Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Muslim Garb is SEXAI.

I don't understand how this would offend Barack Obama?

It is shocking that anything related to Arabs or Islam is viewed as a negative thing.

People forget that the 'terrrists' are a minority.

I am offended that anyone would find this damaging to a reputation.

I think it's pretty fucking sexy.


Woozie said...

'Murrika is still somewhat mired in the thought that "Muslim=Terrorist". It's less of him being offended than him being worried about idiots casting him as a Muslim bent on destroying America-which has already happened once with the emails.

Eva, Canada said...

Yes, we already know that you have a crush on Obama ubergirl. If you find him sexy in that garb, you must be head over heel in love with him. To me he looks like a giant bandage dispenser. Now if he was dressed like a Beduin, that'd be a different story. I find Beduin style very attractive. ;)

George Wanker Bush said...

Free Fouad al-Farhan!!!

And; no, he doesn't look sexy, handsome or anything in the picture. he looks like he's been playing with cottonelle and/or stolen his mum's apron!

he wasn't mad about the outfit, he was mad about the reasons behidn why the photo had been released. just as he was mad about dimwit radio-talk host Cunningham made sure he inserted "Hussain" in each and every sentence when Cunningham spoke to Mccain's supporters.

by the way; burqa, niqab, hijab are not very sexy or flattering either! gotta go to Paris to all 'em hot arabian princesses again!!! :P

Nuri said...

No, he doesn't look sexy in that, but you're right, anything related to Arabs or Islam is viewed as a negative these days... sad but true

Lipstick.Wahhabi said...

perhaps because it is SUDANESE garb!

now i'm not one to hate on the sartorial mores of the sessy people of sudan but PERHAPS it is because of their government's involvement in the sitch in darfur?(or lack, thereof- i.e. its total non-compliance to international covenants)

or would that be too far fetched and render my point moot? yeah i really have nothing much else to say but HILLARY IS MY (SLIGHTLY SAGGING OF LATE) HOMEGIRL!

ubergirl87 said...

I thought this was Somali?

Ilmuhim, it's funny because what the hell does 'muslim garb' mean, anyway?

Rob Baiton said...

I do not know if he looks sexy but I gotta say he does not look scary either.

What is Muslim garb? Is it anything like Christian garb (I would imagine there has to be subsets of garb here for Catholics, Protestants, and all the other Christian sects that exist), or Hindu garb, or Buddhist garb?

Yep, Somali and when it is all said and done I don't reckon the bloke is trying to make a fashion statement but merely please his hosts by returning the hospitality that they showed to him!

Btw ubergirl87 I enjoy reading your posts and I am just about to link an earlier polygamy post of yours to my blog...thanks!

robert why said...

This is only an issue because the rightwing in the US will use it against him as a means of scaring off undecided voters. Meanwhile CNN posted photos of our idiot President George W. Bush dressed in full Chinese garb when he visited Beijing, and Bill Clinton looking much better in Asian garb while visiting Malaysia.
Obama has an almost flawless record and past history so the months leading up to the election will feature the Republicans (Bush's party) will desperately attack him and try to dredge up anything true, or totally false, as a means of scaring voters. The Bush admin. and the Republicans have based their whole legacy on FEAR, and this is their only hope.

Muhammed said...

Whats really sad is that Barack Obama used to be pro-Palestinian saying "nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people" but then pressured by the strong Zionist activists he later said it was "self-inflicted". Talk about a flip-flop that bows down to racist Zionists. What I would like to respond to MR. Obama is, does he think the 400 years of slavery the black people endured in the U.S. was also "self-inflicted"?