Friday, March 24, 2006

If You Don't Like My Blog Don't Read It. Have A Nice Day.

I am sick and tired of the comments I get.
I feel like I'm constantly having to defend myself and everything I say.
This blog is not fun anymore.
I'm sick of the Emails I'm getting from people who have never been here and are not even Arabic telling me how much Saudi Arabia and it's people suck.
I'm sick of arguing to no avail.
So please, if you don't have anything productive to say, if you have no clue about Saudi Arabia keep your nasty comments to yourself.
Being mean is no art. Anyone can say nasty things about anything, so don't think you're some super hero for calling people names.

And honestly, don't you people have better things to do than read (and comment on) blogs you hate?
Quit wasting my (and your) time.



Anonymous said...

Calm down, kids. It's your teacher speaking here. In this blog, just like in every other blog in the blogosphere, we have good and bad, informed and ignorant, peaceful and hateful comments. AND WE HAVE THEM ON BOTH SIDES, we have here Saudis (or people claiming to be Saudis, how could we know or even need to know?) ready and willing to ask people they don't know to go to Hell, and we have non-Saudis (or people claiming to be non-Saudis) telling Saudis how Saudi is like without any personal experiences there. THAT'S THE BAD THING HERE, labeling, hate-mongering, personal insults and inability to LISTEN and READ what the others try to say.

We shouldn't take all these so f*****g personally. If somebody writes a critical point it doesn't mean he hates Ubergirl or her blog. Yeah some people surely do but VERY FEW I think. This blog seems to be very critical of many things and that's why it's sometimes a good read, and that's why I think it suxxx big time if all discussions here degenerate to asking people to go to Hell, get lost, telling they suck, shouldn't read at all, that they're American hypocrites... JUST BECAUSE THEY DON'T AGREE WITH ALL POINTS. (Yeah, like other nicks have written here before! I feel kind of just repeating what has been said before!)

Yeah and in the atmosphere here I think even I'm now asked to go to Hell, not read this blog anymore and generally get lost because of this mail WHICH IS F*****G IMPARTIAL AND PEACEFUL.

The Teacher

Fouad said...

I say take out your email and let them comment on here if they have something to say. It will be your choice to argue or not to. right?

fonder/plastic_goddess said...


No one hates your blog,everybody loves it :) I know I do.

B.T.W:saudi arabia doesnt SUCK,the people do.

a former resident of riyadh said...

"I hate our society.
The women are demented, the men are disgusting, and the children are God damned divas!" Read more here.

Lord, I would never make such a derogatory statement about an entire group of people, not my own nor another.

However I do understand that this was likely written in time of great emotion. And that there are very good reasons for these feelings. Being bullied by perverted, twisted old men is no fun and no person anywhere should have to tolerate it. Also, anger is a natural & healthy response to a sense that one is being violated (and what is described in that post is nothing short of abuse). However, what seperates a child from an adult or a thinking autonomous from one who reacts from the most knee-jerk primitive aspect of their being is the capacity to stand back and take responsibility for your own actions, even when you have been somehow wronged. Said differently, two wrongs do not make a right.

I am not attacking you ubergirl, you are young and human and we all have a right to be young and imperfect. And I really admire your spunk, your desire to embrace life and to live it fully, and your ability to think outside the box. I also think you are very intelligent and have the capacity to learn from not only the mistakes of others, but from your own.

It is clear to me that you have something to say. It is also clear that you are very angry about many things, just as I was when I was your age. (I just gotta say this, but if I did not know you were from KSA, I would assume you were a typical American teenager trying to find her own place in a world where she doesn't feel well understood). When I was quite prone to shooting my mouth off (in fact, I had quite the reputation!) -- and in so doing, I ususally shot myself in the foot. In fact, I still do at times ;-). But, I have learned (slowly) to stand back from situations and figure out how to respond to provaction creatively, rather than the way I want to in the moment.

I guess this is a rather long-winded way of saying that I hope that you continue to write on this blog. You should not censor yourself, as that would defeat the entire purpose. But! It is a blog, and not a private journal in which you explore your thoughts for yourself. And part of what makes blogs interesting to readers, like myself, is the fact that they are designed to be conversations. In a free society (which the internet is--at least for now), all voices are equal. If a person wishes to speak their mind, then it is reasonable to expect that they be willing to listen to the thoughts of others, regardless of how unpleasant or even stupid *g* those thoughts may be.

I don't think anyone hates this blog. I do think that people are fascinated by it and are interested in you and your life.

When I was in Saudi Arabia(before 9/11 and the internet), it was a completely closed society. You had to actually go there to know anything about it, and even then there was so little opportunity to really speak to people in an open manner that it was hard to understand it. But for a number of reasons, it has been blown open and the world is paying close attention to it. As a young person, you will have to deal with this reality in a way that your parents could never have imagined. Americans are accustomed to this kind of scrutiny, but that is only because we have been living with it for so long. The good thing about it is that many of us are able and willing to criticize ourselves, while maintaining our self-respect as individuals.

So please, keep writing about your life. In the end, it doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks. What matters is that you are learning to express yourself, and in so doing you will be in a position to make a valuable contribution, not only to your own society but to the world as a whole.

Ok. This is it for long-winded rants from me. Back over to ubergirl!

jason said...

ubergirl: I like your blog and want you to keep speaking your mind. Don't let the negative comments bring you down or get you angry. The people who leave nasty comments are just looking to piss you off regardless of what you have to say.

It has nothing to do with you or Saudi Arabia personally since they don't know anything about either.
And if they did want to know they'd simply ask nicely instead of leaving mean comments/emails.

ubergirl87 said...

Thank you all for your comments.
I am definitely not going to quit blogging, I have never even considered it.
I don't mind debates. I don't mind constructive criticism.
But when my words are constantly twisted to fit whatever twisted point someone's trying to use against me (for example; when did I ever refer to ANYONE as an American hypocrite?!), when words are put in my mouth, when I personally am insulted, that is where I draw the line.
I am open to hear anyone and everyone's point of view, but let's all be frank; many people argue for the sake of arguing, and many more people are just trying to offend.
I could care less what people think about me OR my blog. I am just tired of fighting with ignorant people.

Half Blood said...

Hello Ubergirl... we all must accept we make errors and misjudgements. I do, and I repent many many things I've done or said or written in my life. But u make mistakes as well, like, if u read the whole thread in ur earlier post, u see than u've tried to ban mocking Saudi (and somebody above links to ur earlier post where u're not mocking Saudi individuals but the whole society). Above u also ask when u referred to someone as an American hypocrite. Here below quote u from a couple of days ago. I find it in ur blog:

. . . quote . . .

Firstly: I am NOT critisizing Saudi Arabia. I am expressing my veiws on IDIVIDUALS (who are not all Saudis, for you information) Who think their relegious beliefs overrule everyone else's. And do you see how you hated when a non-American *supposedly* said something you don't like about your country?
Think about it.

I think by now you have come to the conclusion that YOU are infact the hypocrite.
People from all over the world are allowed to say whatever about Saudi Arabia, but talking about America is wrong, huh?

. . . end of quote . . .

I don't, and perhaps nobody here does, know who u're addressing or think u're addressing to. But the fact stays that u're talking to someone who u think is American, and he doesn't allow critique of America and because of that he's hypocrite. That's where you to refer to somebody as American hypocrite. Or then I just really really misinterpret u. And if so, I'm interested in hearing what u mean in this quote!!!

I don't say what u write is right or wrong. I don't say u don't have have a right to write it (u do of course and nobody here wants to take it away!!!!!!). But u shouldn't deny u wrote that. That's the point.

Now u perhaps write here that u couldn't care less. Nobody asks u to care. Nobody asks u to change ur points. And most certainly nobody wants u to stop blogging.

So, keep it going and I'll keep on reading. And not me only!!!

- Half Blood.

ubergirl87 said...

I appologized for assuming the person in question (desert shield) was American. I SAID I WAS SORRY. ENOUGH ALREADY.
And theb in the hypocrite comment I was referring to how many people admit they have never been here but still judge what they know nothing about. When those same people who criticize Saudi Arabia witness their countires being critisized, they blow up.
So they ARE hypocrites.

And when I talk about MY society, when I criticize them, that is up to me. I live amongst them, I always have. I have a right to judge, whether I make wrong judgements doesn't matter. And when I write I am usually angry and I am always passionate.
If I say the people of Outer Mongolia are horrible, when I've never met any of them and have never been there, that would be a whole 'nother story.

You know I watch TV too. I see the problems other countries face. But I don't go around saying bad things about them thinking I MUST be better because I don't face the smae problems.

Half Blood said...

Case closed, says Half Blood. Now, Ubergirl87, you should stop writing replies to comments like mine and concentrate on gathering material for new, fresh comments. That's what we're all waiting for!

But I also think the flame war that's been going on here for a couple of days is an important lesson. I don't know from how many countries you have readers and how many nationalities and how many people who read your blog you know personally. The worse we know each other, and our backgrounds, and ways we express ourselves (talk about all cultural differences and traits of personalities), the easier it is for us to misinterpret what somebody tries to say (and where he's from). And when a reply is just a keyboard and a click away, we are also prone to blog and to reply to blogs faster than we can think.

No, have a nice evening :-).

- Half Blood.

Baroque said...

ubergirl are u sure this is a blog or a discussion board?
shfeehom hal commentators? they're all taking everything so seriously, agoolich shay, just screw them!
write what u want, and just a peice of advice, disable anonymous comments min il settings, wala aryaa7 and its better..

Anonymous said...

I love your blog too..ignore the losers that don't .... sis from the usa

MuRaSaKi said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Ubergirl, may I have a question, please? Now that I've been reading about all the comments you receive which you think are nasty and ignorant, do you think blogging has pros as well? I mean you sure like the chance to express your ideas and emotions to a world-wide audience, yes? But other than that? Have you met interesting (and not so interesting) people? Learned new things? Widened your horizons? Found a window to a world outside your everyday world like especially your readers outside Saudi see your blog is a window for them to a world outside their everyday experience? I'd very much like to hear about these things in your blog! You have been blogging for some months now, so you surely have now enough of experience to have something to say to my curious questions!

Your anon reader

Anonymous said...

Honey keep the blogg going. it's truely interesting and nuff respect for doing what u do. speak your mind, be yourself and don't mind the haters.

Mike said...

General rule of thumb -- if a comment is so long that you have to scroll more than once to read it, ignore it. It's probably someone going on a long criticism on some minor comment of yours. There are several examples in this thread.

Ignore the haters. Keep rocking.

Raed said...

Thumb rule :

Arabs love hating KSA.. it gives them a reason to nag at! how do I know well my paternal side is from there , and I beg people to stop sometimes going : la wallah tra they eat, breathe and fart just like us .. ops sorry I meant drink.

but I gave up just like you did.

Politicallly Obsessed Twenty something said...

Hey, I commented on 4 entries ago I believe.

Anyways, the reason so many Americans read yours and many other blogs from MiddleEasterners is because it is first hand examples of how other people are.

For instance, reading scared me, but you've given me hope for the future of mankind....ok, you haven't, but you're a good person. keep on blogging.

Also, if Bush ever invades Saudi, remember, the people do not overwhelmingly support his monkeyass

Anonymous said...

look, if you havn't noticed there is a war going on between the west and islam.
some of the fightings gonna spill on to the net aswell
deal with it

Anonymous said...

there's no war going on between the west and islam!!! some western countries (and many non-western countries) are in iraq, that's true, some (many) iraqis fight each other, and some non-moslems and moslems disagree with each other, but i don't think these have anything to do with the discussions on this blog. don't exaggerate. every blog where the writer expresses ideas which are controversial to somebody is bound to receive controversial feedback as well. that's the point in blogging!!

moumen said...

sounds good..
but why should you defend anything?
those who wanna see..will see..
those who have a blindfold of opinions and rumors upon their eyes will stay blind no matter what you say..


Mike said...

I found this site through "Healing Iraq," and I suspect a lot of the other westerners did too. The thing is, the comments on some of the prominent Iraqi blogs are like freewheeling political debates/arguments/wars (which usually have nothing to with the posts they're attached to). So Ubergirl has unfortunately caught some of that.

The only criticism I have is that the next time she takes a photo of something in the distance she needs to be closer to the cute girls in the foreground. ;-)

Matt said...

I know it's easy to say, but just ignore the criticism.

As the saying goes, "If you're not pissing anybody off you're not doing a good job"...