Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm Warning You, This Is Ugly

"Today I'd like to talk about the issue of Saudi Arabian women driving cars."


"All the liberals want women to drive here. But I don't think it would be right. Think of all the car accidents they'll cause! And a woman can't possibly drive her car alone. She'd have to be accompanied by her brother or something. And what man would stand to be driven around by a woman? I mean.. It's not right. And anyway.. A recent survey shows that only 32% of women actually want to drive."

"And who conducted this survey?"

"Oh, I did! Think about it... We'd have to have policewomen. How will that work!?"
She laughs.

I didn't argue because I don't have the time nor energy.
And because I knew it would be fruitless.
Some people are just idiots, and no matter how hard you try to knock some common sense into their heads, you fail.

الله يعظم أجرنا

(Do you know how long it took me to type that in Arabic?)



Shy said...

Ignorance is bliss. Just let them be happy as pigs in s**t

KM said...

I must be niave. I am shocked by your post. Saudi Arabia doesn't have women police officers? Who deals with 'womens issues' domestic violence, rape ect?
It is only understandable some of the women you talk to would internalise the sexism all around them. Do not be too angry with them. You should pity them. It's like Uncle Tom in a way.

George of the Jungle. said...

ubergirl. I have only just discovered your Blog (10 minutes ago), through a link on Global Voices online (http://www.globalvoicesonline.org/-/world/middle-east-north-africa/saudi-arabia/). Your style is awesome, and you choose interesting issues. ubergirl rocks...

As far as Saudi women driving, I really think that it (Riyadh city) would be a safer place if Saudi women were allowed to drive. The men drivers in this city are very selfish ("me, me" attitude), exceedingly rude, ignorant, and un-skilled - 90% of them are, really and truly. As the British ambassador said the other day, when he was talking about how well the Kingdom has dealt with terrorism: "I wouldn't be too afraid of terrorist activity here, you have a 1000% more chance of getting hurt or killed in Riyadh traffic than by any terrorist activity." Never a truer word was said. Never. The drivers in this city are abcolutely ignorant and disgusting.

I say, let women drivers out... maybe they will show those ignorant men how to be decent and polite drivers.

Keep on blogging, ubergirl. From an ex-pat.

Rambling Hal said...

I try to pity them. The anger wins out though. Fury. Rage. You name it. So sick of this Saudi nonsense. SO sick.....

deem said...

I think I found the right formula to save Saudi government the headache..

Since the government have lots of oil money, and they are really caring about there innocent men to be lead astray..

Let them flay all women to Mars, and go f*** the cows.

Women will certainly be better off there!

curious george said...

Well Ubergirl, until 1953 ( yes, such a short time ago) Saudi women were allowed to drive. The heap big bad Saudi males were afraid that their women would go all independent on them took away that right.

Considering that you are a ward of your father, brother, husband and can do little without them, why do any Saudi females need the freedom to drive anyway?

I have to agree with Ubergirl, Saudi females do not need to drive.

pink_ballerina said...

I'm glad that someone actually agrees that the women driving issue isnt right..lol my mom is happy cuz she'll get rid of the driver and hire a woman as a driver :S its stupid !

ren_crow said...

"Oh, I did! Think about it... We'd have to have policewomen. How will that work!?"

Well thats more employment opportunities for women!

Until the men of this country dont become more mature, the idea of women driving will just stay a dream.

lorri666 said...

Hi Ubergirl,
I came across your blog by way of the Angry Arab writing about Eve's blog.
I have to disagree with what you said about women drivers bringing more order to the roads. Here's what I think. You get women back into the driver's seat, and they'll be so overjoyed with the freedom that they will be tearing up the streets like NASCAR drivers. And good for them!