Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The "Prank"

I was so exited when we parked next to the school.
I ran out of the car and right into the building.
I wasn't excited about the prank as much as I was happy to be back home!

My friends and I went into the building.
We walked into a class.
My old math teacher was giving a lesson to some bored looking girls.
"Hi! Guess what? WE'RE BACK!"
She smiled and said: "Oh, we've missed you girls! You really were a fun bunch, weren't you? Come right in! Take a seat, I'd love it if you joined us!"
She's not annoyed.
We didn't ofcourse take that math class. (We don't miss high school that much, people.)

So we decided to cause some mayhem in the hallways. (Always fun!)
We were then joined by some juniors and freshmen who missed having 'the cool older seniors around!' (Don't you just love kiddies who look up to you!?)

We did make some noise and as I watched the vice principal walking briskly down the hallway to see what was going on, I felt a familiar rush.
My. God.
I cannot believe that woman still scares me.
"What on earth- Well well! If it isn't the class of 2005! How are you girls doing! We sure have missed you!"
She likes us now?
"And what are you girls doing out here? Shouldn't you be in class?" She asked the younger girls.
"Oh, come on! It isn't everyday we get a visit from the class of '05! Please let us stay here and hang out with them!"
"Oh.. Alright." She said with a smile.
"Just don't get yourselves into any trouble."
And she walked off.
And we hung out at school.
And no one made us leave.
And they were all 'so happy to see us!'
They miss the noise.
They miss the trouble. (We were kind of.. Umm.. Naughty, is how I'll put it.)
I got a pleasant little highschool experience.

I hate highschool.



Lilly said...

hehe i know what you mean , who dont hate highschool!!!!!

Diabz said...

aww too bad the prank didnt work out. i wonder if i went back to my old school if theyd welcome me with open arms aswell? i doubt, atq and the others sure caused them alotta hell.

Roba said...

We moved out of Saudi Arabia never to live there again the month I graduated from highschool. It's sort of weird...
I've asked you this before, what school did you go to?

ahmed said...

and you have graduated last year!!..what would u do if you graduated 11 years ago?! like i did!!

Mike said...

Heh heh. It sounds like you guys were the life of the school. It's probably a boring place now without you.

Hmm, I wonder -- could anyone have leaked news of your prank to the school so they knew you were coming?

taqo said...

I dont wanna graduate this year. Im scared! You guys sound like you were the 3araabja.

Mochness said...

Too bad the prank didn't work :S

Rimyoleta said...

I miss highschool :(...
and lool @ ahmed:P

Hani said...

Despite the fact that I hated highschool more than milk, I am missing it big time, and so I miss the university… I guess it is about the days, not the places!