Sunday, March 26, 2006

Boys, Boys, Boys!

Please, gentlemen, when you want to flirt would you mind looking a little more.. Err.. Put together? (Shaving before hand would be nice.)
And lets keep the car chases between noon and 8 PM, please.

Also, one thing I and every female in existence wants to know is; Why do Arab men promise you the world when all they want is a little fun?
Why declare their ever-lasting love when they've only known you for .392 seconds?
Why the marriage proposals when all they want is to mess around?
After all, it is pathetic.

All you guys out there; did it ever occur to you that maybe we want some fun too?

Think about it.

Now stop lying, for fuck's sake.

Oh, and if I don't take your number the first time, it's unlikely I'll take it the 4875356th time around.



fonder/plastic_goddess said...

Thats what I want to know too!!

Oh,no one could answer this cuz (9ay3een) don't blog :P

Anonymous said...

4875356 :S ?

Sean from DocintheBox said...

Your talents for telling like it is, is being wasted out there!

Raed said...


I've got the time :P (spoken like a true Arab )

Mochness said...

Wish il 6ary?

I should teach you my fool-proof technique to ignoring sucj guys...wait, I just yelled at one several days ago...hmm, could anyone teach ME a good technique? :P

Anonymous said...

your post is right..when I used to visit the chatrooms, I was amazed how quick the arab men "fall in love" with me!

Shy said...

So uber what are u doing this weekend Habibti? :p

Huda said...

At least if they look scruffy you can see through them a bit easier - it gets more challenging when they're suave AND charming AND well-dressed etc.

I hate to say this, but Arab men don't have the monopoly on promising commitment when all they want is a little fun - men all over the world try that one, darling. That's a "male" thing (okay, a dumb "male" thing, but male nonetheless)

I always had more respect for men who were honest of their intentions, personally..even if the intentions were dishonorable.

Now that I'm a grown-up, I realize what my mom told me is true.

"If they can get the cream for free, why pay for the cow?"

Just one question I have to ask my mom. Why liken women to cows..why, I say?!

But it's true, in my experience. Guys want "fun" with girls when they're younger, but those who indulge aren't the ones you wanna hang with for life. a "fun" girl ain't what they want to introduce to mama and papa. Fun at home in the bedroom, yes, of course everyone wants that in their relationship (ie marriage) but honestly respectable on the outside is a must...and it can't be fake.

They say you attract what you exude. If you're attracting guys who just want's time to exude some other characteristics, I'd say.

As for why the marriage proposals...because the dumb twits have figured out that if they promise the earth, they get it too - at least from some girls.

Try doing what Nzingha does - scream "PERVERT!" at the top of your lungs, and you'll have the respect of everyone around you, if a bit more attention than you may want lol - who knows, your future love of your life might be watching. I mean, you never know eh?

Ahmed said...

Relationships in our society are risky, and "I just want to have some fun" is usually not a good reason to take that risk. The boys who throw their numbers on every walking female are not "boys who want to have fun", they are just annoying and cheap.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS WRONG !!!! arab boys should have fun !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I AM 6AYE3 & i blog

ubergirl87 said...

Anonymous Allah y3afeek we'd all appreciate it if you learned to READ.
Ba3deen mabsoo6 3ala nafsak innak 9ayi3!?
Mashallah. Allah y3a6ím ajr ommak.

jason said...

Hey ubergirl you wanna have some fun? I can take care of that need for you I wouldn't mind. We could practice till we got it just right. hehe

Matt said...

Just see that behavior for what it is, posturing.

In the animal kingdom males often develop bright colors, loud calls, etc. Humans dont', so we have to create social behavior to attempt to communicate with females.

I'd recommend the following approach:

Tell him, "Cut the act. I know you're a sensitive, vulnerable man and I'm sure you cry often at the movies. I like that in a man, at least I like men to be multidimensional. So I'll give you one more chance to introduce yourself, I'm ubergirl by the way. Tell me about a movie that made you cry."