Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why Isn't The World Saying Anything?

One thing I wil never ever ever understand is why the whole world stands by and lets things like the war in Lebanon happen.
I can't believe no one's forcing Israel into a cease fire.
They are pulling children out of the rubble.

The whole concept of war is something I will never understand, either.
Growing up, they teach you that conflict is solved the "adult way" by talking things over.
And yet here we are, in the 21st century bombing the hell out of everything. (We, as in humans.)
Why are weapons even made?
Guns, bombs, the whole deal.
There is absolutely no need for any of it.

And if we're going to accuse Iran of supplying weapons to Hizbullah, we should also look into America supplying Israel with weapons. It is also supplying African countries (including Sierra Lione) with weapons, fueling the civil war.*
Or is that "different"?
I'll bet it is.

I know nothing about war, politics, or casualties, but I find it strange that over 700 people (30-40% of them children) have been killed in almost 4 weeks. I find it stranger that Israel is doing all of this because of two hostages, who are soldiers.
What I find even stranger still, is that Hizbullah are the only people who have pointed out that Israel has thousands of civillian hostages. No one seems to be paying much attention to that little fun fact.

No matter how I look at this, Hizbollah are in the right. Whether I watch Al-Jazeera or CNN, I come to the same conclusion.
I know in matters like this there is no "wrong" and "right", but in this particular case it is glaringly obvious.
I wish no harm upon the Israelis, Americans, or anyone else, but I'd like to state clearly that Hizbullah are in the right.
Again: I am completely opposed to war, and the killing of innocent people.
I'm just stating what I have concluded.

War is a fucker.
Let's all play nice.


*No offence to the Americans, but your government does do that stuff. It doesn't make you bad people, it just means I personally am not too fond of your government.
I'm not too fond of mine, either, but that's a whooole 'nother post.


Chris said...

No offence taken Ubergirl. Yes, Israel is killing civilians in Lebanon. But that is Hizbollah's fault -- in fact, it's Hizbollah's strategy. They integrate into the civilian population to launch attacks against Israel, knowing that civilians will die in the counterattack. Note also that the Hizbollah attacks are directed against Israeli civilians specifically, whereas Israeli attacks are directed against Hizbollah who have chosen to hide among civilians. Yes, war sucks.

Anonymous said...

chris you're a fucking idiot

bored said...

...war is a nessecary evil luv ,humanity could not survive with out this cruel reality and its up to us to either get with the program or die out as the weaker link

ren_crow said...

Chris that was just a lie cooked up by the Israelis to justify Lebanese civilian casualties. Maybe you have forgotten that members of Hezbollah ARE lebanese. Do they think they would endanger the very people they are trying to protect?

Likewise Hezbolloh could say that Israeli forces are hiding among the civilian population to justify any of their civilian casualties. Its just a ploy that people, strangely, are buying into like it was the one and only truth.

Mike said...

"They are pulling children out of the rubble.

Israelis have been pulling their children out of rubble for years, Ubergirl, thanks to Hamas and Hezbollah.

This war was planned in advance by Iran. They are planning to trigger the return of the 12th Imam through an apocalyptic war with the USA. This is just the first phase. Well, they're going to get their war, but I don't think they're going to get their 12th Imam.

I can't expect you to understand, Ubergirl. You, and all other Muslims, have been fed nothing but lies your entire lives. Lies about Israel. Lies about the Jews. Lies about the West. Lies about yourselves. You're in the position the Germans and Japanese were in before WWII. They believed lies too.

*PerdU* said...


thank u so much for enlightening a young Muslim girl who had no idea her life revolved around lies!! it is a lie that there were people living in the occupied lands of Israel before the West decided that the Jews can have that piece of land because of the atrocities they committed in the Holocaust! it is a lie that Palestinians have been tortured and killed for all these years,, it is a lie that America supplies the Jews of Israel with weapons and money only to commit more violent acts.. they r all lies.. wait a minute.. maybe the Palestinians living in the cage that they call Gaza r a lie too,, maybe they r a hallucination! thank u so much for the light u have shed upon my poor Muslim ignorant mind.. i would have still been believing lies if it was’nt for u..

Hoosain said...

I think it is You Mike that have been fed lies. They say if you lie to people all the time they will end up believing it. Oh the great America Media. Must have been lies that they still lookin for Nuclear Bombs in Iraq, but in the meantime they will just rape and pillage the people and country.
Remember the people in Palestine and Lebanon are from both the Christian and Muslim Faith. Whether u muslim, christian or jew the killing of innocent civilians are wrong. May God give victory to the Opressed, u decide who is the opressed.

Anonymous said...

ahh you guys are a bunch of idiots all of you,,,both sides feed eachother want to know the truth? does everyone want to know the truth?? BOTH SIDES ARN'T INNOCENT!

Sweet Anger said...

Power cannot be held by people...

One person should not be able to kill hundreds of people by a simple yes or no. Peoples lives should never be dissmissed as simple casualties of war. Its a sad fact when we LET these things happen, and we are letting them happen by simply sitting back and doing nothing.

Abu Sinan said...


The problem is that these children are Arab, and mostly Muslim, which means for the Israelis they are little more than insects to be smushed.

Listen, Arabs and Muslims are the new "untermensch" in the world, so the deaths just dont matter.

That is exactly why when an Israeli dies Western papers tell you everything about it and them, whereas "And 80 Lebanese died" will be buried.

Listen, the world has bought the lie that Israel is selling that they are the victims. One of the largest and best equipped militaries in the world, backed by the only superpower in the world, is the victim.

Hizb'Allah was born out the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the 1980s. The Arab and Muslim world is watching the ONLY Muslim and Arab army that has been able to hold its own against Israel, and they are learning a lesson.

The lesson is DO NOT build large state armies, build small, very well trained and equipped armies that will be able to hold off and inflict heavy damage against Israel and anyone else who tries this stuff.

This is the lesson that will be learned after all of this is done, and this lesson will make the world much more dangerous for Israel and the US. Israel has been shown NOT to be invincible.

When faced one on one, not 30,000 feet up in a jet, the Hizb'Allah fighters are more than a match for the Israeli soldiers.

Like one Israeli officer said, he turned a corner and saw a Hizb'Allah fighter. The guy had the same equipment as the Israeli and looked more like a Special Forces fighter than the rag-tag Arabs Israelis are used to dealing with.

The Israeli office turn and fled. THAT is exactly why after 4 weeks of bombing Hizb'Allah are STILL giving a thrashing to the Israelis. 4 weeks of bombing and yesterday 15 Israeli soldiers were killed, the highest death toll in a day yet.

Hizb'Allah has already won this one, the question is, how much. The longer they fight and hold out whilst inflicting large numbers of dead soldiers on Israel, the larger the victory becomes.

Anonymous said...

let me tell u something ubergirl..usa and israeal are shit even their children are shit..o they deserve the sept 11..

me said...

the whole thing is sad....muslims hate the jews and deny that the holocaust happened, while israel thinks that by bombing lebanon back to the stone age will get rid of Hezbollah....I just wonder when the hatred will end. i am afraid it will end with parts of the middle east as a nuclear wasteland -- the jews won't leave the only homeland they've ever had, and the muslims won't stop hating them and blaming everything on them...I think I will just block the whole thing out, since there's nothing meaningful I can do about it. no wonder so many people are politically apathetic....

Anonymous said...

Both sides are to blame. Hezbollah started this recent conflict by attacking soldiers they can't justify that no matter how angry they are at Israel. Secondly Israel in the past as recently as 2004 exchanged over 400 prisoners to get back a few of their soldiers. They could of done the same this time around saving lives on both sides yet they didn't. You need to ask yourself why. Why didn't they this time around? What is their motivation? Why does Israel seem to NEED this war?

Nuri said...

Abu Sinan, aren't you exagerating a bit???? Well, it's not a question. You are.

Anonymous said...

nuri are you fat?

Abu Sinan said...

You think Nuri? What, exactly, am I exagerating about?

Kind of a broad claim to not then explain what you are talking about.

If you are talking about Hizb'Allah winning, I suggest I am just echoing what the experts are saying. Look at this site, the guys is an expert on the Middle East, former Arabic professor at West Point, member of the DIA.

He is am American military expert and he says Hizb'Allah has already won, no matter what happens now.

Anonymous says "Hezbollah started this recent conflict by attacking soldiers they can't justify that no matter how angry they are at Israel."

That is not true. Israel has violated Lebanese airspace and border some 9,000 times since they left Lebanon. They have killed civilians, kidnapped civilians, all sorts of things. This didnt happen in a vacuum.

I dont know if you speak Arabic, but I heard Nasrallah saying open, in Arabic, that 2006 was the year they were going to take Israeli soldiers prisoner to exchange for Lebanese prisoners, Palestinian prisoners, women and children, held in Israeli prisons.

He said it outloud, for the world to hear, well at least before they banned al-Manar here in the USA.

You cannot continue to do what the Israelis have done and not paya price.

BTW, this, at its roots, has nothing to do with "Jews" or "Muslims" the same conflict would be going on if a bunch of Buddhists had decided to move to the Middle East, claim land, drive the natives from it, then form a government set up to discriminate against the natives and set up a state that promotes the interests of Buddhists over everyone else.

Do you think that I, as an American, got together 500,000 Americans and we decided to move to some European Christian country and take the land, drive away the people on it, and set up our own nation, that we would not be met with armed resistance by those living there and their neighbors?

Christian, Jewish, Muslim, it doesnt matter. If you drive a people off their land the people themselves will fight as will the neighbors. The whole religious thing is a scam and is misleading.

Anonymous said...

Nope that's wrong young terrorists don't want to kill Israelis or Americans because of Political reasons that happened before they were born. They kill Westerners because of their beliefs and freedoms which they view as threatining to their way of life.

Hezbollah did start this RECENT conflict but the overall ongoing one has been fuled by BOTH sides over the years so they are BOTH to blame. When Nations fight each other they both lose ALOT but they still go at it anyway because they are not thinking rationally.

It's like hitting someone over a disagreement and then they hit you back so you hit them harder thinking they will stop but of course they don't and you repeat the whole cycle over and over again. COMPLETELY CRAZY!

Saudi_born_expat said...

first of all, iv only got one thing to say, well as a start.
this is a freakin religous war between muslims and hebrews.

second of all. everone wonders why the heck no one is doing anythign to stop this bloody war. the answer is very simple.

The united states of america is %00 invloved in this war.
they want to fight terrorism ( islam) and them and the hebrews r having one aim. so they r on one side.
and y no one of the islamic countries isnt doing anything. it's very simple. no one can stand infront of them. how is the irony of this. now i guess i have made my point clear.

i shall go back to my blogsite

Abu Sinan said...

Anonymous-They kill Westerners because of their beliefs and freedoms which they view as threatining to their way of life.

Anything religious here is rhetorical, nothing else. This is about politics and land. There are clear cut politic and land goals here.

Religious talk is besides the issue. This nonsense sounds like the rubbish that Bush and his lot dole out about people hating the US because of American freedoms, like people would do a suicide bombing because a woman in Texas can vote, and buy a beer whilst wearing a tube top.

This is all about politics.

Anonymous said...

r u muslim ??the anonymous whos saying that the muslims side arent innocent??r u crazy wont u defend for muslims???

Nuri said...

Arabs and Muslims are the new "untermensch" in the world, so the deaths just dont matter.

That is exactly why when an Israeli dies Western papers tell you everything about it and them, whereas "And 80 Lebanese died" will be buried."

THAT was a big exageration to me. I don't believe the first sentence and as for the second, "Western" media is far too broad a concept. Maybe you meant "US media".

Anon: YES I'm FAT AND UGLY ha ha ha ha
Anon 2: "And They kill Westerners because of their beliefs and freedoms which they view as threatining to their way of life". And you forgot Rock'n roll.

Anonymous said...

i like fat women...are you spanish?

ubergirl87 said...

I have to say, I agree completely with everything Abu Sinan has said.

Anonymous said...

Ever seen a documentary where suicide bombers are interviewed as to their motives for wanting to blow up Israelis for instance? They rarely ever say for political reasons or because they took away their land. They say because they want to be forgiven for their sins and join Allah. They don't want THEIR society with women wearing tube tops and having sex and being free like Israel,Britain and other Western countries. That's why they kill themselves and Israelis to wipe away the sin so they can go to heaven not to end up like evil Westerners who will go to hell.

Abu Sinan said...

Nonsense Anonymous. Robert Pape has done an excellent book, and wrote the most comprehensive report on suicide bombings to date.

That fact is that most suicide bombers were not know for their religiousness. Of 87 Hizb'Allah suicide bombers more than 75% of them were NON religious. Most of them were leftists/secularists. In Lebanon Christians have done suicide attacks, including one female Christian school teacher.

Before the Iraq war the largest suicide bombers were the HINDU Tamil tigers, and after them, the leftist/secular Kurdish groups. Are they trying to erase their sins? Get 72 virgins?

It is ALL politics, anyone saying anything else jsut doesnt have a clue.

Anonymous said...

abu sinan:
Do you think an atheist would be a suicide bomber? Do you think they would kill themselves if they thought that it meant the end of the world as far as they're concerned? I find it highly unlikely that anyone who doesn't belive in an afterlife would be a suicide bomber.

Anonymous said...

Look, at the end of the day Israel is the one with 200 nukes. Mabye you Arabs should just calm down a little before your desert becomes even more uninhabitable, huh?

Anonymous said...

Abu Sinan said... Of 87 Hizb'Allah suicide bombers more than 75% of them were NON religious.
What bullshit. You have to be pretty fanatical to wanna die for a cause, especially if you don't think your'e going anywhere after you die.
Face it : most suicide bombers, are fanatical MUSLIMS who beleive they are going to PARADISE for the 'great deeds' (ie blowing up 50 women and children) they have done in ALLAHs name.

Anonymous said...

Abu Sinan I never said it was because of religion it has nothing to do with it. Deep down they are blowing themselves up for personal reasons that have nothing to do with politics or religion. Suicide bombers almost never mention these things as motives they say they want to die to feel better about themselves and be loved by Allah. That's personal not political.

Anonymous said...

if u r a real muslim ur not gonna shay that shit

Parallel said...

Ubergirl, Abu Sinan,

Please consider that you may be wrong.

Lebanese casualties have gotten a fair bit of press here in Australia, but most people (not all by any means) blame Hezbollah - as do I. It only exists to destroy Israel, not to defend Lebanon. If it didn't exist and there were no attacks from Lebanese soil against Israel, Lebanon would be in no danger, except from Syria.

If Hezbollah fought honourably and not concealed weapons and fighters in civilian areas and civilian clothes ("hiding behind women and children" in the phrase of the UN envoy) or deliberately attacked civilian targets, they would have more respect. As it is, I think there will not be peace while Hezbollah exists, because it exists just for war. They love death, as they have said, so they must love what they're doing to Lebanon.

On the other hand, Israel is perceived to be fighting honourably for the most part. Qana was a tragic accident. Certainly it harmed Israel, which does not deliberately target children; while many incidents, from Maalot to Beslan, from Iraq to Ambon, shows that the self-styled "mujahadeen" often do.

Anonymous asks why Israel did not negotiate for an exchange like before. This attack shows that those previous negotiations were a big mistake. Paying a ransom has, as usual, encouraged more kidnapping. Plus the fact that Hezbollah murdered the three soldiers kidnapped in 2000, and the fact they wanted the release of a real child-killer: Samir Kuntar. Since Hezbollah were never going to make peace, and were gaining more and more arms as time went on, and Lebanon had declined to disarm them, what other options did Israel have?

Abu Sinan,

Your description of the founding of Israel is not fair and omits many relevant facts, such as the half-million jews forced to leave Arab lands after 1948, or the massacres of jews by arabs in Hebron (1929) and Bagdhad (1941) - in both cases from long-established, not immigrant, communities. I could describe, say, the arab migration into Europe in the last two decades in exactly the same terms - would that then justify europeans killing and expelling the immigrants?

But your argument cuts both ways. If it is natural to attack someone you think has taken your land, surely it is just as natural to attack those who are trying to destroy you before they have the power to do so - so why blame Israel?

I have not seen any evidence that Israelis in general regard arabs or muslims as insects, although no doubt a few nut-cases do. I have seen considerable evidence that many muslims regard jews in that way ("sons of pigs and monkeys") and kufr like myself as "filth". I would never generalise that to *all* muslims, and I recommend you do not generalise either.

One final point. The arabs of a thousand years ago are regarded by some as the most civilised people on earth, whose culture and hospitality was a byword. Today, thanks to Hezbollah and Hamas, al Qaida and - I'm sorry to say - some arab governments, they are being associated with hatred and irrational anger. I wish you well, but I repeat: please consider that you may be wrong.

Best regards


Anonymous said...

Arabs of a thousand years ago used to murder their newborn baby girls not civilised at all. I think many Arabs have evolved beyond that. Israel killing more Arabs is just going to make them look more bloodthirsty and INCREASE the violence against them. Israel did have a choice not to attack and make the situation worse IF they were different they would've optioned for peaceful methods. I guess two soldiers are worth the price of thousands injured and dead including ISRAELIS! and the destruction of Lebanon. Yeah that makes complete sense.