Thursday, April 06, 2006

Let's Just Change The Name To Sexist Arabia.

I remember back in highschool we were in Biology class, and a girl asked who's "fault" it was when a woman gives birth to a girl.
I turned to her and said "Honey, you might have been a "fault", but I am definitely not."

A few years before that I was at a dinner party and one woman was pregnant. Another woman asked whether it was a boy or a girl, and the mother-to-be said it was a girl.
The woman started consoling her. "Don't worry!", she said, "You'll get a boy next time!"

These people infuriate me! And there are millions of them! Millions!

So what do we do? I am tired of arguing.



a former resident of riyadh said...

Keep arguing. If not for your sake, for all the yet-to-be-born little girls out there who deserve to be welcomed and loved and respected as human beings.

You could use a few religious arguments, even if you are not religious, it is still effective for religious types who are prone to such a barbaric attitude.

Like: "if God wanted you/her to have a boy, he would've made it a boy." or "your baby is a gift from God, you should be grateful for her life." ETC

Anonymous said...

fuck, we've got another jean sasson on our hands; quit exaggerating shit.

The Sandmonkey said...

shoot them. Please. They are as good as dead anyway, and they are wasting your oxygen!

Roba said...

Me fervently agrees with Mr Sandmonkey. Burn them. Burn them all. I'll help you.

Jo said...

I think the only solution to this bull crap is to rip through every (new-born) girl's hymen!

ubergirl87 said...

Anon: If you honestly think I'm exaggerating then you're either not Saudi, or a guy.

Anonymous said...

Love those baby girls as much as those baby boys...and teach them to do that too. They're the next generation..they're the ones that's going to change things...sis from the usa

jason said...

Sounds like a I HATE MOMMY therefore ALL WOMEN/LITTLE GIRLS SYNDROME. That whole misogynist way of thinking it's the projected hatred of their own mothers.

It's a girl....UGGHH...YUCK serve this freakin' little girls needs just like I had to serve MOMMY'S needs my ENTIRE chilhood.
HOW AWFUL forget about it.

jo: What's up with the ripping through of every girls hymen? Why would that be a loving thing to do?

sis: Your exactly right. Follow the evolving mothers and their hopeful daughters.

Farooha said...

ok given the rate of the seriously unhealthy homosexual tendencies we've got going on among little boys around here.... ( I swear if it were safe and means were provided for them I wouldn't object as much) I'd very much favor having 1928731827198273198273198273198273198273 girls over having to raise one boy in this sick sick sick sick sick, SICK society.

Ufffff.. may all people who think like that have really pretty boys who the whole neighborhood of older Saudi men (read: GARAWAH, SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED 63OOS) want to fuck so bad. May they have sons who older men lure into their homes with candy and money and who get sodomized so unsafely that their only lubricant was expired Nivea found in their sister's trash can.. Only then will they see how much EASIER (let alone prettier) it is to have a girl.

I'm willing to co-conduct a genocide. Roobs, I'm in.

jason said...

ubergirl: To answer your question it's obvious to me that many people in Saudi Arabia have a very deep problem with females. Since women for the most part do the raising of the children with little help from their spouses. This hateful attitude from male and female adults must come from their early childhood experiences of abuse and neglect at the hands of women caretakers.

So Saudi males see women as inferior sex objects to be played with and dominated just like they felt when they were helpless little boys under the complete control of their needy mothers. Even some Saudi women I assume have similiar attitudes and blindly follow these cultural traits instead of speaking out and demanding change. Since they internalized the message as little girls that they were inferior to boys and were not really wanted. Along with the abuse and neglect they also suffered from their mothers.

Something definitely needs to be done to change these sexist attitudes. It has to start with the raising of the next generation both boys and girls. How about Parenting centers in local neighborhoods who could teach new mothers more loving childrearing techniques. So that kids will grow up with better self esteem and more respect for females with less need to dominate and scapegoat them.

Parenting centers have already been established recently in a number of U.S. cities with very good success. I think it also could work in Saudi Arabia.

Sorry for the long post I got carried away

Nuri said...

What are the advantages if they have a girl/boy?? Socially, economically... that might be the root of the problem. You know, in India a girl is always a burden, economically.

Anonymous said...
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zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

THAT'S SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gzhfd said...


Just had a thought. Have you read Charlotte Gillman Perkin's "The Yellow Wallpaper?" If not - find it and read it post haste. Not only is it beautifully written, but its message is something that women everywhere can understand and relate to.

We are not objects. We are not things. We are strong, intelligent and valuable members of the human race.

PS: The girl-boy thing is not simply a Saudi issue. I am an oldest daughter and I KNOW there was dissapointment in my family when I was born. This was in 1957, not so very long ago. 13 years later, my mother was married to her 2nd husband, and again there was dissapointment when the 1st child of that marriage turned out to be a girl. And it still goes on in some parts of this country.

a former resident of riyadh said...

The comment above is me. I don't know how the code-thingy ended up as my "name"!

Lina said...

Sick Anon, what I hate the most is that it's so easy to be an ass and just go by 'anonymous'! This is the blog of an intelligent respected young woman, so please go find yourself someplace else to release your psychological and physical frustrations!!

ubergirl87 said...

That is actually the second time that perverted little shit commented on my blog.
I'm very sorry you all had to read that.

Shy said...

Ubergirl u should change the settings so anonymous people cant post

A Daydreamer said...

women feel that they need a boy to make thier stupied husbands happy and they think that will give the men a reason to NOT re-marry a 2nd wife!!!! if men want to re-marry, they will even if he has a hundred sons!! some men are just plain ol' DOGS!

my moms friend was just telling me a story the other day of this lady that was preganat and knew she was having a girl, so she hid that fact from her husband because she knew it would piss him off... so 7 months into her pregnancy, she felt it was safe to tell him...thinking that he has to know sooner or later... well the asshole gets soo angry (as if it was HER fault!!) and actually starts punching his wife in the stomach until the baby died!!! and now he is supposadly being taken to court by the wife's family... this happened in an Arabic-Muslim country!!!!


9a6eefi said...

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Fedo said...

I actually prefer to have daughters. I'm still sexist, aren't I?

Fedo said...

Why is everyone so angry? Close-minded Saudi guys = assholes that should die slowly... end of story. Heh.

George of the Jungle said...

Some of the comments here are absolutely shocking in their total disregard and disrespect for little girls and also women. Ubergirl - I suggest you have a login feature with a verifiable email address to keep the insane from posting here.

Anonymous said...

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