Saturday, December 24, 2005

How I Spent The 22nd Of December

Thursday was quite eventful. My 9 year old sister got sick, and I took her to the hospital.
The same doctor who treated me as a child was checking her up. As I looked into his dull blue eyes, I felt releived that he didn't remember me. I hated him so much when I was younger. I don't know why, though. Maybe it's because I wasted many precious hours in the waiting room of his clinic, therefore I assosiated him with boredom and down-right meanness.
Then came the shocker:
"Your sister is very sick, ma'am." He droned.
I said nothing. I looked like a paniced idiot, though. You can bet on that.
He then said some Doctor-y stuff to the nurse (do they intend for us not to understand a word they're saying? It sure looks like they fucking do.)
Two hours and (what looked like a very painful) blood test later, the news came through; she was okay.
We went home and ordered a pizza.



Rimyoleta said...

ooooooooooh salamat matshoof shar :)

Dotsson said...

That is exactly why I hate going to these damn doctors! It is all just a big conspiracy to rip us of our time and money.
They'll keep you there and stick a million needles in your body and do 10 million tests and write down 10 million medicines and it is just a big nigtmare!
I just go down to the local pharmacy and tell the guy what is wrong with me and he gives me writes down something and boom bata bang, I'm better in no time!

adaydreamer said...

maa teshooooof shar....meskeeena! hope she is doing better!

damn waiting rooms! they are worst in the ER here!

Trevelyana said...

Hey I'm glad your sister is well. Matshoof shar!

ruba duba said...

slaaamat ma tshooof shar

hey i want pizza man!

ubergirl87 said...

Rimyoleta: Thanks, hun :)

Dot: Lol I especially like your conspiract theory :P

adaydreamer: Yeah, she's doing well, she's back in school :).

Leeno and Ruba: Thanks for your concern :D