Wednesday, August 23, 2006

If You're Offended By This Then I Mean YOU.

Gentlemen, (or should I just be honest and call you complete wastes of oxygen and all other resources?)
Stalking me will not get you my number. It might provoke an outburst (which I will find theraputic and you will find excruciatingly embarrassing.) It will certainly trigger disgust, and pity, but absolutely nothing more, you perverts.
Being rude doesn't make you more of a "man", fucktard.
I will only ever give you the time of day when you are my intellectual equals. That's right, kids. NEVER.
So I suggest you give up and take on something more productive, like knitting (it's quite simple, don't worry.)

Try to grow a few feet while you're shopping at Burberry. And shave, you disgusting pigs. Everywhere. You look like Yetis.
Animal noises are not in the least attractive, you neanderthals.

And you're only rude to us Arab girls. Banat baladkum. Hatha badal ma t3amlooni zay o5tikum. Lazim anadee ilsecruty guard ilbree6ani 3ahsan ysa3idni 3alaikom. Wallah 3aib.
That, I will never understand.
I will, however, keep pointing it out to you.



Anonymous said...

I will never understand arab men.

Bananahamic said...

Poor kid's they don't know how to use there dicks…so they started thinking with it...
Uhhh I feel really sorry for them, it's like being an animal when he chase after the female in the wild.

SunShine said...

Oh my god. You actually had to call security?? How terrible :S Mn jed terrible.

I really wonder if someday we were able to conduct a survey on a national level, like the Kinsey Report (the sex report that uncovered how americans really live), what kind of incredible thinsg we would discover....

Anonymous said...

youre never satisfied/are you?

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Tell em Ubergirl!

The things about surveys...everyone seems to have one, but I've never been interviewed for one! sis from the usa

!n$@n!tY said...

if they ever made a survey, theyd discover that guys act that way because THEY DONT GET TO USE THEIR DICK UNTIL THEYRE TWENTYSUMMIN.

which is terrible and bad, in my opinion.

oh and thats y u have so many bazranjeeya in town. too much hormones out of control.

and we dont shave cus we're lazy. and and and...we "follow the way" of the prophet.

Sarooz said...

ok.. i gues this is terrible.
But, they don't represent all Arab men..
I believe that it could be a non Arab man do like this ..

Anonymous said...

you're right sarooz....there's some real creeps here too. sis from the usa

k said...

Poor Uber, we love you.

Anonymous said...

ubergirl what happened to your alter ego?

Abu Sinan said...

I love your posts. I am not an Arab man, but I am married to an Arab woman.

You know, they have a habit of acting rude sometimes, like "how could one of our women marry a foreigner".

Look in the mirrors guys. If it wasnt for families and the society, there would be A LOT more Arab women marrying Western/non Arab men.

As it is many are stuck for settling for the least offensive guy to marry.

Sad, but many of the Arab guys, born and raised here in the USA, are no different.

Time you guys decided you want a friend, a companion, and equal for a wife.

ABDULLA said...

The post disturbed me...
what happened? :s

Bissa said...

Amen to that.

k said...

I love yolur blog UG

nuri said...

that was funny...

Huda said...


That's lousy. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm guessing it's kind of what I faced when I was travelling in the UAE/Saudi...

I do agree with abu sinan regarding men disploaying more of the qualities that arab women desire, such as grace, dignity, politeness, respect, just to name a few that I found lacking in many, sadly.

Male dominance isn't understood by women unless it's displayed with those qualities. oh, and faith. Faith helps a lot. Since these guys are muslims and all.

Ubergirl, I don't always agree with what you write (go figure) but on this one...I could relate. Some of these guys are incredibly rude.

And uh...for the poor pup who said that they're acting the way they act because they can't use their dicks till they're twenty-sumthin...

Self control is a great thing. Do you think when you have a wife that she's always available when you want her, at your beck and call? (think childbirth. Or menses. Or whatever.) Or that the newness won't wear off, that you won't hotly desire someone else - who isn't halal for you?

You have to develop self control - or you'll turn into what she's talking about.

Odd one out said...

Im non arab and IMHO arab women rock.

Abu Sinan you are very lucky. Unfortunately I'm not considered Muslim/arab family friendly.

I'm not offended because I know exactly the type you are taking about. I guess there isn't really another way you can be if you have to ask your mother to find you a wife.

Bad men are everywhere but good ones are everywhere to so you just need to look a little harder.

8r8r-nsns said...

هههههه نعم تعانين من ما يعاني منه اغلب الفتيات السعوديات
اعجبتنا مدونتك
تحكين عن واقع حاضرنا الذي نعيشه
الى الامام و اتمنى لكي التوفيق

لا تحسبين بكلامنا العربي الفسحه اننا كبار لا والله ترانا قدك او اصغر شوي

Anonymous said...

So because a few Saudi, or Arab guys bugged you in London, now all Arab, and Saudi men are like that. You are labeling millions of Arab men, especially Saudi men as pigs who don’t shave. Grow up, when u walk infront of any construction site in any city in the States, you get whistled at, and some men try to approach you. Does that mean all American men are like that, you go into a club, and the one thing in every guy’s mind in the club is to score with someone in there, or at least get her phone number. These are just the facts of life my dear. Or is it because they have blue eyes, and blonde hair, you can overlook their, misgiving, while you can see every little fault in your fellow country men. I have noticed since the blogging craze have started, and more Saudi women, or should I say girls started blogging (especially the one who blog in English) they seem to think the more, I knock my country, my countrymen and my society in general, the more hits I get on my blog page. What a pity.

Sewmouse said...

When were YOU last in the US near a construction site, "anonymous"?

It is quite considered to be "gauche" for men to behave badly in that manner any more. Sounds to me as if you are watching too many "Austin Powers" movies and actually believing that the Hollywood stereotype is truth.

You choose not to shave - that is your privilege, it is your face. You, however, have no right to invalidate the feelings of this young woman simply because you have a penis.

ubergirl87 said...

Anonymous: Where did I say all Arab men were like that? And who told you Arab men don't have blue eyes and blonde hair?
Frankly, unless you are an Arab girl (or any sort of girl, for that matter), I don't expect you to understand anything I have gone through with my country men.
And most bloggers (regardless of race or nationality) critisize their countries and societies!
No-one is completely satisfied with everything in their country! THAT, my friend is a 'fact of life.'

Please note, that YOU are the one who labeled ALL Saudi girls as people who diss their countries: "I have noticed since the blogging craze have started, and more Saudi women, or should I say girls started blogging (especially the one who blog in English) they seem to think the more, I knock my country, my countrymen and my society in general, the more hits I get on my blog page."
Whereas I have failed to find an instance in which I describe ALL Arab men as perverts.

I have a WONDERFUL idea. Let's all pretend the world is a beautiful place where rainbows cure cancer and men don't get hard-ons FROM A WHIFF OF PERFUME.
YOU grow up. If we don't address our problems we create new ones.

Please spare me your advise. You know nothing about what I go through.

Anonymous said...


Yes I seen construction sites in the States, and I seen how men act, and please spare me the Hollywood stereotype routine, Arab have always been portrayed in Hollywood as either backward Bedouin living in the desert, or most recently as terrorists, so don’t talk to me about stereotype lady. By the way I never liked Austin powers movies, let alone sat through the whole thing. Maybe in Utopia, AKA Chicago (now that’s a joke) all men act so respectful around women, but in the real world Chicago included that’s not the case.


I’m quite aware that rainbows don’t cure cancer, but neither does knocking your own country down in cyber space day in, and day out. I just find it hard to believe that you have nothing good to say about your own country. One example how many country around where you have free college education, not only that they pay you monthly stipends. I’m sure you are well aware that many students in the States have to apply for student’s loans, and they are in debts years after they graduate. So instead of dwelling on all the negatives all the time, why don’t you just once bring out the positives.

I’m not one of those who like to air one’s dirty laundry in public, but since that seems to be your mode of operation, how come you never talk about your own gender. Saudi girls, we already established how much you dislike Saudi men. Now have you seen your fellow Saudi women and how they act in public, a lot of them go out with the sole intention to land the big fish, and the more the better. CNN reported on this phenomena, do you ever talk about infidelity, do you know that some girls cheat on their husbands, and they barely out of their honeymoon, do you know that Saudi girls would bring her lover to her house the minute her husband leave for work. Do you also know that there is organized prostitution in Saudi Arabia, with Saudi young women involved, shocking things when I first heard about them, but its all true, of course there are still the drugs, and heavy alcohol abuse.

ubergirl87 said...

Anonymous: This is obviously the first time you have visited my blog. There is a post where I mention that I love getting payed to go to school, among other things. The post is entitled Ten Things I Like About Saudi Arabia, or something like that.
There are also a number of posts in which I critisize 'my own gender.'
And if you don't like talking about the problems we face as Saudis, then people like you are EXACTLY what is wrong in Saudi Arabia. Again: Discussing whatever is wrong with your country is only healthy, ignoring our problems (as is the case here in Saudi) only creates new ones.

And the day I turn into a man who's wife is a prostitute that brings other men into my house, you will see me writing in my blog about prostitution and infedelity. I blog about things I see, think, and feel. Do not for ONE MINUTE think I will change what I blog about for your sake, so stop asking me to.

One more thing: Why does it bother you so much that I have an opinion and that I like sharing it?

Anonymous said...

I'm not asking you to change anything from my sake, I just have great deal of pride in my country despite the fact I was mostly raised and had most of my formal education in the west. I strongly believe in that old adage,that says, those without a past, surly have no future. It just pains me when I see my country being ripped a part. For God sake I seen one of your "sister blogger" naming her country the kingdom of Lunacy and calling her own mom " a useless vagina" so I think many of the bloggers have really crossed the line into the absurd, and the ridiculous. Are you telling me this the way things get fixed, and is this way for things to get better, I really don't think so.

Just one more question I like to ask you before I get out of your hair, what kind of Saudi Arabia do you envision?

Anonymous said...

for my sake*

ubergirl87 said...

I envision a land where religion is not taken for granted and manipulated. A land where I am free to practice... Well, my freedoms. Without disturbance.
I love Saudi Arabia. It is my home, but I will not lie. It is no where NEAR perfect. And pretending it is, or worse, giving up on improving it would mean that I DON'T love it. When you critisize your country, you are bringing to light it's flaws, and yes, I believe that is the first step towards improvement. I hate ignoring problems, and the fact that I care enough to share my views only proves that I love my country, and I am interested in improving it.
What someone says in their blog is their business. Not yours nor mine. They know about their lives far more than anyone can, so you cannot possibly judge them or say they are doing something that is wrong.
And maybe I AM doing something to make things better. I don't understand why everyone thinks I'm not. I not only discuss things on my blog, but in real-life, I do do things that I think are ultimately part of the solution, and so do many other people, (including bloggers.)
Just because we don't dwell on what we've done or brag about it doesn't mean we're not doing our part.

me said...

you rock ubergirl :) awesome reply.