Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Random Questions.

You know what's fun?
Asking random questions.

How many times a week do you shower?
How do you feel about carrots?
If you had to pick one color to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Who are you shaping yourself after?
Aren't cows charming?

Ask a stranger a completely random question.
Randomness rocks my socks.



Freak Of Nature said...

I got a couple of questions that will confuse you:
1)Why dont they make mouse-flavored cat food ??

2)When bald ppl shower, do they use shampoo or soap on their head ??

bored said...

shold we answer!

ok here goes(EXTREMELY BORED)

1.4-5 if im at college and every day if im home

2.i have no passionate feeling for them as they do not belong to the race ..also i believe carrots are evil beings sent out to get us !

3.white...cause i can dye it other color i want when i get bored

4.no one , i have no idols in life i dont believe in looking up to some one .

5.cows are evil ,them and chickens ....they might look innocent but trust me THEY WILL RULE THE WORLD ..one day

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

(1)- 5 to 6 times a week
(2)- carrots r evil..so r fruits
(3)-GREEEN ((no i'm not patriotic!))
(4)-i dont know
(5)- aren't goats adorable?

Anonymous said...

2-depends on how they feel about me
4-no one, might explain why i never got anywhere
-they fart a lot, but hey they taste good

taqo said...

1. It depends on the season. (i.e. winter or summer)
2. I like carrot juice.
3. Blue.
4. Umm...Waleed bn 6alal. (Umm el na9b)

Black Orchid said...

1) 4 to 5
2) nothing!
3) Pink or black...heh:)
4) dunno
5) mmmm nope their not!

Aoi_Chokoreto said...

1) everyday,, excluding my hair!
2) still can't see in the dark,, so i feel they r misleading!
4) depends what time of the day, week or year u ask me!
5) charming? hmmm,, maybe with some gravy!

nice blog by the way :)


fonder/plastic_goddess said...

2)What's up doc ?
4)My dad


Fedo said...

1. 10 - 14 times.
2. I've loved 'em since I was a kid; juice, the veggie, steamed, fresh, everything.
3. Blue.
4. Beats me.
5. Yes, they are. I ran into a few on our last geology field trip.

Fedo said...

Freak of Nature--
1. Because, then, the humans they use to taste catfood won't be able to tell if it's good or not, since they've probably never had "mouse" before.

2. The metrosexual ones use shampoo, the rest just don't give a rat's ass. (no pun intended)

Mayyah said...

1. 14 times come sun or rain
2. carrot cake yummylicious
3. probably black, you can accessorize with nearly any colour
4.nobody, I am my own person
5.camels with theire sexy lashes beat cows hands down.

Betqa said...

1. between 7 and 14 (once or twice a day)
2. Still don't quite trust them enough to be left in a room alone with them
3. black
4. nobody
5. cows rock

Anonymous said...

1. 7, give or take a few

2. I don't feel about carrots at all, I eat them alive, insensitive son of a bitch that I am.

3. Light gray.

4. Frankensteins monster, you know, bits and pieces of various people.

5 Perhaps, I tend to find them rather dull.

Cassidy said...

I have a few questins of my own...

- How do blind people know they are done wiping?
- What is the plural word for "mongoose"? Is it "mongeese" or "mongooses"?
- Did Gilligan and the gang EVER make it off the island?
- Why did Pee-Wee Herman's career end from jacking off in a porno theater?
- Don't you think that would make a funny Playhouse episode?
- What's with Mick Jaggers face?!
- What the hell is a woodchuck, and why can't it chuck wood?
- Why does the Silly Rabbit want those nasty Trix so bad?
- Why are violets blue, and not violet?
- Why are Asians such bad drivers? Can they not see, or something?

Anonymous said...

- shower : 10 times a week
- color : white
- shaping: hm?? good question!!!