Friday, April 28, 2006

Ilgird Fe 3ain Ommo 3'azal!

I hate proud mothers.
I honestly do.
They think you're after their son(s).
And you're kinda not.
And they let the whole fucking world know when you've spoken a single word to their son that lives in fucking Outer Mongolia. And they make it sound like you want to hook up.
And then your mother hears of this.
And she gets worried you'll get pregnant (or whatever mothers worry about.)
And all you said was "Hello."
Not "Hello!"

Why doesn't anyone tell these mothers that their kids are ugly losers?
Is it going to disturb the chain of being?
I'm gonna find out.



Mochness said...

The Great Chain of Being?
So Dr.S finally got to you, eh?
You poor thing :P

As for that boy's mother, well, mothers have this belief that everyone is DYING to end up with their son/daughter. Not so fun for us who aren't after their kids, now is it? Bleh.

bored said...

i wish my mom was like that ,instead she thinks im the one after every woman single (doesnt matter if shes pretty or not ) ,my moms motto is "el gerd fe 3ain ommo ibn 66 kalbs)

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

well, in my case..mothers are after me! ;)

ruba duba said...

lol in my case fathers are after me ;)

obscured by clouds said...

chain of being, so you study English Literature and to be specific shakespear?

Anonymous said...


zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

ga9di..el2ommahat yb'3ooni atzawwaj their kids ;)

Anonymous said...

arn't you a kid yourself?

Betqa said...

in my case, everyone is after me... or out to get me...
cool blog, by the way

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

anon ((i know who u r yalb3r9i)),
kl zag

Anonymous said...

no you don't,,it's not cool to say what you just said

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

LOOOOL 5eer inshallah!? el7een msaweelna innk a5lag o tnha 3an elfa7sha2 walmonkar walkalam albathee2? agool yalla bs la a9afgk il7een

Anonymous said...


ruba duba said...

are you sure hes who i think he is???