Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random Picture Post

Just because I don't have anything to blog about.

I pass by this building almost everyday on my way back from college. Any guesses as to what that scribble on the wall means? (Taqwa I expect you to get this right, ya ba66a.) (Taken on 4/11/2007)

Random picture I took at the book fair. It is not a coincidence that the people who happened to be there when I took the shot are all men. There were about 20 women, tops the day I went. The man in the picture overhead is a writer, Hamad Al-Jasser. They named all the aisles after famous Saudi writers. Isn't that cute? (6/3/2008)

This was taken at one of my favorite places in the world. Literally where I spent most of my childhood. (16/11/2007)

I took this while I was walking into our house. I happened to look up, and the clouds made a beautiful pattern. It's sad to think of all the other patterns I missed because I rarely take the time to go outside and look at nature and shit. (23/11/2007)

Doodles on a desk at college. I told you this was gonna be random. (28/10/2007)

Take a close look at this one...

It's a chick! I was at a traffic light when I noticed these kids playing with a baby chick. So sweet. And incredibly random. (28/11/2007)

I was looking at this police car and it didn't make me feel any safer. In fact, it made me feel uneasy. The police force in Riyadh (and the fire department) are barely trained and ill equipped to handle anything. (28/3/2007)

I took these this afternoon. I just thought they make Riyadh look pretty. (29/3/2008)



Muhammed said...

I liked the first picture it stands for "I love you" loool.

supernele said...

alav the picture with graffitti!and your blog too.

sexy cow said...

alav baba hamad <3

Taqo said...

alav these. :D

Sewmouse said...

Your last 2 photos of Riyadh make KSA look like my dad's little retirement village in Florida USA

Very clean and nicely landscaped

unokhan said...

ah, youth -- it hurts you that there are too many cloud patterns for you to see them all, but that doesn't mean you'll spend an extra minute studying the sky ;-)

ruby said...

LOL @ alav.

the baby chick and the kids are sooo cuteeee

ubergirl87 said...

Alav how they spelt 'you' right. I'd have thought 'you' would be tougher to spell than 'I love'.

Thanks for your comments, everyone :-)

Peace and lav! said...

The alav picture is HILARIOUS!!!
Alav it! LOL!