Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And She Saves Lives, Too!

I was by the pool and one of the kids was drowning.
I can't believe how long it took for what was happening to register.
I felt shock and fear and I know everyone there froze. You can't help it. Your body just doesn't work anymore... You feel... heavy, is the closest word to it.
Next thing I know I'm in the pool lifting her out of the water. She was okay.
Very very shaken, but okay.

I like to think that I looked heroic. I dived (ever so gracefully) into the pool, fought off a killer whale, and retrieved the drowning child.
In reality she was in the shallow end. And I didn't dive. (Because if you dive into the shallow end you break your brain.)
The killer whale was totally there, though.

"You managed to find a reason to jump into the pool fully clothed on the one day you weren't wearing those sweatpants of yours. Good job!"

(After hearing of the incident) "Haha how stupid did you feel walking out of the pool in your sneakers? Man I'll bet it was the funniest thing..."
"It wasn't. Infact, I looked very cool. And sophisticated.

Just go away."

"Uber, what on earth are you going to do?"
"I can just borrow something from so&so's closet. It's no big deal. Although I didn't realize wet jeans are this heavy-"
"So&so's clothes are too small for you."

Leave it to my family to make you feel fat after rescuing a drowning child infront of their very eyes.

This post is going to inspire a Baywatch reunion or something, isn't it?
I can feel it.
I better get fucking payed if it does.
I do all the work around here. (Here being planet earth.)



*PerdU* said...

you ARE a hero Ubergirl!!! i'm very proud :)

mona said...

Yara drowned?!


Anonymous said...

If it’s going to inspire a Baywatch reunion, then it’s all worth it, wet jeans and all…

Bruco said...

Well done ubergal!
As for family, they always pick on you even when you save the world :-)

Relatives, "you can't live with them, you can't live without them".

well, maybe we can.

kay said...

Yay you saved a drowning tot! Hurrah for Ubergirl!!!
Don't mind your family. Families can be like that. I had to travel thousands of miles to get away from mine!

the psych student said...

Who got the Killer Whale out? LOL Well ubergirl you did a great and heroic thing and you should be proud thank god you were around to save her otherwise who knows. Oh that family of yours how do you stand them you deserve MUCH better.

Sewmouse said...

Sometimes our familes try to make things we do that are good and brave and heroic into something small in the mistaken belief that if they praise you, you will become conceited.

Unfortunately, it can have a very bad effect on a sensitive soul.

Congratulations, Ubergirl. You did a brave and wonderful thing. Treat yourself well today in celebration.

*high five*

Engineer Sighted said...

They make it sound as if you slit your wrists or something rather than got your clothes wet. It seems like it would be at least a little refreshing. I'd take the cool down as a reward, if I were you. Also, good work.

!n$@n!tY said...

uhhh...i couldnt't really understand this does anyone drown in the shallow end of the pool ? =S

Good job anyways girl.

Rio said...

whoops how did my whale get into ur pool? wonderin where he went

sexy cow said...

she was talking about our 3 yr old cousin

Doomy lata chocolata said...
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Doomy lata chocolata said...

u should be proud of ur self..just ignore them..ymkn kano y7awloon yl6foon eljaw :\

Cold said...

You are so great:
Awwal shay you get SEXY back
Ba3den you save a life!!


Don Cox said...

"how does anyone drown in the shallow end of the pool ?"_____Small kids can drown in vey shallow water, such as ornamental ponds. They need to be watched all the time.

Godfather said...

wow girl ur a hero! *drums in the background* no no wait.. drums dont sound right in this situation... *trumpets in the background* yeah thats more like it!

mido said...

intelligent, smart, funny, sexy and heroic too .. whats next?