Saturday, April 01, 2006

Thursday Night At The ShuShu Residence

Today I met the dean.
I hate her.
And it's not a natural "I hate authority figures" hate.
It's her I hate.
The person.

I'm at a point where I wish I could just fast forward through the boring bits of my day. Like three-hour lectures where the professor cannot. Stop. Grinning.
It's disturbing.
I can't handle it anymore.

Or the ones that assign 348957348957 books for you to read in the space of two weeks. Those ones are my favorite!

Enough about school.

Last Thursday I felt like shit, so naturally I went over to a girlfriend's house. ShuShu.
This girl is so much fun, it should be illegal.

Their neighbors have like a million kids.
You know those families where the kids were all born nine months apart?
That kind of family.
Their children are so out of control. It is past alarming. It is hillarious.
Their idea of fun is racing out into the street watching passing cars swerve and almost go through a wall trying to avoid hitting them.
They also enjoy stealing their father's car keys and driving around the block.
The eldest is 12.
What really gets me, though, is their now famous human wall.
They stand outside their house and hold hands, forming a wall.
They demand that the driver of a car that want to pass hand over the keys to his car so they can take it for a spin.

Don't you just love these people!?


Oh, and I highly recommend Hotel Rwanda.


jason said...

Lovely kids I hope mine turn out just like that then there'd never be a dull moment. Hotel Rwanda yes I've seen it I recommend it too good movie. Why the shitty feeling on Thursday what was wrong?

Rimyoleta said...

ur kidding!!
where are their Family!!
what the hell!!

Anonymous said...

how do they move around? in a bus? IH

Anonymous said...

Ubergirl, if you liked the movie, I can recommend the documentary Shake Hands with the Devil to you as well (in case you have a chance to see it somewhere, somehow). It's about the Canadian general Dallaire who led the UN peacekeepers in Rwanda during the genocide. Actually, it would perhaps be best seen before the movie (I saw the movie first, the documentary only after that).

Dallaire has also a memoir out with the title above - unfortunately I haven't read it so far.

Hani said...

Can I get the street name where your friend lives?! I want to make sure not passing that street... I dont wanna lose my car!