Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Few Of My Experiences With Arab Men, Part One

There is a group of Moroccans who make a point to shout "Habeebi!" (Darling!) whenever we pass by them. I hear it almost three times a week.
What is that about?

No, seriously?

I was having lunch with my sister today, we were both reading.
Now normally, when someone is reading, it is like they have a large 'Do Not Disturb' sign magically hanging over them, isn't it?
Not to the Arab male, apparently.
"Those men have been staring at us for the past half hour."
I look up and catch one's eye. He points at his friend who is walking over to us.
"Marhaba!" (Greetings!)
"Are you Arabic?"
I am tempted to say (in Arabic) "No, we are Vietnamese.", but decide I am not in the mood for this 60 something year old man to think I'm being cute.
"Uhh... Yes. We're Saudi."
"I knew it! I have been arguing that you are Arabic with those gentlemen over there. They think you're Italian."
"Yeah. We're not." I smile and go back to my book.
I look up and he's still there, leaning on our table.
"I am Dr.WhoGivesAShitWhatHisNameIs, from Syria."
"And... Where in Saudi Arabia do you live."
My sister says, "The capital." with out looking up from her book.
"Ahh! We lived there for almost 20 years! From 19HowTheFuckIsThis to 19UsefulToMe?!"
"That's before we were even born."
"Hoho! Yes it is!"
"Are you girls here on vacation?"
"Is your family here with you?"
"Do you study here?"
"Where do you study?"

Why has this clown not left yet? I think two minutes later.

"Who is your father?"
"Excuse me?"
"What is the name of your father?"
I ignore him.
"Where do you live? What street?"
"Sir, you came here wanting to know whether we were Arabic, now you know. I don't see how any of your other questions are relevant."
He starts blubbering about how he didn't want to cause us any 'inconvenience.'
Well, he has.
And no, curiosity doesn't justify any of his questions. I was polite enough to answer a few, but he is still one of the most annoying people I have ever come across.

Lastly is a little Saudi boy (the ones who have green mustaches) that follows us everywhere and knows exactly where we are at all times.
Without anyone even paying him.
He is usually seen with his gang of teenage boys, making a fool of himself.
All very exciting, I assure you.


Oh, and happy birthday LuLu!


Anonymous said...

They really know how to win a girls heart eh. Talk about boundary issues!

Saudi said...

do you wear a hijab? maybe if you wore one they will stop annoying you.

Anonymous said...

Saudi said...

do you wear a hijab? maybe if you wore one they will stop annoying you.

Yeah they probaly would. So why don't you just let yourself be enslaved to it, and never dress in a way that makes you feel free, and look GOOD

Bissa said...

Saudi & Anon, if a girl would ever wear a hijab she'd do it for god and no one else but him. Not to impress someone nor make those harassments stop.

Anonymous said...

bissa i always wondered if you would be into anal? =D

Bissa said...

who's anal?!

Anonymous said...

lol@who's anal!!!!

monsie said...

ma 3aleek minhom..tzleeleen 7aya o garaf!! w333oooooh
oh and bisbis..I AGREE WITH WUT U SAID 100%

Bisbis said...

i know,, sick stalkers. I know who the anonymous is. O b3deen tgool "anonymous people are 'chicken'" wallahi ma a3rif who's stalking me with an anon name & saying bullshit.

all i gotta say to her is ;

Anonymous said...

first i would like to say that i like the way that ubergirl think and talk....
second ....i still like ubergirl wrihgtting...sory my spilling is very baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

ren_crow said...

Where did this happen? Its obvious u were on vacation somewhere when this happened.

lol @ "I am Dr.WhoGivesAShitWhatHisNameIs, from Syria."

Ahh well what can i say. I should probably get up and defend my gender in some chauvinistic way, but ill leave that to the arab man!:D