Sunday, August 13, 2006

My One Hundredth Post

I don't want anyone to congratulate me. Save yourself the effort.
Instead I want everyone to watch this.
Please please please, watch this video with an open mind.
Actually listen to what George Galloway is saying. Listen.

George Galloway is a Rockstar.



Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Geroge Galloway. The news here in America always takes Isreals side. I mean they will show the people in Lebanon dieing. But it is alway "poor little isreals". I agree with what Hizbullah is doing. I really dont think it is right that Americans give isreals weapons or money to pay for them weapons. I am so sick of hearing about the Isrelies. I am not trying to be mean by saying this. I have nerver even known about the civilian hostages that Isreal has until I read your blog. The media here does not report stuff like that.

Don Cox said...

George Galloway is a crook who allies himself with people like Saddam Hussein and the Assads in Syria.___It makes sense to me that the USA should help Israel with its defense. Israel is a tiny country of only six million people, surrounded by tens of millions of ferocious enemies. It would be a disaster for the whole world if there was a second Holocaust.___If the Arab countries had any sense, they would make friends with Israel and gain access to all the ideas and technology that Israel has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Israel holds Lebanese prisoners chief among those is Samir Qantar, serving several life sentences for murder after attacking a civilian apartment block in Nahariya in 1979. A policeman, another man and his four-year-old daughter were killed. A baby girl was accidentally smothered by her mother as she hid in a cupboard.

Obviously this guy should be released. Sending missiles into civilian areas, killing random people is entirely justified to release great heroes like this from jail. The evil zionists need to realize that.

Anonymous said...

He's partially right. Western media sees Israel as a victim only which is unbelievably wrong.. The CURRENT conflict tho was started by Hizballah BUT Israel could've exchanged prisoners and the dead would still be alive and there would be peace in Lebanon. So Israel is equally to blame for what has happened. Don't know much about the history maybe Ubergirl can fill us in. You gotta talk to your enemies and try to put your anger aside if you want peace.

Anonymous said...

whats with everyone and this video? are you all fucking idiots that can't speak for themselves?

Long live Israel!

Anonymous said...

If you want to know what is going on in Israel and Lebanon you can follow this thread at flyertalk, look for Dovster and BEFlyer they are friends from Israel and Lebanon who are discussing the situation.

Anonymous said...

looks liek the whole url didnt show

Abu Sinan said...

I have hear Galloway speak, in person, here at a DC anti-war rally. He says the right things, he is spot on, but as an individual, he is a bit dodgy.

But hey, dont kill the messenger, listen to his message!

Anonymous said...

Galloway commits bullshit within his first few sentences. Israel has been invading Lebanon for all his daughter's 24 years because Muslim terrorists keep attacking Israel from Lebanese territory. First the PLO, then Hezbollah.

Galloway never met a dictator whose ass he wouldn't lick, or a terrorist group he wouldn't perform mass blow jobs for. He's not a rockstar, he's a pig.

HEROINE said...

anonymous, there is no need for all that, she was simply voicing her opinion, and u did yours.

No disrespect, but can't this turn into a mature conversation without cussing and sounding immature?

by the way, howcome u sign under the name anonymous, make up a blog, write your thoughts, I am pretty sure it would be interesting to say the least.

Abu Sinan said...

Anonymous, ever think about why the PLO was formed? It would be because some 800,000 Palestinians were driven from their lands would it? It wouldnt be because some 400 Palestinian villages were destroyed would it?

Get over the issue Galloway, deal with the issues at hand here.

Anonymous said...

Hezbollah wants to kill all jews just like the nazis. In the words of Nasrallah in the October 22, 2002 Lebanon Daily Star that if the Jews "all gather in Israel it will save us the trouble of going after them world wide."

HEROINE said...

Oh please !

Wasn't it Rabbi Yaacov Perrin who said
“One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”

If you do have a memory that only goes back a few weeks, then maybe what you say culd make sense, still, very slim chance. The fact is, its been going on for decades. You have to keep that in mind in order to understand the hostility taking place today, and I am not justifying it, I am clearing it up.

Seriously, if your going to pinpoint, dont make it seem like israelis did nolthing, or even that they want peace, cus then you would be straight out lying, or maybe even oblivious to the truth ... We are stating history and facts here, and if you ask me, it is what Israel is doing to palestine (note, I said palestine) what Hitler did to them. It's funny how you think its the other way around, I mean seriously anonymous, your giving arabs too much credit here! :)

And we still hear about the Haullicost, as if the lives lost there are more important than the ones we are losing now. The fact is, people are people, lives are precious, regardless of origin, race, sex or age. I would like to think that you would agree, but I am pretty sure you wouldn't.