Friday, December 16, 2005

We Are NOT Perfect Muslims!

For extra credit in Islamic Studies, our professor asked us to listen to an Islamic tape and write a report on it.
I listened to it.
There is something that completely baffles me, everytime somebody mentions it; Saudis are supposed to set an example for muslims everywhere.
I realize that we were born into Islam, and were raised as Muslims, but so were many other people.
I'm not saying I don't want us Saudis to become Muslims that are looked up to, I'm just saying it's not fair to expect us to be perfect people, and look down on us when you find out we're not.
I'd love to see my fellow Saudis all praying five times a day, giving to the poor, and fasting the whole month of Ramad'han. I truly would. But that's not the way the world works.
Islam should not be judged by the actions of Saudis. The prophet (pbuh) may have been born on this land, but let us not forget; he was not Saudi.



adaydreamer said...

totally agree with you sis!...even though im not from saudia, i still feel like muslims from countries OTHER then the gulf countries feel that ppl from the gulf "should" be more religious.. says who?? anyway... just be who you are and forget the sterotypes...

Rimyoleta said...

I agree with everything you said..
I mean when We travel abroad they alway ask (where are you from? and if you said that ur Saudi They'll Go like HHHHHHHHHHH :O:O:O...How come !!!!
I mean why not!! I don't have to wear a face cover to say (look @ me I'm Saudi)..pffffff...

Dotsson said...

You go girl!

Mochness said...

"we are NOT perfect Muslims

I think it's more of "We're NOT good Muslims at all" since we're very far from even the "perfectness" of Islam, I'm sad to say :S

$uper MO said...

Since u've heard it from a religious tape then maybe this is our "meshay5a's" way to make us feel responsible & become better Muslims. I totally don't agree with their way. But i agree with their aim of course (alla yhdy al jamee3)

& ur right Mocha, we're way far from bein good Muslims (i'm not generalizing here)

full start said...

I agree with you, citizens of all Muslim countries are expected to have different degrees of commitment to religious "laws"... Saudi's are not exception.
On the contrary, Saudi religious scholar are very influential, and do set an example for what muslims should be. I wish they can set a better example than the extreme one they presented tell now to all the world!

ubergirl87 said...

No one attacked me. No accusations of secularism, feminism, or anything else.

Thanks everyone! :D

Rimyoleta said...

why would we attack you sweety..Every word you said is True:D
I'm glad you wrote that post so ppl would know what's on our minds :P

Sami said...

I agree..
on the contrary, I also believe we represent what hypocrisy is all about, both religiously, and sociologically.

Raed said...


in the sake of filling the devil’s-advocate role

well yall are normal to me, just another bunch of people with the good, the bad and the ugly.

so.. 3adi meshi 7alech.

but: that’s not to say that residents of a nation tend to retain certain characteristics that others talk or joke about. I know I know lets not generalize pop culture that we are fed on daily basis.

But take for instance how Gorky insisted that Russians are born with sadness and sorrow. Or how Bedouins were defined by al ja7e’6 and Laurence of Arabia later on.

What on earth are you on about raed?

Well maybe religion is the characteristic that Saudis are attached to. The government decided to identify itself as such, and people use or abuse this fact to help their causes.

For Instance: a crisis in a distant Islamic country is expected to be compensated by the government of KSA the most, why? Cause it represents the land of ISLAM.

What is causing terrorism? Miss-interpretation of religion in the land of Islam…Etc.

Solution? Federal states where 7jaaz just like the good ol’days was defined by the land of Islam. Gives room for the not so Islamic people to breathe I guess.

Damn! This is by far the longest reply to a thread I ever wrote.

Mafaz said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

maybe people wouldnt see saudis as the role model of islamic behaviour if some fuck up saudis didn't always act superior to other countries/people because 'i'm from the land of the prophet'

i dont want to paint an entire race of people with the same brush, but openminded people in saudi are such a minority group, i'm going to stereotype because the majority of saudis think they're superior to everyone else.

islamic country my ass.