Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Now THIS is Blasphemy!:


So I promised a rundown of the Q&A with the president of King Saud University, and I think I'd better deliver before I forget the juicy details.

He got a lot of questions about summer programs (which we don't have.)

Now this really pisses me off, because EVERY YEAR we are asked to sign up for the summer program at the secretary's office, and every fucking year they only get a handful of signatures, and they scratch the whole plan, because it's stupid to open the whole school for the summer just for a handful of students in every department.
And I am happy to say, for once, KSU chooses not to do something stupid.

I am beginning to think these people asking for the summer term generally enjoy complaining about things that don't necessarily bother them. Either that or they are the handful of people that sign up, and who happen to be unbelievably loud and obnoxious.

Of course the prez said they'll "look into it", which I hope is code for "Either sign your damn name or shut the fuck up. Now go sit down. Jeez."

A good question was one about the weird 12 PM rule we have at the girl's university. Basically girls cannot leave the university before 12 PM. I really have given up trying to understand this rule, (imposed on us by the Muttawas.)
Don't even try. There is not an explanation. They just like toying with us.
His answer was "we'll try and make it so that all your classes end after 12." Which, I have to admit was the only bullshit answer of the event.
You take a job as the president of our university, and I must say, you seem like a smart guy. You know this rule is complete nonsense. Isn't it your job to defend us, to at least represent us fairly and publicly oppose this rule, instead of giving in to the mutts?
There are many rules made by the Muttawas that King Saud University completely ignores. Such as the fifteen minute prayer-time break that I certainly have never gotten.
We can ignore ridiculous rules when we want to, Mr.Prez. Why the hell not this one?

One girl made a very passionate comment about how students with certain connections get things done easier, and that some teachers are mean and conceited. She raises good points, but suffice it to say I am not impressed by easy applause lines. Mr.AlOthman was outraged, of course. He does not approve of this behaviour and he assured us that it would be dealt with, and I believe him.

My favorite was a pharmaceutical student who talked about how after graduating he has to wait six months for the place where he's supposed to sign up for training to open and can't the University do something about that? He went on about other stuff, but I liked his questions most because they're real problems. Mr.Prez said he really can't do anything about that because it wasn't to do with the University... and I daydreamed a little here, I must say.
Anyway it was a good answer.

A man in a wheelchair asked why they wouldn't let him into medical school (he's doing engineering.) The gist of what the President (politely) said is that we must all pursue careers where we are guaranteed a job, and that the guy's medical condition may not allow him to go into medicine, but they will certainly allow him to be an exceptional engineer. All we need is hard work, and bla bla...
And that got me thinking. I have never seen a doctor in a wheel chair. Not even on TV.
Does anyone know more about this?

That's really all I can remember.



Aafke said...

Nice to have a students council that really makes a difference...

But that clip: ROTFL, ROTFL, ROTFL!!!

Woozie said...

No, this is blasphemy.

Broke Saudi said...

Wow, I can't believe you guys can't leave before 12 pm. What happened to the whole "college experience"?

ubergirl87 said...

aafke, lol

woozie, AAAAAARGH! Seriously! Enough!

broke saudi, This is the damn college experience.

أبو سنان said...

I have seen doctors in crutches and braces, but you are right, never a wheel chair.

ren_crow said...

Actually I have seen a doctor in a wheelchair in one medical show: House MD. But in the 4th season.

Amira's cultural's acceptances said...


I found your blog and wanted to stop by and say hi. Here in the states, I, have encountered in three different hospitals MD doctors who are in wheelchairs. Yes, they have an assistant who does the hands on, meaning what him/her can't physically do the assistant helps the doc do. I feel as though; we, have laws to protect people with disabilities more so than any other country.