Saturday, March 11, 2006

Teen Pregnancy, And "We Don't Wanna Grow Up!"

So today I was sitting in class waiting for a lecture to start, when some chick walks up to my friend (who was sitting next to me).
They apparently know eachother from somewhere.
My friend asked why she hasn't been coming to school lately.
"I just found out I'm pregnant. I'm supposed to not come to school at all for the next two weeks, but screw it. I'm not wasting anymore years, I want an education."


Why do people let things like this happen to them?!
Why is this girl even married!? She doesn't look old enough to be!
And why the fuck didn't she use protection!?

On a lighter note, my highschool friends and I have decided to pull a little prank.
On Tuesday, we're all going back to highschool garbed in our old uniforms, hauling book bags. We're gonna sit in what used to be our usual desks, and we shall flatly refuse to move.
We'll say "We don't like college and we're movin' back in. YEAH!"
Rock on!

What are they gonna do? Fail us in something? Call our parents!? Ha!
It's fool proof!
I shall let you know how it goes.



Mochness said...

Nutty kids *shakes head in mock shame while secretly gives thumbs up*

jason said...

Sounds like she wanted to get pregnant. Maybe she got married because of love or to not feel lonely. At least she can have sex whenever she wants. hehe
Are you jealous?

Black Orchid said...

LOL...i bet that prank of yours is gonna be hilarious;))

Talal said...

I went to school to my old school 7 years after graduation to attend my brother's graduation party and to see my old teachers, I was shocked that a few of them didn't rememeber me and I was a real trouble makerk, pissed me off.

about your pregnenet friend, I was suprised that alot of women love being married and staying at home and bringing up children and prefer it to work. I guess in the end every person has their own ambioutions and goals in life, you shouldn't be to hard on judging other people their perspectives might be different then yours.

Anonymous said...

hey all girls eventually want to get married and have kids, so why not start early? as long as they're married and (fairly) responsible go ahead you kids!

its like highschool basketball stars skipping college to go into the nba.. its what they want, its what they hope to finally reach, so when you get the chance go for it! college is so overrated :-P

y'know i might as well use the same argument to get my woman outta college and in with me :-D

N.A. said...

A 13 year old kid got pregnant from her BF. They forcefully were wed. After her delivery it turned out he's not the biological father. How wacky is that?! The hospital was keeping this melodrama behind closed doors. Hmmm we seriously need some sex ed and plentiful of those so called birth control pills.

Your prank is very original. I hope you won't get spanked ;P

taqo said...

oooh, I wanna try that after we graduate. Cant wait for the update on that!
They'll probably be talking about that one for years. It should be on "high school stories".

Mystique said...
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Mystique said...

I have this plan long ago, I'll be distributing birth control pills to girls for free in Jeddah.. That is a project that needs to be funded