Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ramadhan Kareem!

Sometimes I wish I were American.
Because if I were, I'd just sue the hell out of everyone who annoys me (for emotional distress) and be done with it.
I'd be very rich and happy.
And they'd deserve loosing all their money because if you bother me then you're a shit eating shit head.
Who eats their own shit.
And everyone knows shit eating shit heads who eat their own shit don't need any money.
So I'd be doing everyone a favour by sueing them for all they're worth, really.
I'm so thoughtful.

I saw the Hay'a today, for the first time since I got back from our trip.
I hate them so bad. The ones I saw today were perverted and may God never forgive them.
It is not their place to tell me what will make my God happy.
I would've slapped 'em with about 10 million zillion lawsuits if I ruled the world.
On second thought, they wouldn't exist if I ruled the world.
Don't you wish I ruled the world?
Me too.



Nuri said...

What did you do to upset them, the string bikini dance? :-)

Anonymous said...

exactlay, what is it that u do to annoy u walk around butt naked, I take it u live in Riyadh, so there are way too conservative out there, but when was in Riyadh on a bussinss trip and I went to the kingdom tower and most of the saudi girls had their faces uncoverd and most of their hair was shown, and to my surprise, the RP were no where to be found. I guess when the owner of a certain establishment have some clout, then RP will not dare to show up at his door. As long as you not doing anything wrong, dont let it get you down. The last thing I heard the Rp will never be abolished, but they suppouse to be nicer and kinde..enjoy....

Pheras said...

Hmmm, I don't think being an American would help you on your quest. But if you do ever rule the world, I have a long, long list of about half of the Arab population, that should be executed, severely. I'd really appreciate it, if you would cancel their existence. Khalas, my vote goes for you.

Abu Sinan said...

Kul 3am wa antum bi alf khair

Pheras-"executed, severely"

Can one be executed without severity? Is there a new "execution light? For those who prefer their execution without severity"?

Uber, there are a lot of people here in the USA who annoy as well. How about we develop a germ that kills people who are annoying? The problem with that is I think all of us are annoying to a greater or lessor extent to at least someone.

Godfather said...

seems u live in Riyadh, cause here in Jeddah they are very unharmful (is that a word??)... u can even pet them and/or feed them and they wont bite.. lool

Nuri said...

Yeah, let me know if you rule the world. I have some list too! would you appoint me as vicepresident or something, please?

Sewmouse said...

Problem with your solution is that if you sue everyone who annoys you for being annoying, then that will probably annoy them and they will sue you for annoying them, which will annoy you...
And you will spend all your time in the courtroom and no time in the fresh air and sunshine!

There are much more fun things to do in America than suing folks.

mido said...

dont let it get to you.

do not want to discuss religion but what the RP are trying to enforce is totally their version of Islam.

As long as you were not doing a little sexy dance wearing a tiny thong and covering ur boobies with seashells, I dont think they have the right to say anything to you or any other woman. But thats just my opinion.

... and I dont know uber but i dont think she wud do anything like that .. atleast not in public.

BTW, if you ever think about doin the sexy dance i mentioned earlier in public .. give me a call.

beejay™ said...

lol ur right uber..u ROCK!
plz tell me when u rule the world and when u do can u like make me the one who executes all the male versions of the word "asshole" plz plz plz plz??? i have a few on my mind already!