Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Muhamadiyah Attack

Things that frustrate me have been popping up out of no where this past week.
Take, for instance, this.
Why is that story still in the news?
It happened 10 years ago.
Not to mention it is her parent's fault.

Whereas, this is rarely mentioned in the news.

You know, the story of how four of the soldiers who are fighting for the freedom of Iraq raped a 14 year old girl and then murdered her along with the rest of her family.*
This is apparently one of many cases we haven't heard the details of.
I'm sure it's all to do with stopping the terrrissts from acquiring new-key-ler weapons.
Seriously, why is that not in the news all the time?
It sure as hell deserves to be!
I would very much like to see those soldiers trialed and senteced in Iraqi courts.

What is wrong with everyone!?
Why isn't anyone outraged? Why are American soldiers still in Iraq? They aren't happy there, and niether are the Iraqis! Get them back to their homes!
If I were American I'd demand that American soldiers be brought back home.
Honestly, let the Arabs sort out their own mess. No one asked America to police the world!

But I'm not American, I'm Arabic.
And I hate what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine.
And there's absolutely nothing I can do.
I hate not being able to fix things.
It's so frustrating!

And so the never-ending circle of frustration continues.


*Again: No offence to the Americans. I just don't like your government very much.


Bruco said...

I don't know if that makes you feel any better. But here in Italy follow the news more or less regularly, and I've read several articles on the Mahmudiya "incident" (I don't like the term, but that's the one the media uses here). Perhaps not enough, but several. On the other hand, I've never heard about that girl in Thailand, before clicking on the link in your blog.

taqo said...

LOL @ "terrrissts" & "new-key-ler".

News these day (especially in the states) seems like its just another form of entertainment.
They just show what people want to see. Not necessarily what needs to be shown.
News...think of it more like "E!"...with edge.
Newspapers are horrible too...
Sometimes it seems like I've picked up a friggin' tabloid...

!n$@n!tY said...

I agree with you about the mohamadeeya incident. it was inhumane and horrible. but did you ever stop to think as to what would happen to iraq if the americans left it now ? with them there now, at least FIFTY ppl are killed EVERY DAY. Imagine how many more would die if there was no one to protect, or give the image of protecting them.

ABDULLA said...
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ABDULLA said...


ubergirl87 said...

No, I don't think Iraq would be any worse than it is now if the American troops left.
And they have to leave one day... Ya3ni they won't be there "protecting" the Iraqis forever.
5alhum yfikoona il7een, bass.

(And Bruco, JonBenet Ramsey is American :))

MuRaSaKi said...
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MuRaSaKi said...

Just like George Galloway said to that silly news presenter on Sky News, that it’s the likes of Rupert Murdoch who just happen to own and run media empires deceiving the public eye of the truth by twisting facts. Rupert Murdoch who also happens to be a “neo-conservative”, a term that I just came across recently. I’ll share with you a brief explanation on that ideology quoted by a fellow blogger upon my request.

“Neo-conservatism was a movement that gained weight in the mid 70s. They have many beliefs but basically they have a very narrow way of looking at things. They do what they want and little or no disregaurd for others. Most of all they are known for their hawkish foreign policy. The protection of America is their main goal and they go to any lengths to do so.

The neocons are extremists!!! They have come in power only twice; once during the Reagan regime, which by the way, Paul Roberts was in and now under the Bush regime. But they have done so much damage this time that they will never be able to muster votes to come in power again. The US economy is on the decline, oil prices are sky high, America is losing the war in Iraq and has so many more enemies due to its current foreign policy.

Ronald Reagan was a movie star. George Bush is an idiot with a rich father. Both knew nothing about politics, so the neocons financed them, put them in power and then called the shots.
The upcoming presidential elections, even though all the candidates haven't been announced, will be an extremely tough one. The American public is upset! It will require someone with a lot of brains, experience and patience to come into power. You'll see that it will be someone who will turn things around dramatically...

Anything else Murasaki?”

I’m so into politics now! :p

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

"This is apparently one of many cases we haven't heard the details of."

Apparently? And you know this how?

This may come as a bit of a shock, but in my country(the U.S.) people are considered innocent until proven guilty.

As to what should be in the news, that is determined by the latest bad news story. And there are many of them.

The JonBenet Ramsey murder was a huge media circus at the time so the solving of it would be a normal lead in any news show now.

Also I've heard that the figure for Iraqis killed was running about 100 a day.

As to what would happen if we withdrew from Iraq now, I would guess that Iran would just step into our place. *shrug* Which may or may not cause a wider conflict in the region.

And no offense meant in my comment either, Uber.


My understanding of the Neo-cons agenda is that they would like to use American power to try and promote a more democratic world. But there is always a tug of war between the "isolationists" in my country and those who would act as the "worlds policeman".

Personally I consider myself a moderate.

I did not vote for George Bush in 2000. However I did in 2004. In 2000 I was voting domestic issues only. In 2004 I was voting more of the foreign issues. And the Democrats at that time were not fielding a candidate that came across as being able to defend my country in a time of war. And when I talk about war I am talking about Iraq and 9/11.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

To clarify one thing. When I said Iran would take our place, I did not necessarily mean a full scale invasion. More of a continuing effort to gain influence in Iraq. Which some people in Iraq don't really like. (Understatement)

Engineer Sighted said...

You're right about the priorities of news orgnaizations. JonBenet isn't big news, it shouldn't have been ten years ago. Neither was Lacy Peterson, Jennifer Wilbanks, Natalee Holloway or Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, people watch about them. Mostly, I think, because it's easy to understand and easy to report. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine are certainly infinitely bigger issues than any of those pretty girls or women who got on the news, but they are far more complicated. Particularly Palestine. I considered posting on the previous couple of entries, because the situation is far more complicated that how it was distilled by any of the posters, but I don't know if I'd be able to add anything other than "It's far more complicated than that." The trouble with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine is the more you know about the situation, the harder they become to solve. But there is no ambiguity with a pedophile who kills a little girl; he is unquestionably evil.

MuRaSaKi said...

Lynnette - The fact that Neo-cons knows no extent in achieving there goals (protecting their ppl) is a scary one, especially when they’re the world's super power.

Neo-cons - Baaad...

On the subject, do you think that if it weren’t for the current administrations "bullish" foreign policy toward the M.East, non of those so called "Islamic fascists" i.e. Bin Laden, Zarqawi... would have emerged from the start?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you must have been absent the day empathy was handed out! That is the problem with your part of the world. You don’t give a damn about anyone but yourselves or those you deem worthy enough to be in you little “woe is us” clique. Although even that concern is limited to the times when it makes someone you don’t like look bad.

A child was murdered and no one has been held accountable for that crime for the past ten years. When some creep goes around confessing to said murder, it’s going to end up in the newspapers. That is how it works. Heartless c***.

The news story about those disgusting soldiers that raped a young girl and slaughtered her family HAS been in our media. I’m sure the powers that be won’t let such an act go unpunished. Unless you’d prefer we take a page out of your book and cheer them as heroes. Maybe give them some virgins? Canonize them as saints for taking out some ‘enemies’?

I'll let you get back to your collective thumb sucking now. Nothing will ever change over there and that is the real tragedy.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the 100 thousand or so civilians who are dead in iraq because of the US and the countless others who have lost loved ones or have been gravely injured.

Not only that but all the depleted uranium from bombs and bullets that has caused a huge increase in the number of cancer cases in many parts of Iraq. The media has almost completely ignored this issue.

A couple of years ago a report came out that found 7 percent of US female soldiers had been raped by there fellow soldiers.Those are just the ones who came forward the real number is even higher. Now imagine how many Iraqi women have been raped by US soldiers. This war is an atrocity on a massive scale.

Sam said...

CNN's latest on the main page: Hollywood actor arrested, something about bugs, and a joke on Tom Cruise.

BBC's latest: Olmert suspends withdrawal plan, Probe into Afghan bombing deaths, US judge rules wiretaps illegal.

Now I didn't add Jazeera because some would simply regard it as biased.

Most US inhabitants don't even know what's going on outside their own states, let alone the country. And when they do check out their news channels, CNN gives them the latest in Hollywood and a few statistics on Iraq and Afghanistan. Look at how the BBC talks more about news that's related to the US than CNN does.

Uber, don't be surprised if you don't hear the developments of the Mahmoudiya case anytime soon…especially since the pedophile who instigated it all is allegedly suffering from a personality disorder.

And CNN's motto is: The most trusted name in news…

Great comedians

bruco said...

you're right :-P anyway *that* (non Thai) story came in the news here only today.

Plus, some more news is coming out 'bout Haditha, the other big shame besides Mahmoudiya:

Lynnette in Minnesota said...


I don't really think that the goal of a more democratic world is bad per se. The methods used to achieve that is where the question lies. I do rather think that at times people are like a kid whose eyes are too big for his stomach. You do have to be careful not to squander what you have.

Bin Laden I think was a result of events that occurred in 1991 and his extremist interpretation of Islam.

If Saddam hadn't invaded Kuwait in 1991 things would have come out differently. However the extremist form of Islam as represented by Bin Laden would still be there.

As far as I am concerned after 9/11 the United States had a right to defend herself. Afghanistan was justified.

What was happening in Iraq with the sanctions could no longer continue and Saddam could not stay. The Neo-cons would look at it as trying to free a country from a tyrant and bring democracy to that country. The isolationists would look at it and say it was none of our business and do nothing.

Zarqawi was a Bin Laden wanna be. His ruthless killing of Iraqis in his quest to remove the US from Iraq(or so he said) was in no way justified.

And right now Iraq is in the midst of what may be the start of a Civil War. If we cannot find a way to stop it.

Btw, the Neo-cons may be scary, but there are worse scenarios.

But I tend to be somewhere in between.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for realizing the difference between the American government and the American people, unlike the last blog I read which blames America and the American people for everything bad in the world. I truely believe the min. the Iraqi government tells or asks the American government to get our Soldiers out of their will be done. sis from the usa

Anonymous said...

The Americans who voted for bush and the war are also to blame for what has happened the leader only does what the people tell them they want done. Most Americans wanted this war as well as the war in Afghanistan you can't just blame it on a few guys sitting in a room in the white house that's insane.

Lynnette in Minnesota: Do you really think the reason the US is in Iraq is to help the Iraqi people? After the first Gulf war and the decade of sanctions killed many civilians and children and only strengthened Saddams power. Plus the current war which has displaced countless people and killed many many others. The US doesn't give a damn about Iraqis because if they did they wouldn't have killed them in droves the last 15 years and left the supposedly evil Saddam alive cozy in his cell with three meals a day.
Don't you have any empathy for those poor helpless people?

To think Democracy is going to prevail in Iraq after a few years when it took the United States decades to do the same thing is just plain crazy. You cannot invade another country and bomb the hell out of it killing many innocent people in the process and expect them to welcome you with open arms. What are Americans thinking?

Nuri said...

Ubergirl, why do you blame the parents of that little girl??

daublin said...

Let me just add that before the U.S. came in, Uday Suddein raped women all day long, whenever he felt like it. Under Saddam Hussein, honor killings were legal. The Coallition of the Willing changed that. So remember, ubergirl, that when you wish for Saddam, you are wishing for rape rooms and legal honor killings.

To step back a little, I find that many anti-Americans actually know nothing of the things discussed in these comments. Psychologically, it just makes the world much easier if you can blame everything on the devil.

Anonymous said...

"The Americans who voted for bush and the war are also to blame for what has happened the leader only does what the people tell them they want done. Most Americans wanted this war as well as the war in Afghanistan you can't just blame it on a few guys sitting in a room in the white house that's insane."

To inform you a little of American politics, the President doesn't take the American people's votes on everything he does and goes with popular opinion. And that's especially true when there's a democrat in office. :D sis from the usa

Anonymous said...

"...the leader only does what the people tell them they want done." Anonymous

How easy do you think it is to get a population of over 250 million people to agree on something? How easy is it, do you think, to even get the American peoples attention?

I agree with your statement that in 2004 when George Bush was reelected there was support by the majority of the people for the war in Iraq.

Why did they support it? Any number of reasons.

1. There are people in the US who, yes, actually do care about people in Iraq(I'm talking about Iraqis not just our troops) and feel they deserve a shot at something better than a dictatorship.

2. There are people in the US who feel that to withdraw when the job isn't done will only encourage Al-Qaeda to take up residence in Iraq.

3. There are people in the US who feel that to withdraw would allow Iran to take up residence in Iraq.

4. There are people in the US who feel that to withdraw now would bring all of these forces together and create a wider conflict in the region.

5. There are people in the US who feel that to foster a democratic Iraq would help combat the extremism as represented by Bin Laden and therefore benefit the US.

6. There are people in the US who don't give a damn about the Middle East or it's people and only want to hit back at a people who have allowed extremism to grow in their countries. No we are not perfect and we do have our ultra conservative shoot first and ask questions later type of people.

And I could go on and on because you will find all sorts of reasons in a country of over 250 million people.

"After the first Gulf war and the decade of sanctions killed many civilians and children..."

It always comes back to the sanctions, doesn't it?

Have you been noticing the discord and disunity in our country lately? You were right when you said our government is answerable to the people of the US. How easy do you think it would have been, politically, to get support in Congress to lift those sanctions with Saddam in power? I'll tell you. Not easy. And if you haven't noticed we are a people that put off the tough decisions. There simply was no political will power to deal with the mess that was Saddam until George Bush came to office and 9/11 happened.

I'm sorry, this is getting long. I will just say one more thing before I go. Someone said something about people not knowing much about things discussed in these comments sections. I really think he was right. Or to be more specific, they don't know much about the United States except what they read in the conspiracy theory tabloids.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

That Anonymous at 11:20 was me. I don't know what happened.

Anonymous said...

Well there you go ultimately President Bush does what he wants more or less and millions of americans are under his spell. Just like people blaming Hitler for the murder of 6 million jews. He must of had everone under his spell in Germany. It's all President Bush's fault no one voted for him or the war no one went to iraq and killed people no one was indifferent to the whole thing or dropped bombs etc. Were all innocent and Bush is the guilty one makes sense.

If The US is so worried about Iran or Al Qaeda it doesn't do any good threatening them making them more paranoid. That's called provocation because your looking for a fight not to secure your Country. Going to war with these countries is only going to produce more anger and more terrorists making America more unsafe not a good idea if you are really looking for peace in the region and in your own country.

But if Iraq and Afghanistan were such good ideas we should try to change regimes all over the middle east like going to Iran then Syria maybe even Saudi arabia then the US will really be safe and the people there would be so grateful because they would no longer be under the spell of one guy.

If a few hundred thousand people die so what it's war it happens they'll get over it the US has the right to do such things because there only protecting themselves and trying to free those countries so they should be grateful.

If you Lynne really cared about Iraqis you would not still be backing this war how can the killing and destruction of war be a sign of care? Your punishing the very people you say you want to help. The US since the first Iraqi war has devastated that country in so many ways that is not caring that is sadistic brutal punishment and indifference. Can't you empathize with all their suffering?

Saddam Hussein by the way in the 1980's was given 3 billion dollars tons of war weapons and NUCLEAR WEAPONS! by the United States under the Reagan administration which Bush sr. was a part of and was all illegal. That's called creating your enemy so you can have someone to fight with at a later date. That is not caring about the Iraqi people. Very self destructive too.

Abu Sinan said...

I am an American and I HATE what our country is doing there. What bothers be is that if there was one such incident that got found out about, that means there are probably dozens of cases we dont know about.

Never mind the fact that the official Abu Ghraib report censored/classified the reports conclusions about the rap of women AND men at the prison.

The American people are just plain ignorant on the Middle East and Islam. Over 2,500 dead American soldier and the majority cannot find it on a map.

But when a majority cannot find Alaska or Florida, what do you expect?

Don Cox said...

"What bothers be is that if there was one such incident that got found out about, that means there are probably dozens of cases we dont know about."____No, it doesn't. You have a very low opinion of Americans. I suppose you should know, if you are one, but do the people you know personally go around murdering and raping, or is it something so rare that it makes the headlines? My impression is that the vast majority of US troops in Iraq are decent civilised people, many of them have wives and kids at home, and a great deal of their effort has been devoted to reconstruction rather than fighting Baathists or Al Qaeda. Americans, even young Americans, are not the scum of the Earth.

ubergirl87 said...

Firstly: May I remind you that Iraq is right next door to Saudi Arabia, and that we not only rely on the media to know what's happenning over there, but we hear stories first hand from the people who's loved ones have went through what the girl in the Muhamadiyah attack went through.
I know what I'm talking about.

Secondly: It's okay for the American soldiers to rape and murder because Saddam did it, too.
What an excellent rebuttal.
I'm so impressed. And your choice of insult is just so ORIGINAL.
Boy, you really got me.

Thirdly: A little girl was strangled to death in the basement of her parent's house ten years ago by her teacher. It really doesn't take a genius to realize what the story is.
And the girl was dragged from one beauty pageant to another her whole life. She was sexualy abused, and she is said to be involved in kiddie porn.
I am sorry but she should have been removed from her parents long before this could happen. They are obviously unfit.

ubergirl87 said...

have gone through*

Anonymous said...

Yeah she did suffer from CHRONIC sexual abuse based on what the autopsy evidence showed so somebody in that house was abusing her on a regular basis. Kiddie porn really? I've never heard of that. I don't buy the picture perfect family claim either but until she died no one would've known about the sexual abuse or the way she was probably being used as a doll. Ubergirl what other rape/murder stories have you heard first hand from Iraqis?

Lynnette in Minnesota said...


1. Rumors are not proof.

2. Not quite sure who said that rape would be O.K. because Saddam's goons did it. But it would not be. And it shouldn't have been O.K. when they did it either. But you sure as hell didn't see too many people in the Middle East protesting about it either.

3. Again I don't recall ever seeing anything regarding JonBenet being sexually abused long term or involved in Kiddie porn. Another of your solid gold pieces of evidence?

Anonymous said...

Please post the newslink to where JonBenet was sexually abused and involved in kiddie porn, as I've never heard that either....sis from the usa

ubergirl87 said...

I have heard stories similar to the Muhamadiyah attack. I do not have photos nor do I have video tapes.
I do, however, believe every word of it.
I am not going to try and convince you of anything, because you don't WANT to believe anything.
And the sad thing is, is doesn't have to happen 847543 times. Even if it had only happened once, in the Muhamadiyah case, it is still absolutely disgusting.
We in the ME might not be doing anything, but that is only because WE CAN'T. And even if we did, it would all be totally ignored, like it always is.
Anything form of protest in Saudi Arabia leads to arrest, and no media attention whatsoever.

And about JonBenet being abused, it is common knowledge.
The involvment in kiddie porn is something I heard on TV. I have no idea whether or not it is true, which is why I said "she IS SAID to be involved in kiddie porn."

You don't have to believe me or like what I say. I really couldn't care less.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...


I am not trying to insult you or say that you are a liar. I am simply trying to make a point that there are so many stories out there that it is NECESSARY to have some real proof. I can't tell you the number of times our guys have detained people or raided homes on tips from people who were only trying to get a little revenge against someone who has offended them in some way. It is difficult to tell who is telling the truth and who isn't.

If the soldiers in the Mahmoudya case did exactly what they are accused of then I agree with you. It IS disgusting. And I would be ready to hand down the harshest of punishment. I mean that.

And if there were one thing I would wish for the people in Saudi would be to change that "WE CAN'T" to WE CAN.

As for JonBenet, that is not common knowledge here. I have asked others and they have never heard that either.

Anonymous said...

The autopsy reports of Jonbenet being chronically sexually abused are on the internet. She was also a chronic bedwetter which is common in sexually abused children. There's no doubt she was being molested and it sure wasn't some intruder. I still suspect the parents did it.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

I've read the autopsy report. There is nothing in there that points conclusively to chronic sexual abuse. If you are referring to the "focal interstitial chronic inflammation" portion, there are other things that could cause this.

The parents DNA did not match that found on the body.

But enough. I am sure Uber is tired of this.

kay said...

I think it is extrememly unlikely Jon Bennett was involved in porn. She ws a high profile entertainer in her life time and has become world famous since she died. if any porn tapes existed they would have come to light by now.
Ubergirl why do you always talk about taking children away from their parents? I doubt you have any experience at all of what you are talking about. Have you ever been taken from your parents or even, just once, met anybody who was taken from their parents? You would not be so keen to call for it if you had.
Also, any American who voted for Bush because of 9/11 is just daft. In future it will come to light that the American Government knew 9/11 was going to happen and let it happen so they would have an exuse to invade Iraq. I live in America and know first hand how manipulative and controlling the media is.

kay said...

OK I spelt JonBenet's name wrong but everything I said still stands. Lynette in Minnesota probably thinks its just a conspiracy theory but I doubt most people even know the new historical evidence which proves the US knew Pearl Harbor was going to happen and that the Lusitania was going to be sunk in 1915. Is it so crazy to think what happened 2 times already could possible happen again.
By the way, it is the right to freedom of speach in America which means I can go onto the internet and say this stuff and no one will ever stop me.
I love the USA. The USA is a great country, founded on great values. Her people have to work hard to preserve her values sometimes, that's all.

Lynnette in Minnesota said...

"By the way, it is the right to freedom of speach in America which means I can go onto the internet and say this stuff..."

And we have the right to find you amusing.

Yes alot of people see Machievelii when they look at the US governemt. I tend to see Keystone Kops.

Politicallly Obsessed Twenty something said...

So our Soldiers leave Iraq.

The Kurds uprise, which brings Turkish troops into Iraq, which provokes huge international ramifications and most likely the Shiites asking (and recieving) Iranian soldiers to help them.

Thus, we left, it got worse....and we'd be expected to go back in and fix it since we started it in the first place.

Why cant anyone get that we cant just leave?

kay said...

Thankyou I try to be amusing

ubergirl87 said...

I find it very strange that you people are still talking about Jon Renee Ramsey. Who died in '96.
Not the 14 year old girl who was raped and murdered a few months ago.
This is EXACTLY what my post was about... Paying attention TO THE WRONG THINGS! Not a murder that happened 10 years ago.

Cindy said...

I pretty much agree with what you have to say ubergirl87 but I want to let you know that we are very aware of what happens to women and girls in the middle east. I think the solution lies with women in your countries standing up for your rights and being brave. Women here weren't always so free. And I don't mean because our government didn't protect our rights. It was because of the way society and men were when I grew up. I mean we didn't have to keep covered up, but we were pretty much used and abused and kept down. Told our ideas weren't good. Told to stay home and just take care of kids. In the workplace it was terrible in the 1960's. Your boss would use all your ideas and pay you very little. Men are men, EVERYWHERE. But, I do have to admit, American men are the very best. They are smart and well educated and willing to cooperate with women. And we don't like our own government very much either, nor do we want our young men going to the middle east. Everyday in the news there is at least one bright young man or woman soldier who is killed in Irag on the news. It is devasting to us. But because we have elections all the time here, Bush will be gone in 2008 and hopefully we will get someone better. I have a question for you, does everyone in the Middle East hate us, as people too, or just our government? For every action there is a cause. I truly believe our government in its actions in the world, has sewn the seeds for all the terrorist activites and hatred other countries have for us. But the difference is that here in the US, I can freely say all this.