Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shari3 5amsa And Star Academy

Okay, I officially hate the Shari3 5amsa crowd.
They're such airheads! It's not funny anymore!
I refuse to sit with them. I refuse to go to that wretched place. All anyone does there anyway is talk about other people. All. The. Fucking. Time.

I don't know about them, but I have a life. And I'd much rather be living it than talking about how other people live theirs.
It is sick how people enjoy talking about others behind their back.
I wish I could say no one cares about anyone else's life, but I can't. Because they do care. A great deal. And it's disturbing.
It's kind of why Star Academy is popular here, especially with girls.
When you're addicted to gossip, and when you live in a society such as ours that values it, Star Academy being a huge hit is not a surprise to me.
Plus if you can't live your life as freely as you want you might as well watch other people do it. I guess that idiotic show is the most convenient way to do that; you just turn on the TV from the comfort of your home, and voila! Instant gossip. And the "hot" guys who dance like strippers can't hurt.



Black Orchid said...

yeah mn jid it's so annoying when ppl talk about 'Star Academy'...masakeen thats all their interested in!!!
But thank god it's over lil2saf another crapy reality tv came!!!

Pazuzu said...

what you get to watch the new reality TV program (about modeling and stuff?) I thought it's just for local TV.

Freak Of Nature said...

ALL my friends used to watch star academy,it was the ONLY thing they talk about.
and while they are talking I just yeah yeah I just love his/her sound B)

But the "another crapy reality tv" I have no idea what it is.

MuRaSaKi said...

Shari3 5amsa???
pls explain...

ubergirl87 said...

Allow me to quote myself: " Shari' Khamsa (translation: Street Five) is where the 'cool' girls at KSU hang out when they don't have classes."
Anything else? :)

MuRaSaKi said...

Many thanks for your explanation. It is very much appreciated!

But why is it called Shari3 5amsa?
And by KSU, are you referring to 3leesha?


jason said...

I LOVE!!! hanging out with the Street Five girls they're like soooo cool and smart and funny. lol And Star Academy is to die for it's such a brilliant show. lol

Mike said...

Sounds like girls I knew in high school. Most of ours were on the drill team. Which is hard to explain if you've never seen an American high school football game. It involves "dancing" on the field during the halftime show. Anyway, if you wanted a story to get around the school in a nanosecond, they were the girls to tell. We didn't have "American Idol" then, but I'm sure they would have been addicted to it. Although they probably would have been more into "America's Next Top Model," which is way bitchier.

Aoi_Chokoreto said...

loool,, maybe the only thing I’m missing out on by not studying in Saudi would be this share3 5 stuff!!

Never been,, but I hear that it is KSU's Champeleyeses (however its spelt)lol..

i shamefully admit that I do watch star academy,, maybe not religiously but I dooo.. I doo .. I dooooo.. lol HOWEVER, I am NOT obsessed with gossip.. Too much going on in my life to care about everyone else's..


Anonymous said...

i've heard of shari3 5amsa o0o it sounds freaky lol i hate how all ppl do is obsess about other people i mean HELLO u have a life y r u so interested in theirs

thnx for the post hehe
x0x0x0x BnT 3bDuLLaH