Monday, March 06, 2006


I'm sitting at my computer.
Mocha is making me write this post.
I have nothing to say.
If you don't like it then send your hate mail to her.
I'm listening to my little brother tell my parents about a big fight some high schoolers had at his school.
It all sounds very dramatic and bloody.
My parents are concerned. I can feel it. It's hillarious.

My head is torturing me.
You're a spoilt brat.
You don't deserve half the things you have!
You don't deserve your friends.

I am a spoilt brat.
Get over it, head.

I feel better now.

I haven't cleaned my room in over sixty-five years. (Not really.)
I don't intend to.
And no, Mocha, You're not allowed to come over and do it for me. Go be freakishly organized at someone else's house.



free lessons said...

mocha ,
i know who is the man of this blog.

Mochness said...
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Mochness said...

Free Lessons, I don't care about what you think, but I wear the pants in this relationship! Wait...that sounded so gay :P

Uber, one day you're gonna walk into your room and find it sparkling clean. Remember me when you do so...and when you smell my signature Stella scent in your room :P

jason said...

Don't be so hard on yourself you deserve all those things.

taqo said...

How old is your little brother?
Try cleaning your room..just once. And after you are done, lay back on your bed...Shu3oor la yu9af.

IH said...

I liked the title a lot...Randomness.

coprolite said...

You never miss it until it's gone, so peole say. Seems like as soon as something becomes familiar, it stops being special. I hate that.

Lilly said...

i like it

Rimyoleta said...

what's going on!!!