake....haha!

KM said...

I just wondered why you're bothered by the Olsen twins. What difference does it make to you what they do or don't do? Is it 'cause you feel it weakens women when young celebrities pander to a male audience too much? As a young woman you want more rounded role models? It's just a picture we have to take this stuff with a pinch of salt.

Miss Anonymous said...

you are HILARIOUS! and true at the same time. What women do to get famous!!! It's so sad and unfortunate that the female body is used as an advertising tool....

ubergirl87 said...

km: It's not just the Olsen twins. I hate that in order for a man to gain fame, he doesn't have to pretend he's gay.. The most extreme thing he'll do is take his shirt off.
However, let's say you were a gorgeous, talentd young woman.
Would you be cast in a Hollywood movie if you refuse to don a bikini, or pose on the cover of Maxim?
They got the "Princess Diaries" girl taking her shirt off in Brokeback Mountain, for God's sake. And what for?
The scene would have been the same had they not shown her half naked.
I hate that a talented woman has to resort to dressing/posing/acting like a strumpet to be successful.
And it's NOT "just A picture."
I'm afraid it's just about EVERY picture right now. (I'm not only talking about the Olsen twins.)

Shy said...

"Angelina Jolie can pull off sexy."
"Halle Berry can pull of sexy."

I like your taste in women Ubergirl :p

Fedo said...

"Lindsay Lohan cannot."
Be more specific, id est:
"Skinny Lindsay Lohan cannot."

And about the twins thing, I thought about it and it makes sense. I mean, you think about it; one pretty girl is good, how about we make it a double! Yay! One is good, two is even better. It makes so much sense. And as a guy, I believe it fitting to leave the female "sex appeal" judging to us males.

On a lighter note, Paris Hilton MOST DEFINITELY CANNOT.

l'etranger said...

Not everyone considers the female body, not the male body disgusting. Not even if it is naked. Nor is everyone offended by homosexuality, if that is what you feel is suggested here. The internet is a big place: look elsewhere if you don't like what you see.