Saturday, December 03, 2005

Manners Are Dead.

Tuesday through Thursday, I believe, there was an exibition at PSU (Prince Sultan Uni).
Guess what?
From what I hear, they had unexpected visitiors.
Apparently, a bunch of very conservative looking women stormed in, and headed for a stand that sold star sign bracelets.
"Hatha eesh!?" Asked one woman, angrily. (Translation: What are these!?)
"Asawir Abraj." The girl replied. (Translation: Star sign bracelets)
"Ah. Maktoob BilFarancy!?" Snapped the woman. (Translation: They're in French!?)
"La, English."
"SA5EEFA!" Shrieked the woman, as she flung a bracelet at the girl. (Translation: Either SILLY! or STUPID!, I'm not really sure.)

Before I go on, I'd just like to ask, what happened to good old fashioned manners, for God's sake?
This woman thinks she's being religious.. Islam calls for tolerance, respect, and most of all manners!

So the woman and her accomplices walk into the cafeteria, where music is being played, and some girls were dancing.
She gave everyone a dirty look, then left the exibition.
Ten minutes later the Muttawas surrounded the area.

Now, other than the fact that what these women have done is not how true muslims should behave, it really isn't any of their business what those girls were up to.
Many Muslims don't think music is Haram ( Translation: forbidden in Islam), and many of them don't beleive a Hijab includes covering one's face.
It is not those people's place to be "disiplining" the world.
They hardly know anything themselves (about relegion or otherwise).
I just wish they would all take the time to look at what they're doing, and come to realize that they are behaving like five year olds.



Bissa said...

yeah, most ppl here don't believe in respecting other ppl's beliefs and manners, they think they're ALWAYS right ! & you couldn't NEVER-EVER disagree with them.Once my uncle was in the airport, and this flight which just came from europe or sth like that, however, this guy came out of the plane, he was soo happy that he arrived to saudi, he was well dressed & he was wearing a golden necklace with a cross on it; a group of muttawas' were standing infront of the gate throwing silky-abayas at the europian chicks, and they rushed quickly to the guy with the golden necklace and tore it off his neck !! poor guy ! he was devestated :( ! I mean, don't you guys think that there are actualy OTHER religions & believes than yours!? wallahi 3eeb 3aleehum ! isn't that a perfect way to give em' a first impression about other saudis ?
i'm sure that saudi or probably afghanistan are like the only countries with ppl like this religious attitude. Me & my sister once entered this Church in Vienna, she was wearing hijab; there was no priest or nun who rushed and tore my sister's scarf off her head !
what would a typical-saudi-muttawa(not all of em' would do so though) do if he sees a buddhist ,or sth, in his religious costumes entering the mosque?
(The right reaction would ask him genetly & kindly to take it off cause it's forbidden in islam for a non-muslim to enter a mosque !)

ubergirl87 said...

Oh, my! Are you serious!? They took his necklace!?
Asta3'fir Allah!
JAHLEEN bildeen, o they're in charge of it bhal balad! How very fortunate for the rest of us.
I was once in the music store (or what they CALL a 'music store') bilFai9aliyah, o this Brit and his wife were paying for a DVD, and a Muttawa came in and started screaming at the woman to cover her hair, so the guy (he's so cute, lol) Says: "Hang on a second, I don't ask YOUR wife to cover HER hair, now leave mine alone!"
Lol, he thinks he's in a free country. That poor, misguided man.
Allah Yihdeehee hal M6aw3a/yishfeehom... Whichever it is they need.
O Allah y9abir banat'hom!

A.S.G said...

I can't believe I'll be greeted with this crap soon.

reincarnated said...

If it makes you guys feel any better, :| these saudis exist here as well!

A coupla Eid's ago, we had this eid gathering thats held twice a year. Some people wanted music and some didnt, so what happened was it was structured this way, they'd have their little musabaqat and then it wud b our turn to have the music! i mean we compromised! why shudnt they! what they did was when the time came for us to put music, they got a lil kid and switched the mic on, and made him recite Quran, it was like a competition!

$uper MO said...

I know this has nothin to do with the subject, but do u know who also came to the PSU exhibition!!!
'asala na9ry' the Syrian singer... This is no 'esha3a' it's 100% pure fact... Girls started sendin it via Bluetooth :P

Jo said...


Farooha said...

I second that, jo.

Uber, don't waste your breath, they will NEVER come to realize that there are those who disagree with them concerning Islamic issues. WE are right. THEY are wrong. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. VIVA LA HANBALIYAH, SAUDI STYLE, BABY!

A.S.G, what happened to you? I'm seriously concerned. I notice how disgusted you sound on this blog and others. Lighten up.. S3oodyah tra77eb bik with arms wide open ;-)

BaSSeM said...

i've had a million encounters with people like that, you would think that i'm a magnet for them or something!

I always get in trouble for not letting such behaviour just slide! i'd have gone to that woman and gave her a good old tounge lashing! and i know it's a waste of breath but i just can't watch such things happen in front of me and not say anything!

Islam isn't exclusive to here they must know. there are many other islamic countries that don't come near to doing such things!

Jo said...

"tounge lashing"??? I swear this cracked me up Bassem! And not for what u think! Man my imagination is runnin wild these days!

Anonymous said...

Oh bother

-Winnie the Pooh

rebel87 said...


- Lala (The Teletubbie)

sarah said...

ohh no not you too ubergirl87!!
pLeaZZZ do not start publishing this whining about those stupid ones. they are stupid already but we got enough blogs where some girls keep whining about this same issue over and over again.

سحاب said...

فرح طبعا ماراح يتغيرون ويصيرون شيعه
وبعدين انتي تقولين انهم خرا اصلا ليه
مهتمه لا تساءليني من انا ترى انا وحده
من اللي اذا وصفوني ربعك بس من غير
تقيه ونفاق يقولون اني كافره من اللي
محتلين المسجد الحرام ياليت ما عندنا
تخلف اللا هالنسوان اللي يسوون هالحركات
هذولا واضحات بس وش نقول عن المنافقين
اللي يتهمونا بالكفر اللي لهم الف وجه
وش رايك فيهم يافرح ردي ولا هذولا ذنبهم

Jo said...

Sara: Am pretty sure that Uber will make me proud with her response! You just wait and READ!

Jo said...

s7ab: Allow me to type on behalf of Farooo7a and here's a big FUCK U! Now go shag urself o fkeeena mn sharek!

Farooha said...

Jo, I need a bit of that too. You selling it?

Bottle it, the possibilities are undless... $$$KA-CHING$$$!

sarah said...

jo trying to manipulate ubergirl lol she can speak for her self and say whatever she wants even if i don't like it. just don't try to manipulate the girl. jo got made at sahab for saying what she/he said lol wonder why? your choice of words shows that you are a sick low life jo. get help.

sarah said...

farah, some people are doing a good job at showing the world who you really are. girls at my school where talking about how sick you are. whoever that guy/girl is they made my day.

سحاب said...

ترى انا اتفق معك في رايك عن الناس اللي تكلمتي
عنهم في البوست بس الله يخليك لا تصنفين نفسك مع اشكال
مثل جو شوفي الفاظهاالساقطه الله يعافينا من الاشكال
الي كتبتي عنها والاشكال الي مثل جو ولاتسمحين لها تستعمل
بلوقك للشتم والتعرض للناس

وانتي ياجو هذي حريه الراي اللي انتي تنادين بها
ولا انتي مع حريه رايك انتي لحالك وغيرك ياكل تبن
ان خالفوك الناس تستعملين هاللغه الساقطه المتخلفه
والله بها الالفاظ كفيتيني تعب الرد والله انك مسكينه
الله يكون في عونك

ساره الله يخليك انا مالي دخل في مشاكلك مع احد خليني
في حالي ولا تردين عني انا اعرف ارد عن نفسي

ubergirl87 said...

reincarnated: I thought these people only existed in Riyadh, where they actually yeilded power.. 7asbi Allah.

$uper Mo: Umm.. Thank you for that, lol.

Farooha: No, don't worry. Ana ma a7ky ma3 people with that mentality. I really don't think my time is worth wasting on them.

Bassem: Lol, I admire your bravery, bass tara you'd do well to not engage in conversation with people like that. They won't listen to common sense. They'll think you'r "Fasi8".

Sarah: First of all, I am not whining; (for that, go to Rebel) I am simply stating facts. And don't worry, no one can 'manipulate me', I think for myself.
And I honestly don't understand; These are problems facing our society, they need to be talked about and discussed! I assure you, the people I talked about in my post are not sitting around doing nothing. They are discussing how to rid our community of indepentent thought. They want to turn us all into THEM.
So "What good does it do to discuss people like that?", You ask?
Well, What good does it do to ignore them?

S7ab: I kinda sorta don't understand your first comment (bass a9lan shaklaha to Fara7).
Ana ma "9annaft" nafsy. I don't think anyone has, and frankly, I don't know what that even means, so I'd appreciate an explanation.
And I, for one, am all for freedom of speech, and from your second comment, I kinda guessed that you are, too?
Since I am, I really can't control what Jo says on my blog. I welcome all comments; good and bad.
I think discussion (however gruesome it gets)is healthy.
Furthermore, I really don't understand why you're attacking Fara7 on here. Clearly you don't agree with her views, but I thought you were into freedom of expression (or atleast you lead me to belive so, in your second comment) so why don't YOU try to accept people's differences, seeing as how you started with your anti-Fara7 comment.
Also; I am NOT speaking on behalf of Jo, (CERTAINLY NOT appologising on her behalf), but she is a passionate person, and what she said was in response to the attack you made at her friend.
All I'm saying, is that I understand why she got angry.

Thanks for your comments, everyone! :-D

ruba duba said...

sarah said:
"girls at my school where talking about how sick you are. "

u guys are soooo sad
i cant believe ur talking about farah at school!
how sad can u get??
farahs not even thinking about ya!!! ya 3omry!

Jo said...

Sarah: "girls at my school where talking about how sick you are."

LOL well I guess that says it all about u. Yallah go enjoy more of your bitching. Bayn 3lek u'r nothin but a bimbo who has nothin better to do than bitch n moan about ppl speaking their minds! Anyway "7beeebti" if it really bothers u that much ya5ti go pray and ed3ee rabi to give u some intelligence.

LOL wallah that comment JAT MN RABI! What a silly little fool u r! Wallah thkarteeni bl primary school awwwww... Yallah go play with ur friends...

Jo said...


وانتي ياجو هذي حريه الراي اللي انتي" تنادين بها
ولا انتي مع حريه رايك انتي لحالك وغيرك ياكل تبن"

umm now isn't that exactly what u n ur goons r doin 2 faroo7a??? If my response was harsh well u only have urself to blame for it! Stop bashing ppl for having a difference of opinion. If u don't agree FAIR ENOUGH. Get ur own frickin blog and write about how blissful ur life is o again fkeeeena mn sharek!

سحاب said...

شكرا بس انا حبيت اقولك ترى جو وفرح مع حريه
رايهم بس لكن اللي يختلف معهم يسمونه غبي وحمار
الى اخر هالافاظ وانا قريت هالشي عنهم في بلوقات
ثانيه ولقيته صحيح وترى انا هاجمت فرح هنا لانها
تهاجم كل الناس في كل مكان هي تسب وتشتم ومستعده
ارسل لك لينكات تشوفين كلامها انا قريت كلام وحده
عنها بعدين لقيته صحيح هي وجو ياتتفقون معنا يا
نشتمكم وعموما اللي تسويه فرح وجو ماهوب بعيد
عن اللي سووه الحريم اللي تكلمتي عنهم نفس العقليه
بس الهدف يختلف وترى عندنا ناس متطرفين دين هدفهم
يغصبون الناس يتبعونهم وعندنا اشكال مثل فرح وجو
يبون يغصبون الناس يتبعونهم بعد انا قريت عن جو
وفرح في بلوق ثاني وتابعت كتابتهم ولقيت كل شي
قالته هذيك البنت عنهم صح تقريبا كله يعني صح

سحاب said...

جو انتي منافقه على فكره انتي اكثر وحده
تطلع كلام على اللي ما يتفقون معها والكل
عارف وبعدين ترى ملينا منك وترديدك لنفس
الكلام مثل bimbo
شكلك توك متعلمتها
انتي ما مليتي ترى حنا صرنا حافظين
وعارفين وش بتقولين ترى قبل ما تقولينه ومن
اللي يكره انه يسمع راي غير رايه ترى عاد
الكل صار عارف وفي الف مناسبه ومكان سبيتي
ومن بينها هالمكان سبيتي الفاظ واطيه
مثلك وهالشي يفرحني لانك وريتي الي مايعرفك
نفاقك ومستواك وبيئتك

ومن قالك ان انا مبسوطه من كل شي في حياتي
شايفه ان ماعندك الا ياتكون مثلي يانت عكسي
شايفه تخلفك شايفه مخك المعفن انا مانيب مبوسطه
من كل شيء في حياتي بس انا مااتفق معك ولا مع
فرح و مع شتايمكم وعنصريتكم وتطرفكم ومره ثانيه
تسلم هذيك البنت او الولد اللي كتب عنكم

BaSSeM said...

i know they don't listen to common sense but i don't know what's wrong with me! i never learn! and as far the fasi8 thing.. i've been called that way too many times ;)

ubergirl87 said...

Sa7ab: What I've read in JO's and Fra7's blogs is that they are opposed to ilnass iljahleen in genereal, and so am I. What I would like to know is keef ana "9anaft" nafsy ma3 anyone? Because I am me, and this is how I think. I really don't understand what your personal opinion on Jo and Fara7 has to do with me, or my blog.

Bassem: LOL join the club!

Dotsson said...

I just missed a great fight :|

Jo said...

S7ab: What else am I to call u besides bimbo when it suits u just perfectly ;)
But, hey if it really bothers u that much n u would rather me find somethin else, well my dear Faroo7a just did and I think I'm going to steal that witty phrase of hers and call u a "useless vagina (aka Saudi women)"... So sweety feeling better now?!

Jo said...

dotsson: Babe trust me u'r missin nothin unless u consider gettin a head ache somethin worth missin'?!

Farooha said...


فعلاً مارستي نفس ما هاجمتيني عليه... الله يصلحك بس.. والله حاولت يشهد رب العالمين إني حاولت معكم... الظاهر صدقت جو ما ينفع معكم إلا كلمة

و سلامتكم

Anonymous said...







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