Sunday, March 12, 2006

More Things That Get My Blood Boiling.

I am pissed. Again.

First of all:
Those bimbos in head to toe green annoy me. They not only insist on wearing mathching 'patriotic' outfits all the fucking time, no. They want me to join them!
That is so gonna happen!

Patriotism is not in wearing a fucking wristband that says "Saudi Arabia is cool!".
Patriotism is working hard to make your country a better place.
Not by abusing janitors and littering and violence and chaos, girls! (And guys.)

This is something I truly despise.
I love God, and I love his Prophet (pbuh), but I don't think putting them on a goddamn bumper sticker proves anything. Especially not my loyalty.
And that also rings true for this 'patriotism' fad.

No, I will not wear a portrait of the king on a t-shirt.
And no, I will not sing the national anthem in the hallways and disrupt lectures.
Honestly, people!

I am sick and tired of elitist foreigners making fun of Saudi Arabia.
No, women can't drive.
Yes, we have religious police who boss everyone around.
Yes, the sexes are segregated.
Yes, sexism is normal here.
No, women are not locked in tents untill they're "married off."
No, it does NOT "totally suck!" over here!
And NO, you/your country are/is NOT BETTER THAT ME/MY COUNTRY.
We all know everywhere on earth has it's problems, an I can guarantee you; I think all your problems are much worse than mine, so get over yourselves.



Mochness said...

I hate the fact that it's all "in" right now, that's what ruins the whole thing. Wait till it's "out" and when wearing/saying anything patriotic becomes so yesterday; that's when the kids trying to make you wear these things would suddenly turn to something that's "in", and the cycle goes on and on and...etc.

You forgot to mention our lovely nation's addiction to anything loud, noisy, or has some poor quality of music (aka: 6agg). Such sounds attract Saudis like bees are attracted to flowers :S

Elitist westerner said...


I don't know you but I like you
Hey, you made me laugh with this post

Shy said...

Everything ok ubergirl? hehe

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog. You are one whacky chick, and you definitely rock. Your "Greatest Band Ever" tag just prompted me to fire up "Ish".

Rock on!

jason said...

I disagree with you on one thing. America is a greater country than Saudi Arabia. It's the greatest country in human history. Culture science, industry, technology, freedom, human achievement you name it America is at the top.
Not to mention Green Day.
Don't let Saudi Arabia get you down people just want to fit in and be accepted so they follow the crowd. Hope you get into a lighter mood.

Lilly said...

nice post ubergirl

taqo said...

I actually bought one of those "proud 2 b saudi" braclets. Mdry wsh abi, b9ara7a.*hides face*

Bissa said...

since those green-ish non-sense started to spread, i vowed myself; i will never-EVER-plan to buy those idiotic green gadgets !
& yes, till now i still don't own a single greeniheartsaudi gadget. and plan to keep on holding to that vow to the grave.
If i REALLY love my country, i would make it a better place to live.Those things are just a waste of money! loving ur country & being proud to be a part of it is not a goddamn trend !

a lighter mood, jason?
what the hell are you talking about? she's just expressing her opinion & defending herself, it's not a matter of 'mood'

Freak Of Nature said...

Girl,you really need ANGER MANEGMENT!!
Great one though.

Taqwa: proud 2 b saudi???Really???
when guys B-have & girls stop wearing slutty can say that

Anonymous said...

hah " I think all your problems are much worse than mine, " are you effing serious? i cant think of any worse than Saudi Arabia!


Maybe North Korea?
nope, Sucky Arabia is definitly worse

ubergirl87 said...

What about the crime rates in the united states alone? (Not to mention the rest of the world)
Our crime rates are much lower.

Human traficing? (We don't have that here)

Extreme poverty?

Homeless people?

People suing each other over spilt coffee and wasted time reading A Million Little Pieces?

Many of the problems Westerners face we don't have here.
We don't even pay taxes.
You may think it sucks to be Saudi, but there's a whole other side of it that I don't write about.

ubergirl87 said...

The bottom line is; we all think other people's problems are much worse than ours, when in reality it varies from person to person.
Had Jayson and the Anonymous dude been Saudi, they'd have a different view.

winedarksea said...

"Our crime rates are much lower."

According to "who"? It is not as if you can get accurate statistics in Saudi Arabia. And what about all the unreported crimes--particularly those against women and foreigners (who, as you well know, have NO legal rights). And if they are so "low" why the need for chop-chop square? One could go on and on.

There is PLENTY of human trafficking in KSA (particularly in women)--the only difference is that it is reported in countries where there is government accountability and a free press.

As for taxes: I personally don't mind them. That is what an adult citizen who has a voice does. Contributes to the ballot box and the national treasury--rather than waiting for hand outs from a priveleged elite, when the mood strikes them.

Homeless people? Who knows -- again, there is no accurate counting (just like census figures are never released by your governement)--I do remember seeing women begging in Riyadh. Never asked any of them if they had a place to live. Maybe if they were allowed to drive, they could get jobs....

taqo said...

Freak of nature: If you knew me personally, then you would find that hilarious ;)

Farooha said...

You know, uber, all of the anonymouses here remind me why I abhor blogging in English, A) you don't really reach your Saudi brethren whom you more than ever wish (not to mentione NEED) to reach.
B) you nonintentionally feed the views of the holier than thou, "Oh-I'm-so-cultured", western type who think that by reading a girl's blog, they're more read than the average joe, and that by showing sympathy they're reaching out to those less fortunate than they are. Well, all I have to say is save your sympathy, we're getting there... (and dare I add) AT OUR OWN PACE, if you don't seem to like that, bite me. (I'm serious, that turns me on, for some sadistic reason)

If my refusal to give into your love of overly-dramatizing our issues a la made-for-tv movie is getting to you, I yet again invite you to bite me.. or better yet, I invite you to a slumber party in which we'll do nothing but indulge in the many mockumentaries dedicated to scrutinizing our ways...(the book Princess and that ABC movie about that bahraini princess come to mind) we'll watch those and meanwhile you could quit bothering us Saudis who, unlike the above mentioned media, do not wish to entertain you, rather wish to make a change (and know enough about the people in question to)


ps: Oobi, boody is my main man.. one boody-broosh, please :-P

Problem-ridden Westerner said...

>I think all your problems are much worse than mine, so get over yourselves.<

Our current problems are quite worse than yours, to be sure. Used as you are to the "benefits" of wahabism, you may view life in Saudi Arabia as acceptable. Us, on the other hand, watch in horror as our freedom of expression is being attacked by Muslims around the world.

Speaking of freedom of expression:

The Saudi government, on the other hand, is not satisfied with daily blocking of nearly 200 Web sites. Religious scholars and businessmen affiliated to the Saudi government are starting to launch campaigns against the freedom to use the Internet and the freedom of information exchange.

Religious scholars have issued a fatwa prohibiting women from using the Internet without the presence of a mahram (a close relative they are prohibited to marry).


I'm glad to hear that you have so few problems in the Magic Kingdom.

Huda said...

Don't any of you Saudi girls write words of substance, that help to educate the world of your actual life?
I've gone from blog to blog, reading and all I read is ..well...very little.
I'm moving to Saudi soon - from a western perspective, I really wish there was more online to read about that really speaks of Saudi life and views. I'm a muslim, so I have a deep appreciation for the environment you get to live in - you may see it's negatives, but I'm betting you've never lived elsewhere where you have to deal with the consequences of a non-belieiving government and fellow citizens.
Maybe it takes maturity to write about your world in it's entirety - all I know is I'm saddened to hear so little of faith and so much of...gossip.

Anonymous said...

Problem-ridden westerner, that fatwa is bullshit. Before you use something, check the references. The sheik that was accused of releasing that statement denied it, and gave his reasons why he denied such an absurd fatwa. Blogges arn't journalists, their sources arn't always to reliable, so double check next time.

jason said...

A good indication of how evolved a country may be is by measuring the amount of rights and freedom it's citizens enjoy. Saudi Arabia is not a bad and wicked place. I'd like to visit it someday but it is far less evolved on many levels than the United States and other western countries.

If it wasn't for the discovery of oil Saudi Arabia would be a very primitive country technologically. The United States is one of the safest countries on earth the reason for the high crime ranking is that many crimes that occur in most countries simply go unreported. Where as in the US it's more accurate because more people care enough to protect it's citizens.

The average American is far more fulfilled in life and has far less problems than the average Saudi because they don't think women being treated equally, premarital sex, drinking, wearing sexy clothes and having nice material possessions and other freedoms and rights is so sinful. Therefore it's a much healthier society compared to the rest of the world. which is one of the reasons why so many people want to come live there.

Confessions of a Malamute said...

Its always better to be pissed off than pissed on ;-)

um... jason... get off the crack man seriously. I've been to your country many times. Safe and crime free is something it is not. As for fulfilling life who is to judge that. As for you being a healthy society... please I’m trying to eat I don’t need to choke reading such drivel. Pull your head out of your butt jason your country is seriously messed up. Just ask your king george ;-)

jason said...

Confessions of a malamute:

I never said the US was completely safe and crime free or filled with perfectly healthy citizens. The US has plenty of crime and dysfunctional people in it. In general though this country and most Western European nations have a much much lower crime rate compared to the rest of the world which includes violence in war.

That means that the average person is far less prone to violence because their self esteem is higher. So they feel much better about their life and about their future. Close to 50 percent of Americans have always dissaproved of the war in Iraq including me.

Baroque said...

lo0l ur blog 9aar film! ishda3wa all those comments wil 3afsa, u've created a frenzy ;p good for u!

hehe so u have the patriotic bug too, we just got over ours last month... i just hate that, and u know what i hate more, i hate it when the grandchildren of the amir or royal family get all patriotic on our asses, not all of them, just specific ones..

we know the emir is ur grandfather, father, cousin once removed, etc etc.. that doesn't mean u have to go prancing around dedicating ur love to the country every freakin minute of the day.. ;p

hehe i just vented away up there ;p

Anonymous said...

I used to love this blog, now it seems the writer is a narrow-minded nationalist who's really never seen the world and who's more of an elitist than anybody she accuses of being that.

Mochness said...
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Mochness said...
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Mochness said...

Anon, and it seems to me, from your comment, that what you said reflects more of yourself than of Ubergirl. So she writes one post about how your people aren’t the “Chosen Ones”, and suddenly, because she isn’t discussing the problems of our country and is being rational, you go “hmm, okay, she doesn’t worship the ground we walk on. Ergo, I hate her. Man, we rock and this Blog is so narrow-minded because she doesn’t agree that we kick ass!” Case closed.

PS: If you don’t like the blog, why not just gracefully leave the owner alone instead of being mean to her?

lunar eclipse on world pi day said...

Just curious: what do ya'll think about the recent crash of the Saudi Stock Market? Do any of you care? And if not, why not?

Matt said...

Wow, very interesting stuff. I'm American. I admit this. I read this blog for two reasons: 1) I find it entertaining, and 2) I enjoy hearing the perspective of a saudi girl.

Ubergirl was ranting about nationalism among Saudis and among elistist foreigners. This is an excellent comparison.

Note to Americans --

No person deserves credit or claim to a nation's greatness just by virtue of being born there. Most Americans do not embody the principles that make America great. Most benefit simply from being born here and fail to truly understand what is unique or great about America. They tend to mention freedom a lot, but often fail to understand what it really means. Ayn Rand had an excellent quote for a heckler who cited the fact that she wasn't born in the US. She said, "You were just born there, at least I chose America".

The question to be asked is, whatever your situation, what are you doing to make it better?

Ubergirl is engaging in a very American passtime, free public speech. It's clearly also a Saudi passtime. She is also very open about her thoughts on Saudi life and culture. It's both *good* and *appropriate* to think deeply about your own country, what is good about it and what is bad about it, so that you can determine your role. If at the end of this introspection you feel a sense of pride for your nation and optimism about its future then you are lucky.

-- End note to Americans

So Ubergirl, I would absolutely love it if you would also create a page on and post photos of your fascinating kingdom. Yes, I know you're not running a travelogue and that blogging is supposed to be more rant-oriented than informational, but I'd find it so damn fascinating that I have to suggest it. Clearly you are someone who would know what photos would paint the picture to correspond to your words.

Great stuff. You're a rockstar.

nuri1984 said...

Good point Matt. Many Americans tend to believe they're the only ones who can feel pride in their country... when I studied in SF I got sick and tired of stupid questions about my country (Spain)

Mike said...

Excellent comment, Matt (from another American). I love this blog because 1) I love rants about stupid people, and 2) it shows how similar Saudi society is to our own. The stupid people she rants about are the same kind of stupid people we have here. I like to find the common ground between people, instead of concentrating on the differences. Like she says, we all have our problems.

Oh, also 3) because Ubergirl DOES rock.

Saudi Future said...

Jason and all those westerners who say Saudi Arabia is 'uncivilized' we are not crazy people who want gays and lesbians to marry each other, we are not crazy people who let our 10 year olds watch rape porn on the internet, we are not crazy people who tell our people to not talk to strangers because of the HUGE number of crimes their, we are not crazy people who invade other countries and ruin them, then call it 'helping' and 'freedom'. So think twice before you come and call us crazy because we don't want our teenagers to fuck all day, because we don't want gays to marry, because we chop the hands of the stealers (Maybe thats why we dont have crime here!), because we ban alcohol which affects the mind and can damage it, because we ban pork which is an animal that actually eats shit, soon you'll see that we actually are the 'civilized' ones.

Nuri said...

Oh, and now Saudifuture just had to open his mouth. I just don't have words to describe your stupidity. And you're the one who posted that you hope Al Qaeda attacks France soon. I guess you're glad 200 people died in trains in Madrid. Go to hell

ubergirl87 said...

I cannot possibly reply to every one of these comments.
I am however, very sorry I haven't checked on my blog since.. Uhh... Two days ago.
Firstly, whoever said crime rates in Saudi Arabia are high but statistics are not accurate; you must be jokin.
Do you honestly think the crime rates of the gang-infested streets of America compare to those of Saudi Arabia?
I have lived here my whole life, and I have indeed been to the States, I can tell you there is no comparison.
About human trafficking, a friend of mine's father works at a very *interesting* place.
I can tell you if there is trafficking, it is VER VERY VERY RARE.
Mostly what you might have heard of are urban legends of taxi drivers selling girls to the highest bidder.
Needless to say, that does not exist.

Secondly, please reread my post.
I NOT ONCE said the west sucks.
I did not say America sucks.
And NO ONE has a right to say it does.
Especially non-Saudis.

Thirdly; I never said it was going to be my duty to tell anyone what they need/want to know.
I write what I want. This is MY blog, I don't care what anyone expects of me as a Saudi/Muslim.
And I especially don't care if anyone thinks I'm "narrow minded" or anything else. I'm not out here to impress you, unfortunately.

And lastly; Thanks to Mocha and Farah. I wuv you girls! (And everyone else who was nice! I am indeed a rockstar ;) )


ubergirl87 said...

And I'll try to put pictures up on here instead of on a flikr (I hope I spelt it right) account.
Yes, I am THAT lazy :p.
Thank you! :)

nuri said...

Don't tell me you agree with Saudifuture...??

Engineer Sighted said...

I want to say two things: America isn't 'gang infested'. Crime isn't crippling and it really doesn't affect the way people live all that much. There may be serious crime in places, but it's typically localized in high risk places, from a statistical point of view.

Also, everyone has a right to say anything they want; that, however, doesn't make it so nor does it excuse them from living with the consequences of saying it. If I say to you that Saudi Arabia is a backwards place to live, then it reflects poorly on me. That doesn't make it true, but it doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to say it because someone else might be bothered by it.

It looks like most of the comments are based on ideas that you hear in the news that, for the most part, are probably not true. I know very little about the daily lives of Saudis. Many of the Americans talking about Saudi Arabia clearly don't know what they're talking about (based on your and your fellow countrymen's responses), and I don't always recognize the America you describe.

But keep writing. Keep writing about politics, keep writing about your friends and keep writing the things you like and don't like. Give people hell when they deserve it. You have a very readable and amusing writing style, and will continue to read your stuff.

I guess that was four things.

Mike said...

Blogs like this are very valuable to us in the West, because they show that the picture of the ME that our media paints for us is almost total crap. Look what happened with the Dubai Ports deal. The UAE is one of the USA's best friends in the region, and we just told them to go to hell, because Americans are so ignorant of the region. That's partly our own fault for not being curious enough about other cultures, but I mostly blame the media which gives us nothing but stories about suicide bombers and honor killings.

It works both ways, of course. The rest of the world hears nothing about America except gangs and crime and teen sex parties and stuff. Actually, that's all we hear about ourselves too, from our own media. Living here can be depressing until you look around and notice that things really aren't that bad. But bad news sells.

@rabian rash said...

i think these comments pages are fantastic, sometimes more amusing than the blog itself, have you considered creating a discussion forum? would be easier for people to continue debates, and start new ones... rather than trawl through old posts...just an idea...keep up the good work....i like..

curious george said...

Ubergirl can't drive, can't marry wihtout permission, can't even leave her home without permission but the KSA rocks!

And you just gotta love those black abaya's! You all look like spooks walking behind your men !

jason said...

saudi future:

There's nothing wrong with letting gays and lesbians marry or drinking alcohol or watching porn if your old enough. Nor is their anything wrong with letting teenagers have sexual relationships as long as their responsible. Why does that bother you so much?

You have to understand
that when a country is needing a war for emotional resons (like the United States and Iraq) most of the time they find another country willing to do the same. Both countries slowly provoke each other until the more impulsive country makes a threataning move that allows the other to strike without guilt since both sides are so full of paranoia.

This is what happened before the war in Iraq and is currently happening with the US and Iran. Instead of talking things out peacefully they keep provoking each other with threats which could lead to another war in the Middle East.

Also, I never said Saudi Arabian people were crazy and uncivilized I read Saudi blogs all the time you know. I would love to come and
visit your country someday.

ubergirl87 said...

curious george: I am tired of arguing with you. You're the most ignorant person I have ever come across.

Hani said...

You said it, every place in earth has its negative sides of living in, but doesn’t this make you wonder why Saudi Arabia managed to take one of the leading positions in being a bad country to live in?! Though I am enjoying living in Riyadh, up to some extent, but still I receive all those sympathy words whenever I tell someone that I am living here.

Ubergirl, why Dubai is having all this good reputation, though I didn’t like it that much…it is just another city by the sea!!!
Bottom line, it is the people who reflect the reputation of their country as you said, and sadly, Saudis didn’t do this job right, I mean the older generation of course.

Great Blog by the way!

ubergirl87 said...

One more thing: You may have seen alot of people BEGGING on the streets of Riyadh, but have you ever seen anyone SLEEPING on the streets?
I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

(me=same person that compared saudi arabia to Nth K)

Firstly, I am NOT from the United States, I am from New Zealand. I belive that 1)crime is lower in NZ than SA. 2) in my 18 years of living here I have not seen *one* person begging on the street. 3) people here are allowed to marry even if they are gay, whist in Saudi Arabia they would be EXECUTED.

And yes, I DO think Saudi Arabia suks.

ubergirl87 said...

You aren't really in a position to judge, are you?

I've never been to New Zealand.. Hmm.. I'm just gonna sya it sucks for kicks!

Anonymous said...


I've got a few things to say. I'd really appreciate it if you would respond.

I don't think Saudi sucks. I think that human beings as a whole suck. Our worlds collide mostly because of religion, which is unfortunate (Personally, I am "agnostic") and I do not care to become part of any organized religion because throughout history, all they have caused is violence.

That being said, us in the west, get a very distorted view of the Middle East. The News, which is owned by 10 people (in every form, print/online/tv/movies/magazines/books/newspaper), tells us this:

1: Islam is a religion of war
2: Catholicism is good
3: Our main enemies should be Saudi, Paki, Iran, and North Korea.

So basically, we all learn that the Saudi Govt is propped up by the US and holds down its people who are so OBVIOUSLY ALL FUNDAMENTALISTS (according to our media.)

I've met a few Iranian immigrants, and a Jordanian Palestinean immigrant who wishes death on Israel and for the most part, they dispell most of my ideas of said countries.

What do you think America is? I really want to know?
Our leader isn't popular, at all, except in the Southern United States because they never progressed after the civil war.

You seem like a very intelligent woman. I like reading your journal.

Also, In regards to Iraq....probably a mistake, but leaving now would throw the whole region into a war.

Politicallly Obsessed Twenty something said...

the above anonymus comment was me, by the way

ubergirl87 said...

What do I think America is?
Well, I don't necessarily think it's anything other than a country.
The most powerful country in the world at present.

Where The fuck is Hell , I want to live in it said...

i think and it is true,america is a big orgy country and the largets and gayest fuck faced ppl live in it , i fucking spit at the new zeland guy , and if i meet i fucking piss on u, i'mnot from saud arabia and i fucking hate the fact that U ppl think the freedom is giving anybody the will to do whatever he/she/it wants haa , i fucking have a view of this fucking world were ONE day humen fuck bags will marry thier own fucking dogs and cats , and they say its a freedom of choose , fuck u all who think freedom is by giving same sex the right to breath a day , and big fat fuck u to u proud country guys, no body should be proud of his country , all blood is fucking shred for ur ass, no one nowadays is worth it , if a fucking deases is blasting up ur country u will run away like a fucking chickens , dirty fucking chickens. i say this from behalf of my nationalty the united stated of america
fuck u all free people , freedom is inside ur head and ur fucking asshole
and by the way , for the asswipe that said catholic is good , thats bullshit , the church used to burn chicks who learn and any motherfucker who invent something is hanged , nothing is good, i read lots of these stuff , i never saw whats wrong in islam thier history was great , they suck nowadays

cattz 11 said...

My name is Robert Barber, and I am a medical intuitive that specialize in animal/human communications.Ive recently left Vancouver, under harsh surcomstances, and have been making my way from community to community trying to inform the public of what ive witnessed.Unfortunatley i have come across great hostelities,from both community and police. It was quite by acident that I was first made aware of a dark undercurrent that has taken hold of our communities and am not sure of the entirety of situation. The truth of the matter is that i'm now forced into hiding while people try to retrieve footage of some of the events that have taken place in Vancouver.
We are also now trying to get a passport, for I have friends in Japan that will take me under their wing.This is proving difficult do to the fact that my I.D. had been taken once again from me.Ive been been trying to use my abilities to gain the apoval of the masses.To balance negative surculation that meets me at every city or town that that I arive at. I found out, from an old friend that was in corrections for 16 years, that I have been marked/targeted. The police circulate untrue statements of your charactor to make it difficult, if not impossible to reintergrate into the community.Which lead me to the question,why not kill me?Surprisingly, luarane's reply had been that to many people had become aware do to my efforts.And social manipulation is an easier means off disposal.
Please, you can, like the other organizations and groups, chock it up to peranoia, or there is medical issues here..... but those excuses did not change the outcomes of the lives of the victoms that were shipped to the pig farms!Nor did it bring justice to the natives that were butchered in the hospitals...
please, ive run short of time, energy and rescources. if I dont recieve some guidance soon, this will be another tragity swept under the rug.Assention is not possible unless we are willing to experience the whole, without bias.
my contact number, for now, is 250-357-2613.

I await your speedy reply.
sincerely Robert F Barber

Anonymous said...

Robert I cant undrstand what you are feeling but I would like to. Tell me about it on this blog. What country are you in?
With my care and consern,