Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ten Things I Like About Riyadh

Here it is.

I never thought I'd see the day.

1.Saks Fifth Avenue.
2.The public bathrooms are usually clean.
3.My house.
4.My family and friends.
5.People give you money every Eid. Both times.
6.You can get a tan in December.
7.I get payed to go to school.
8.The weather's dry so it doesn't make your hair go all frizzy.
9.There's not a lot of tall people.
10.Uuumm.... Kabsa?



Mochness said...

Have I dropped dead and gone to, erm, somewhere?

*pinches self* Hmm, seems not, but I still can't believe you've actually made this list!

*pats back* good work, there ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to ask.....

I love the fact you like punk music. I promoted punk bands in the US for 8 years (a few are now big time, most are gone) and for us, there were always multiple venues where we could book/see shows. It was the "scene" I grew up in, and I can't imagine not having a place I could go to and see some touring band play.

Does Riyadh/Saudi Arabia have any locations where you can watch live music (not some big arena, but a small club that fits 500 or so people)? Would such a place even be allowed to exist (no alcohol, of course)?

If you ever want the goods on obscure/up and coming bands, drop me a line and I'll be happy to pass a few along. Thanks for the blog!

- SamHell (samhell at gmail dot com).

Anonymous said...

samhell you're kidding right? club? saudi?

Rimyoleta said...

I wanna see Riyadh!!...
What you just Wrote is not Special!!
you can have it all everywhere!!:P
Hehe Jeddah ROCKS

ubergirl87 said...

Mocha: Nope. This is real. I had to work real hard to come up with all ten :P

SamHell: No. There is no live music in Riyadh. And such plces would never be allowed to exist, sadly. Btw, which now mainstream bands did you used to promote?
And PLEASE, gimmie the goods!!
Thank you :)

Rima: Agoool bass ya zeen ilRya6' :P

BaSSeM said...

Kabsa?! :P that's... intresting!

you should come and live in Jeddah you'd never leave ;)

Roba said...

Let me add,

1. The good primary services (ex. drivers, Philipino expertise, etc etc).
2. Good shopping.
3. Steak House.

ubergirl87 said...

I actually don't like kabsa. I just couldn't think of a number 10.

Anonymous said...


What is Kabsa?

Ubergirl: Y u neva returned my mail?

Shy said...

Ubergirl u sold out! U actually listened to me! :p Nah im just playing. Getting paid to go to school is pretty cool

ABDULLA said...

lol not bad!
keep that smile :) (I'm imagining u were smiling while writing the post :p )

curious george said...

I'm curious, what is the usual age girls are sold into marriage? And is it the man's family that pays a dowry or is it the woman's? Do you have a big wedding or are they quiet affairs?

'Getting paid to go to school rocks!'

ubergirl87 said...

Curious George: Girls are NOT sold into marriage.

Talal said...

Uber though we have many issues there are two good points you forgot:

1- No taxes
2- Cheap Gas (petroluem)

Shy said...

Hey whats wrong with tall people?

curious george said...

You aren't sold into marriage? I had heard that all marriages were arranged and dowry was paid. Isn't that the same thing as being 'sold'?

taqo said...

Riyadh OWNS Jeddah. Sorry.

And yea, getting paid to go to school is pretty cool.

Nuri said...

Get paid to go to school??? How does this work??

Freak Of Nature said...

1.You get paid to go to school??


Anonymous said...

Curious George, why the hell are you trying to act like a smart ass? You think dowry is some sort of sale, it's a part of our religon, now I don't see you agreeing with that but then again I don't care.

No offence but you come off as those annoying white kids that didn't recieve the time of day in their college days, and get off over online arguements. Not an insult,but merely an observation.

ubergirl87 said...

Yes, everyone gets paid to go to college.
I don't like tall people because I look short in comparison.

Curious George: Again; NO girls are not sold into marriage. Nor is marriage arranged.

curious george said...

Sounds to me like you wish you were one of those "White kids" Anon. But alas I am a lovely shade of light brown. Let's look up the definition of what a dowry is:

(mohar; i.e., price paid for a wife, ), a
nuptial present; some gift, as a sum of money, which the bridegroom offers to
the father of his bride as a satisfaction before he can receive her.

Sounds an awful lot like Muslim women are sold doesn't it?

curious george said...

Ubergirl, If your marriage isn't arranged and you aren't allowed to date; how on earth do you ever find husband?

Shy said...

Curious George, the mahr is a gift for the woman not the father

In the Quraan it says: And give to the women (whom you marry) their mahr (obligatory bridal-money given by the husband to the wife at the time of marraige) with a good heart.... (4:4)

ubergirl87 said...

Curious George: That definition is wrong. I don't care where you got it, it's WRONG.
Muslim women are NOT sold. You need to live amongst them before you can make any judgements, pal.
I'm gonna explain to you how a typical Saudi marriage comes to be:
The couple either meet or are introduced by their parents.
If they like each other they get engaged.
Our engagements are alot like how Westerners date.
The couple get to know each other and go out, and if they fall in love they get married eventually.
according to Islam a wedding cannot go on unless the bride is 100% willing.
Dowry is just money that goes TO THE BRIDE. As a present, I guess. But the majority of brides don't accept dowries anymore.

Saudi Future said...

Besides most dowries are used so that the bride can use it to help herself during marriage, buying dresses, make up, etc.

curious george said...

aren't most arranged marriages to a cousin? Saudi future: isn't it the duty of the man to provide the dresses, makeup and such for his wife? does not the quran say men are the maintainers of women?

ubergirl87 said...


curious george said...

but you do marry your cousins ubergirl. and if your father says you will marry someone, you will marry someone. end of story

curious george said...

but you do marry your cousins ubergirl. and if your father says you will marry someone, you will marry someone. end of story

Shy said...

Dont generalize George

Nuri said...

If it's so clear to you, why the hell do you even ask, Annoying Deaf George?

curious george said...

Shy: I'm not generalizing, I'm stating fact. The fact that a Muslimah can be ordered to marry says she is indeed 'sold' as a camel or goat would be sold.

Truly I am sorry if truth offends anyone.

ubergirl87 said...

Curious George: Where the hell are you getting all this crap?
First of all, I personally will marry whoever the fuck I want. My parents don't have a say.
Secondly: I said this before, but apparently you need to hear it again:
And what if cousins marry here? You might find it strange, but we don't. Cousins are not forced into marriage, they marry just like any other couple do.
What you think is "the truth" doesn't offend anyone because it's complete BULL SHIT. Do a little research before you go accusing a religion of selling women like goats.
You are what happens when people start taking Hollywood seriously. Are you disappointed that we're not barbarians who kill each other for fun and live in tents with no air conditioning?

me said...

Uber --- I agree George is being a jerk. But, didn't you just post recently about a girl from school who was in effect being forced to marry a man her father picked, so the marriage of her sister could go forward? Isn't that kind of an arranged marriage? Sure, she COULD have refused, but you said there was no way she could not do what her father said.

ubergirl87 said...

She could have said no.
She CHOSE not to.
If she were to refuse, nothing would have happened. Her father would not have forced her.
Her family don't even know she's upset!
That was one girl's stupid decision, NOT slavery.

Some Dude said...

Umm curious brat, how about all the girls being forced to get married all around THE WORLD ? What about the girls being raped by their own father, brother, uncle or whomever ? We might have a couple of girls who were forced into marrige here but if u have enough time to do calculations, Saudi Arabia has the LEAST rate of forced marrage, rape counts, bastard childs, and sexual diseases, so in the end no matter what you say, were better than the others (thank god a million for that blessing) and we dont care about what u say .. And please, if one or two Muslims did something wrong, dont go blaming the whole relegion .. If they fucked up, thats because THEYre fucked, not the relegion ..

Anonymous said...

The media is the worst. I never know what to believe about anything anymore.

Anonymous said...

Saudi girls are just spoiled bitches who will marry anyone with the cash. I live in riyadh now, and the women here make me sick to my stomach. They would hump a monkey if it gave them money. Money is everything, and they do not date. Unless they are major sluts. They usually meet at their weddings. They can't drive, or even leave the country without a male's permission.

Anonymous said...

i know a girl she was in love with some one I also know . She was forced by her father to marry the person she was not in love. She now have a baby boy and is working in a famous TV chanel's morning show .

So it is 100 % ture that here girls are sold and they cany marry as they wish.