Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bringin' Sexy Back. (I'm running low on creativity. Give me a break.)

The death of Steve Irwin made me sad. He was so enthusiastic. (That's not why I was sad, I was just stating a random Croc Hunter fact.)
And now Anna Nicole Smith (of Anna Anna Anna Anna Nicole! She's so outrageous!)'s 20 year old son.
Death is so scary to me. I like stability. It scares me that I don't know when my time's gonna be up.

On a much lighter note, the Bring the Sexy Cow back petition I signed (in my head) has worked. She's baaaaaack!
And I will personally walk to her house and slap her if she ever quits again. I know where she lives. Ya Mona.



Cold said...

You made mona start her blog again?!

You are so great :D

the psych student said...

Yeah the death of Steve Irwin was very sad and completely unexpected but most deaths are. Anna Nicole son died of a massive heart attack which is very strange because he was only 20 I wonder if he had a heart defect or something I don't know I guess we'll have to wait for more details. Sexy Cow what a funny blog title that's hilarious. Speaking of hilarious the Anna Nicole show I used to watch that alot I would've loved to spend a day in her wacky world I'd be cracking up.

kay said...

It's hard not to remember 'we walk in the shadow of death'. All living things have to die and face up to getting older and saggier. It's hard. I believe in reincarnation.
On a lighter note. I love the way when I leave a comment it asks me to 'choose an identity'.
Wow, I could be anyone. I guess it is unimaginative to leave my real name.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Anna Nicole Smith, I have no idea, how a woman that gorgeous, that sexy, with that fabulous body can have a 20 year old son….Saudi women take notes….

Sewmouse said...

Anna Smith's son was born when she was only 18 years old. That means she got herself knocked up at 17.

She's nothing more than a 2-bit hooker.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Baby Yoga! ;D
Liva a long life!

k said...

Please sewmouse. Would you rather 17 year old girs who 'get knocked up' have abortions?
We don't have to resort to calling any woman who has a child young 'a hooker'.

Don Cox said...

"Death is so scary to me."____It is to everyone. This is the main weak point that the religious types use to get control of people. "Do _exactly_ as I say and death will turn out OK."___All lies or at best self-deception.

Anonymous said...

@Kay. All living things do not face up to getting older an saggier. Some organisms show no noticeable aging of the organism as a whole. An well-known example is the tree species Pinus Longaeva, it grows contiuously and even though some parts of the tree are old the younger outer parts keep the tree alive and well until it dies from physical trauma or illness. The oldest living ones are known to be more than 4700 years old, some dead specimens have been examined and found to be more than 7000 years old.