Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Amr Khalid Is A Rock Star

I love Amr Khalid.
That man is the only person who can talk for 2 hours straight without saying anything that would offend me. Or make me hate the world. Or even make me roll my eyes, for God's sake.
He is the epitome of all the good in the world. He gives me hope.
What I love most about him, is how he absolutely insists that women, and not men, are more significant throughout the history of Islam. The first believer, the first martyr, they were both women! I love how while giving a lecture to an audience of men, he insists on mentioning how women influence their lives each and every day.
Also, he is never without a smile on his face. And people who have met him say he is the nicest person you will ever meet.
He prays for us all, and he wants us all to be happy. I honestly think he does.
Allah ywafgo.
I heart Amr Khalid!!



zahrat ilma6ba5 said...
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zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

أثبتت البحوث العلمية أن المرأة ليس لهاالقدرة على أن تفكر و تتكلم في الوقت نفسه.
~ abla so3ad a.k.a an amr khalid hater. She was trying to convince us to hate amr khalid..she seriously thinks we ((women)) were created to serve men! all she does is critize women for every SINGLE thing and compares us to men..SAUDI men to be exact.

btw, nice post!

ubergirl87 said...

I hated that woman. She taught me in high school. She's a sexist and she knows nothing about Islam. Her hating Amr Khalid only further proves my point. Please urge everyone to not take her seriously, but NEVER debate or argue with her. She failed me in Tawheed because I did. Islam at it's finest, mashallah 3aleeha! (Note sarcasm :P)
Take care, Zahra. And remember, as Amr Khalid says: "Women have the most important role in society. They influence men and children."
Again, I love that man! He is the only man MAN ENOUGH to stand up and admit this!

Taqwa said...

Oh yea, 3mr is awesome. When he speaks..its like you actually feel something in ur heart. Moo zay alot of other Scholars these days..t7iseen anuh theyre all so rehearsed. They basically all say the same thing.

Rimyoleta said...

what's with the Title!!
I mean I loved the whole thing but the title..That I did not get :S..Sorry dear

ubergirl87 said...

taqua: Exactly. He says it from the heart. And I truly believe he loves everyone!

Rimyoleta: By the title I mean Amr Khalid is looked up to like rock stars are. Don't worry, I mean in a good way :P

Abu Sinan said...

Yes, he is a great speaker. I heard he had issues with the Egyptian government because he convinced one of Mubarak's family to put their hijab on?

Dotsson said...

What the hell? Who is this guy???

Noor said...

Amro kalid tocks mnjd! he is so optimistic and happy and joyful and u never find him frowning or in a bad mood,,,, adorable !

ordinary girl said...

Ammr Khalid is the best!!! and you are right in every single word you said about him
and for Dosson you should get to know this guy listenning to him could just change you!!!

claytonia vices said...

Khalid is quite right. The fact that some of the most miserable societies on earth are those which suppress women proves the point.

The world needs more people like him...