Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Lately my diet has consisted of nothing but Cocoa Puffs.
Nothing but Cocoa Puffs.
Is that really as bad as my mother thinks it is?
There should definitely be more meals that come out of a cardboard box and only need the addition of milk.

Also, I noticed that there are billboards all over the city with (half) of David Beckham's face on them.
Last month there was a guy playing air guitar on one of those big screens they put at traffic lights. (Illi gidam 9a7ara.)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but ten years ago this stuff wouldn't have been allowed on the billboards, 9a7?



jason said...

I agree. Families also have the same I don't think so. Share some cocoa puffs with momma she might like'em too.

fonder/plastic_goddess said...

You shouldn't eat JUST coacoapuffs, thats bad you should eat fruit & veggies so you don't die :P
-Z wife

Rimyoleta said...

yeah you should look for healthy food..cuz when you loose wight Fast u'll loose ur HAIR believe me i've seen that.. SO do the healthy Food Stuff..

Anonymous said...

u're just too much..
by the way don't be happy, that wasn't a compliment..

ahmed said...

in these billboards (called Megacoms) half of Beckham's face is actually blurred..actually the hay2a people here have instructed that human faces should be covered/blurred.

btw they got Ronaldinho picture as well.

ubergirl87 said...

Rima and Fonder: Don't worry, I switched to Froot Loops.

Anon: I'd rather be too much than anonymous :)