Saturday, March 01, 2008

May The Lord Have Mercy on Our Souls

68 People are dead in Gaza, and 200 are injured.

And I keep getting asked to sign some e-petition to get the pictures of the prophet off wikipedia.

You want to talk about a fucking 'conspiracy against Muslims'?

How about when people are dying in the hundreds every day, all we seem to be able to focus on is a cartoonist in Denmark.
You're in on the fucking "conspiracy"!!!
You're fueling it.



Crispal said...

Not to mention the thousands of muslims killed silently by muslims in different parts of the world: Syria (Hama masacre, around 30,000), Iraq in Saddam Hussein's era (185,000 Kurdish), Iraq now (Al-Qaeda, et altri), Turkey (PKK), etc.

Don Cox said...

The Israelis have invaded Gaza to destroy the rocket launching sites and the rocket factories. They were met by a Hamas army. Dozens of Hamas fighters and some civilians have been killed or injured.____But what is Israel supposed to do when faced by a neighboring state that has declared war on Israel and fires a constant stream of rockets? They are damned if they respond and injured if they don't. _____Would Saudi Arabia tolerate a non-stop rain of rockets from Iran?

unokhan said...

here's an article mostly for uber, to let her know that she is not alone in her frustration and that other people around the world see and know what is happening. but it is also for the idiots out there --mostly americans in the thrall of AIPAC-- who prattle on and on about the zionazi's "self-defence" and generally just don't get it

أبو سنان said...

نامي نامي يا زغيري

Muhammed said...

To Don Cox:

hmmmz so how about I come and stop your whole country from getting fuel, food, medicine, and anything else that comes to mind to sustain life and then I get extremely angry at the retaliation? btw before 1948 the racist state of Israel didn't exist (yes 'Israelis' ethnically cleansed the Palestinians).