Monday, March 17, 2008

Randomness Part.. 603?

  • I like the prez of our university. He's pretty cool. He adressed us all on Sunday and we got to ask questions and everything. It was great.
  • Am I a complete loser for reading David Sedaris?:

  • Guilty pleasure: Pride and Prejudice.
    ".. the most determined flirt that ever made her family ridiculous." Classic. Makes me laugh like anything.
  • I miss playing in the sand.
  • I miss playing in the mud.
  • I don't undertand the early settlers? Why did they move into the middle of the desert? I mean, it's fine now, with airconditioning and bottled water, but at the time... What the hell were they thinking? Maybe they were some weird suicide cult that wanted to die of thirst and hunger but failed miserably? It's so weird.



Taqo said...

mud pies were yuummmy!

them surviving the harshness of the desert symbolizes their badassness.

unokhan said...

i think that kind of open forum give-and-take is quite cool and encourages confidence and trust. can you recall some of the questions, some of the answers?

Broke Saudi said...

I don't see rainbows and cupcakes.

Don Cox said...

The President looks like quite a sharp guy. But if he puts his email address on his web site as plain text (which can be read by bots), he will get a lot of Spam.

Woozie said...

Ever read Me Talk Pretty One Day?

ubergirl87 said...

taqo: I think they were kinda dumb. :-S

unokhan: How 'bout I do a whole post about it later on? :-D

broke Saudi: Precisely. I lure people on to my blog with promises of food and... gay sex.

woozles: Yeah :-D It was funny.

Broke Saudi said...

Man. I really do think like a child, I associated rainbows with leprechauns. Hmmm maybe gays and lerechauns arn't so different...Lucky the Leprechaun always struck me as a bit of a fruit. We need a homosexual cereal mascot, I hope the gays don't feel left out.