Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boreidah = LOVE

Some folks in Boreidah (tell me if i spelt it wrong) are going around painting over pictures of advertisements, and apparently there's some sort of election going on, and the candidates are pissed because their pictures are being vandalized as well.
This is all because some people believe that Islam forbids creating images of faces because it's like trying to recreate God's work.
Yeah. I don't really get it either.
What on earth would we do for comedy if it weren't for the good people of Boreidah?
I'm serious. These people are like cartoon characters.


Dotsson said...

I believe it is spelled Buraidah. Qassim will never cease to amaze me. It seems to be the epicenter of extremism and pure madness. Perhaps the Saudi government should start spending some of their petrodollars on the enlightenment of Al-Qassim.

It is nice to see someone from Saudi Arabia still blogging. I recall having an argument with you over something that was probably really stupid. Sorry to offend you. No hard feelings :)

ubergirl87 said...

Don't worry about it.

You gotta admit, though, the Buraidans have style.

Noufa said...

this extreme religiousness is killing me :/

Don Cox said...

A world wide campaign to blot out the images of politicians, especially ones who wear funny hats, could only be a good thing. Then the next stage is to blot out the audio. Problem solved.

ubergirl87 said...

Noufa, I have no problem with fanaticism as long as it is practiced in the privacy of your own home. Bass going around harrassing people and spray painting over pictures is wrong.
7atta ana it's killing me :-s

Don cox, Lol what ones who wear funny hats?

taqo said...

*Ibtida2i flashbacks*!! :O
This is golden.

Eva, Canada said...

That's what happens when everything except religion is forbidden. The result is a restless boredom that seeks out outlets for mischief. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually eve this is happening because of religon: they believe showing the faces is immoral.

ubergirl87 said...

Taqo, lol ee 9a7?

I agree, eva.
And no, anonymous, it is not because of religion, it is because of people's warped interpretation of religion.

Aafke said...

''These people are like cartoon characters.''

Don't you think that is a very dangerous comment to make? :)

Lipstick.Wahhabi said...

yaaay take our side, sarah. join the fray!

-the unaizaweyens have spoken ;p

unokhan said...

actually, i recall that old portraits of the prophet oftentimes were painted in such a way that his face is hidden, sometimes even behind a contrived veil. this idea of defacement did not just spring up yesterday from the intellectual impoverishment of Buraydah. this was also the rationale behind the taliban destruction of the buddhas of bamyan, afghanistan. you must surely know this-- i do not believe you have had your head in the sand ;-)

Anonymous said...

Listen young folks! I am new in Buraidah but I don't know if you consider me weird if I tell you I like the culture they have been through. They say "WOMEN ARE SYMBOL OF SEX" so the only way to prevent seduction is for women like me to cover as it is said in the Qur'an. Anyway, Buraidah is the only town I observe who religiously followed what Allah said in his book, sah? And if you don't like their religion or their Culture. You can go anywhere in the world you feel like exploiting yourself or your own life. After all, Bon Jovi -- the rock star said "It's My life!" so it's your life to do what you guys want to do! No Buraidah's culture or religion won't kill anybody. It's all your unsatisfactory that kills you!