Sunday, August 06, 2006

Yay for Italy!

The day Italy won the world cup was fun.
Italians are partiers.
I was kind of sort of rooting for France in the beginning.
Only because of Zedane, though.
That man oozes sex appeal.

When Italy won I cheered like my life counted on it.
Because I'm a backstabber and all I care about is winning.
What's it to you, butt munch?
(I'm paying homage to Beavis and Butthead because I love them for being the only show on German TV that is subtitled and not voice-overed. DADADAAAA!!)

We wore flags as capes and ran around the streets of London shouting "ITALIA!" at French passer-by.
We did get the occasional "Fook off.", and what I'm sure was a string of French obscenities, to which a "Haha. Don't be bitter about loosing, budd. It's only football!" was an appropriate retaliation.
Otherwise "You fuck off! You're the ones that lost! HAH!" worked, too.

And the Italians... Boy do I love y'all.
You weren't nasty when you found out we weren't Italian.
And you were even nice enough to let us keep pretending we were.
We fooled a hell of a lot of people.

Haha. Some guy came charging over to us, picked up Mona and just ran off.
It was fucking hillarious.

She didn't think it was so funny.
This is, though.
Mona you fucktard you're funny like shite, you know that?

The Italians are so charming.
Honestly, they are.
I'm not big on the accent, but when they force you into posing for their cameras by saying "Hey Byootifilla girrlss! Bella! Come take-a pik-churr! Bella!"
You find yourself asking: "Beautiful!? Really??.."
Instead of the customary kick in the balls and "Get the fuck off me, pervert! Officer! This man is harassing me!"
I don't know how they do it. Magic is my guess.

When it comes to accents, the French win hands down.
They can make the most idiotic- even disgusting- statements sound sexy.
"My sokss are' wett."
Yummy. I think I'm in love.

So there you have it.
The Italians may have won the World Cup, but the French have sexier accents.

If I ruled the world, it would so be cool.
I just felt like saying that.



Anonymous said...

leave it to the italians to make ugly girls feel good about themselves

SweetesT SiN said...

"If I ruled the world, it would so be cool."
and if i were ur right hand the world would be a rock and roll concert :P

and yes italians r hot and no french guys have a scary ass accent
is not magic its just cuz there tall dark and handsome ;)

Bruco said...

I've been readin your blog from Italy since a couple of months and I'm so glad you cheered for us!

I was in Rome the night we won the championship: you should have been there, they threw a hell of a party in the Colosseum!

Anonymous said...

Not as amusing as your previous posts.

ruba duba said...

i wcheered italy too!!
u guys are hot and good playas! :P

Bruco said...

Good to see we got so many fans in Suadi Arabia :-P

however, I must admit we had a great deal of good luck in the cup final and semifinal. Whatever! Good lack is part of the team strategy...

Anonymous said...

9ara7a as5af shay al football world cup o ana kunt mn al fans lil intalian team bs after wut they did f final ..i hated them o i loved zidaan 3ala what he did..he is the best

Anonymous said...

My theory on why italians are charming and not.. the opposite: (:S)

They give you the illusion they'll back off if you want them to, and thereby you don't want them to back off.

Love, someone who had an italian for "her first" :P